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The Amazing Race 13, Nov. 30th – Pony Horse or Pony Tail?

There are just four teams left, with the Frat Boys being saved last week in a non-elimination. The Speed Bump was easy for Ken and Tina it seemed a few weeks back, but I don’t think it will be for Andrew and Dan. They’ll get to dance tonight for that extra challenge, and we know that will be fun, as Dan has somehow replaced Elaine Benes as the best dancer on TV. In addition, they have no residual money after big cab rides and having to buy new shoes. We know one of the teams will lose their money and passports tonight. It just sounds so much like a typical Frat Boy blunder.

Toni and Dallas are the first to leave tonight, a change from the normal Nick and Starr, and mother and son are leaving, and for some odd reason, we’re not being told at what time they’re leaving tonight. The editors are hiding something, Mother and son’s clue has them traveling by taxi to a retired Russian nuclear submarine. They’ll have to go to the sonar room and find the actor that appeared in The Hunt for Red October to get the next clue. Dallas talks about wanting to be in first place badly and says they’re confident they’ll be in the top three. Toni talks of Dallas always wanting to make his own decisions and her wish for him to find his own happiness. Does she mean with Starr?

Ken and Tina leave next, again without a time attached, and she admits she’s feeling better about their relationship, though they’ve had their ups and downs. He doesn’t put the relationship foremost in his mind enough, and she’s looking for the continuity out of him. They draw a picture of a submarine, trying to show they’re cab driver what they’re looking for.

Nick and Starr leave next, with her saying she’s used to things going her way unfortunately, but Nick is always calm, cool, and collected. Final three is right around the corner, and she doesn’t want to let him down. They’re feeling better about this cab driver already. The Frat Boys leave in last place and are only getting $26 for this leg of the race. This is all they have. Dan knows they need all the help they can get, because they’re track record has been spotty with an incredible amount of mistakes. To be in the final three, Andrew thinks, would be a a miracle.

The first three couples arrive at the submarine at the same time, and all travel through the ship to look for the actor. Dallas finds him right away, followed by Ken and Nick. Their clues tell them to travel across town to an outdoor museum called Park Iskusstv, known to the locals as the Graveyard of the Fallen Monuments and search for the next clue. Dallas is telling his mom to run, and she’s asking for water. Nick and Starr make sure to find the same taxi. They know how their luck can go with this. So do Ken and Tina who cheer when their driver knows where he’s going. Andrew and Dan arrive at the submarine after the others have left.

The first three teams are caught in a traffic jam and Tina is coughing as their driver smokes, telling Ken to ask him if he can smoke later. He tells her to just like the guy smoke. Andrew and Dan luck into finding a cab driver who speaks English. With the others out of their traffic jam, Nick and Starr arrive first, and find a Roadblock. One person from each team will scour the park and count the statues of Lenin and Stalin, identifying them by the cyrillic spelling. They’ll put the numbers together to get a page number (62) and tell that to a book store owner. If they’re wrong, they need to wait ten minutes to guess again. If they’re right, they’ll go to that page number in a book where they will see the final address of the final destination, a famous author’s apartment.

Nick will be counting statues, as Andrew and Dan arrive at the park before the other two teams, but don’t seem to be in the right place. Toni and Dallas arrive, with Dallas doing the Roadblock as Toni gives him the pack with the money and the passports while she runs to the designated area. Uh-oh. It looks like they could be the one losing their money and passports. Andrew and Dan realize they’re at the wrong park, and after driving forty minutes to get there, they know they’re really behind after yet another mistake. Their driver takes them to the other park.

Starr is already at the author’s house as she waits for Nick, who is still counting. He has counted six and two and heads to the shopkeeper with his info. Toni runs into Starr at the designated area as Ken and Tina arrive. Ken and Tina argue over raincoats and whether they should wear them or pack them or something, as she gets ready to start counting. He says Tina feels she’s always right and puts up a wall, not stopping to listen to reason. Can I say I know a few people like that? Meanwhile, Nick steals Ken and Tina’s cab to get to the shop, as it has GPS in it, and he’s fine with it if it sets Ken and Tina back an hour or two.

The Frat Boys are still traveling to the correct park, but don’t want to count themelves out yet, although they realize they have their work cut out for them. Toni is worried that Dallas doesn’t know who Stalin is, even though she has spent a lot of money on his education. Nick gets to the bookstore and gives the store owner the number of 62, getting the book to find the next destination. He finds a street address and heads back to the cab. Dallas gets in his cab and heads to the book store after finding six Stalins and three Lenins.


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