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The Amazing Race 13, Nov. 23rd – Shoes Make the Men

Toni and Dallas decide on Boots and find outfits ready for everyone in their sizes with their names on them. They watch as the soldiers show them how to do the traditional foot wrap. Nick and Starr’s driver asks them something in Russian, and they have no idea what he’s asking. He then gets out to ask direction as they hope the other teams are having these same problems.

The other two teams are arriving at the camp, and Andrew talks about having six years of marching band experience, so he knows he’ll be sharp with it. They, along with Ken and Tina, decide on Boots. Nick and Starr are stopped again looking for directions. They know they’re probably in last place. Toni and Dallas are learning their march as Andrew Dan, Ken, and Tina are getting dressed. Tina can’t believe Ken wants her to get naked and change clothes in front of the Frat Boys. Maybe Andrew and Dan could keep the traditional foot wraps. They wouldn’t have needed to buy shoes. It takes Andrew way too long to figure out the foot wraps, though, and Dan scolds him that if it takes too much longer, they’ll have to leave and move on.

Nick and Starr finally arrive as Toni and Dallas finish their march and get a clue sending them to a bakery in the town of Zhukovsky to get another clue. Andrew is still struggling with his foot wraps as Nick and Starr decide on doing Boots, and Ken and Tina are finishing. Andrew and Dan decide to abandon this task and move on to the Borscht. They figure since no one has chosen this task yet that the soldiers are pissed and really hungry. Nick and Starr get their feet wrapped and begin learning their march while Andrew and Dan realize they shouldn’t have taken their uniforms off to start serving their food. So either way, they needed to get that foot warp thing right. They suggest someone should make a gag reel of their mistakes along the Race. I’m quite sure CBS is already hard at work on that. This time they get the foot wrap right and decide just to do the march.

Nick and Starr finish the marching, as Nick and Dan begin learning it. Dan admits his motor skills are among his more poor attributes, and they get denied their first time out while he argues with the instructors, with the other soldiers laughing at him. He calls himself sports and TV based, not musically and art-based. Dude, it’s marching. They once again give up the task, this time going back to Borscht.

Toni and Dallas think they find the bakery, but it’s wrong. Ken and Tina hope their driver knows where he’s going, and Nick and Starr are about done with their driver. Toni and Dallas find the bakery, finding a Roadblock in their clue. One person from each team will unload fifty 55-pound bags of flour and deliver them to a bakery, placing the bags horizontally on the floor. Toni is the obvious choice for this task, as his mom tells him not to wear himself out. The lady in the bakery admonishes him to be careful and follow the instructions.

Ken is hoping to get a donut at the Roadblock, and Toni is still telling Dallas to not get tired out. Ken and Tina find the bakery, and it will of course be Ken doing this. He knows with the way Dallas is sweating it’s going to be a really demanding task. Dallas knows Ken could get through this quickly, being a big guy. Nick and Starr’s driver is still lost, and the Frat Boys are serving up their borscht, as Dan tells us he knows he’s an idiot.

As Ken and Dallas continue to move the flour bags, Ken notes that the background he had in the NFL is a tremendous building block for anything you do in life, as you learn to work through the pain. Interestingly enough, President Gerald Ford has said the same thing about his background in football, saying it helped him in learning to lead the free world. The Frat Boys continue with their borscht, issuing out the only Russian phrases they know, such as “Maria Sharapova.” They finish and hop in a cab to go to the bakery, knowing they won’t have the money in the end to pay for it.

Toni is still struggling to watch Dallas move these flour bags, but as he finishes, Tina is yelling at Ken to hurry up. Dallas gets the clue which has them going to Neskuchny Sad Park, the pit stop for this leg of the Race. Tina is still wondering how Dallas finished his so fast. Ken finishes finally, and goes in and kisses the tough woman behind the counter, which I’m am certain she enjoyed. They see Nick and Starr arriving, and Ken knows Nick is really going to struggle with this.

Nick and Starr were busy paying their cab driver, telling him to leave and that they’re done with him. This could be a problem after the task when they’re rushing to get to the pit stop, to have to find a cab over here by the baker. Nick carries two bags at a time the first trip, then decides he can’t do two at a time again, and carries them one at a time. This could be enough to allow Andrew and Dan to catch up, as I’m guessing Mr. Sports and TV Nut could carry these much easier.


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