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The Amazing Race 13, Nov. 23rd – Shoes Make the Men

Dan and Andrew are still on their way, comparing themselves to the tortoise and the hare. Nick finishes delivering his bags of flour and they look for cab. Andrew and Dan arrive and it’s indeed Dan moving the bags of flour, but he, too, is only doing one bag at a time. Starr is busy jumping in front of cars trying to get someone to stop to give them a ride, as Nick is telling her to wait for them to stop politely. Dan already has 24 bags delivered, calling it much easier than the Army march and thinking he’s doing it quicker than anyone else. Andrew calls him a stud, saying when he gets sore, he just finds some other way to carry the bag.

Nick and Starr continue to struggle to find a cab as Andrew and Dan finish at the bakery. Nick and Starr find a cab just before the Frat Boys. The Frat Boys have kept the same cab, however, and it seems they haven’t paid their cab fares yet, running this long tab. It’s hard to say what will happen at the pit stop when they can’t cough up the amount of cash they need. Nick and Starr’s new cab driver, the only one they could find, doesn’t know where the park is, and he stops to call for for directions.

After Nick and Starr procure a second cab, Andrew and Dan try to figure out their money situation, as Dan says he wasn’t a fan of buying the shoes to begin with, knowing they were too expensive. Toni and Dallas arrive at the pit stop, just before Ken and Tina, as Nick and Starr’s new driver seems confused. Starr asks if they’re almost there, and he says “just a little further” in Russian. She tells him he’s said that a million times. She calls it the ride from hell, not being able to believe their luck, going from first to last.

The first team to get to the pit stop are Toni and Dallas. He asks Phil to say they are team number one, and he honors that request. They have won a trip for two to the Dominican Republic. Toni is very proud of Dallas, saying this was all him today. Ken and Tina are pronounced team #2, and he tells Phil they’re coming back. They didn’t like each other too well at the beginning of the race, but now they have calmed down, and he thinks they’re understanding each other better.

Starr thinks they’re lost, and Nick tells her she doesn’t know that. She tells the driver to stop as soon as they’re in the vicinity of the park, but Nick tells her just to wait until he at least gets to the correct gate number. They eventually get to the right spot, but walk around, not going in yet. Meanwhile, Andrew and Dan arrive, and Dan argues with the driver over the cost of the cab fare. Nick and Starr are still walking around the gate instead of through it, as he tells her the clue says to walk through it.

Andrew and Dan’s driver holds them captive, and Dan tries to sell him his expensive shoes. Dan eventually gives the driver all the money they have, and he drives away. We get one of the famous pit stop editing jobs as we don’t know who’s arriving on Phil’s mat, whether Nick and Starr finally walked through, or whether Andrew and Dan made it through. It’s Nick and Starr, though, that get to the mat in third place.

Andrew and Dan run up to the mat and are told they are the last team to arrive. Phil is sorry to tell them … uh-oh, how can this be? they’re heading into next week with just three teams? … no, Phil fooled us. It is indeed a non-elimination round and the Frat Boys will face a Speed Bump at some point during the next leg of the Race. They aren’t the type of team that can handle an extra task as easily as say Ken and Tina that did it a few legs back. They know they’re low on money now, so it won’t be a good time to have a Speed Bump, but they’d rather be the underdogs anyway.

At least they have shoes.

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