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The Amazing Race 13, Nov. 30th – Pony Horse or Pony Tail?

Nick passes by Dallas and realizes he doesn’t even see him, as he’s so caught up in his counting. He guesses 36 at the book store and is told he’s wrong, meaning he has to wait ten more minutes to guess again. He tries 46 and is still wrong. Tina will be trying the number 52, saying there’s one iffy statue that could make it 62, and heads to the book store in a cab without mentioning someone taking her original one. Nick gets tot he author’s residence and finds Starr and the next clue, which tells them to travel by taxi to Sokol’niky Park to find a lady with a Shetland pony. Nick is elated to have Starr back in a car with him.

Andrew and Dan are arriving at the correct park, and it will be Andrew solving the mysteries, as Dan hands him all his money. Oh no. Are they the ones losing the money and backpack? Again, it’s such a Frat Boy move. Tina guesses 52 and is wrong, and she and Dallas start to compare answers. Starr is asking Nick what a Shetland is, asking if they mean like a horse pony or a ponytail. He explains it’s a breed of pony, like a horse. Wow, Dallas, think this one over. Then again, he can’t count.

Nick and Starr find the pony, not the ponytail, as well as a Detour – Ride the Rails or Ride the Lines. In Ride the Rails, teams will make their way to a Metra station, then catch a train to another station, find a certain snack shop and get a pastry that has the next clue on the wrapper, then be directed to another train to another station and find a statue of the men that created the Cyrillic alphabet, and exchange the pastry for a postcard with a picture and name of their final destination. In Ride the Lines, teams will go to a bus stop and take a trolley to another tation where they’ll get a locker key from a key maker, then take another trolley to another station and find the locker that matches the key and get the postcard.

Nick, a New Yorker decides on Ride the Rails, and Andrew is bemoaning the fact that it was middle school the last time he studied Stalin and Lenin. Tina and Dallas go over their answers together, and she tells him to try 63 while she hails a cab to have it waiting for her. She guesses 62 when her time is up and is correct, then tells him as she runs away it’s one number down and that he owes her. Andrew is getting help counting from their cabdriver, but has the wrong number with 61.

Dallas guesses the right number and gets a hug from the bookstore owner. He gets a taxi to the street address while Nick and Starr are trying to figure out the Metra routes. Ken sees Tina run up, and she tells Toni that she helped Dallas. She tells Ken she shouldn’t have, but they’re still ahead of them. Ken remarks they had made a decision not to help anyone else and they need to stick to it or end up cutting their own throats. Ah, but don’t forget how karma can help you out sometimes. Dallas doesn’t care about his position, knowing third place still gets him to the million.

Andrew guesses 61 and is of course wrong. Those guys can’t catch a break. Dallas gets out of the cab and realizes he lost the bag with all the money and the passports somewhere in a cab. He informs Toni of this, and Dan can only shake his head, probably glad that he and Andrew aren’t looking like the only doofuses at the moment. The next clue has them taking a taxi, but they have no money to do that.

Andrew guesses 62 this time and is correct, and heads to the apartment. Toni and Dallas are still trying to figure out what to do. They were going to ask Dan, then realize he’s not holding the money, Andrew is. But Dan says he wouldn’t have given them the money anyway. Nick and Starr feel they’re headed in the right direction, and Ken and Tina feel the same. Toni and Dallas are asking kids that speak English where the park is to find the Shetland Pony, and the kids give them some money.

Toni and Dallas decide to take the subway to the pony as they don’t want to waste the little money they have. Little do they know the next part of the race could have them back there. Ken and Tina are finding the pony and decide to Ride the Lines. Ken talks about not being able to make mistakes now at this pont. Nick and Starr get their pastry and clue and head back to the subway. Ken and Tina ask where the trolley bus stop is and the local points them in the direction of the Metra instead.

Toni and Dallas are walking to the park now and find the pony, just as the Frat Boys arrive. They all realize they need to start running at this point. The woman tells them they can’t have the next clue since they didn’t travel by taxi, so now they have to go back and travel that way. Saving them is that Andrew and Dan need to do their Speed Bump before getting the clue from the woman with the pony. Oh yea, Dan has to learn a traditional dance! It’s downright comical and Elaine Benes has nothing on him.

Toni and Dallas get help from two guys in the park who give them all the money they have, and they now take a bus back to their starting point to get the cab. Andrew and Dan are told they need to do the dance one more time, not surprisingly. Ken and Tina realize they’re on the wrong bus, and Nick and Starr are exchanging their pastry for the postcard, only to find they have to hop back on the Metra again. Ken and Tina are cabbing it back to find the right trolley bus, and the Frat Boys are still dancing. This time they get the clue. I think she was taking pity on them.

The Frat Boys now get the clue from the woman with the Shetland pony and decide to Ride the Lines. Dallas and Toni are back at the original destination, and after catching a cab, are headed back to the pony to get their clue. Ken and Tina are getting on the correct trolley, as Andrew and Dan are catching a trolley as well. Adrew notes they didn’t do too badly at their dance, considering Dan is a white Jewish kid.


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