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The Amazing Race 13, Nov. 23rd – Shoes Make the Men

I’m fully expecting a non-elimination round tonight. For the life of me I can’t figure out when exactly the season ends to be able to tell whether the finale will be a final four making it a two-hour episode, or whether it will be broken up into two one-hour shows, with the first being final four, and the other a final three. I do know that next Sunday is a one-hour episode, and that’s all I can find out. Yet still, I know there is one non-elimination leg left in the Race, so I think it has to be now with a final four. You wouldn’t want it at final three, as that’s always the finale. They can’t pull one over on me, and I would think any one of the teams that have seen the show before would figure out the same thing.

It’s once again Nick and Starr leaving first from the pit stop, this time from Kazakhstan, at 9:21 P.M. Their clue is telling them to fly to Moscow, Russia, then travel by taxi to the monastery where they will enter the church and light a candle to get the next clue. Today is Nick’s birthday, and he’s wearing a nifty little shirt his sister made him that says “Today Is My Birthday.” The have spent far more time together than they have in the last five years, but think they’d be a little bit more at each other’s throats if they were coming in last. They go to the airport and book a flight leaving at 6:05 A.M.

Toni and Dallas leave nearly an hour and a half later and Dallas makes a deal with a cabbie to take him to the airport for a certain price. Dallas says he’s having a hard enough time communicating already, and can’t imagine what it will be like in Russia. They really want to be in first place, and he wants to win the Race for his mom so she’ll know she’s number one in his life.

Ken and Tina leave yet another half hour later, at 11:17 A.M., and she’s already dictating. She talks about their struggles with him wanting her to chill out, and her feeling like it’s a Race for a million and they need to be on task. Toni and Dallas get the same flight leaving the next morning, and Dallas and Starr then spend their down time walking around the airport together as romantic music plays. She thinks of him as an incredible man, and he claims he had never thought he’d meet someone here. Nick thinks Dallas is the kind of guy that can hold his own with her. Dallas is figuring one of the two teams will actually win, wondering how that will change their relationship. He admits to the others he’s pissed that Nick and Starr have won as much as they have.

Ken and Tina arrive at the airport and get the same flight. Andrew and Dan leave at 12:41 A.M., and are wearing slippers they got from the hotel, after leaving their shoes behind at the last Detour. They plan to buy some shoes when they get the chance. They’re so close now to the finals, and no one expected them to be there. The cabbie wants $50 and Dan protests wanting to give him $25. They settle on $30. The Frat Boys get the same flight and as they make their entrance, Dallas is making fun of their footwear. They find a shoe store in the airport and the shoes are all way too expensive, but they buy some anyway. Hopefully the money crunch won’t give them a problem later.

After landing in Moscow, all four teams take off to find taxis, and Andrew and Dan are the first to find them. They realize, though, that it’s an expensive city and spending all their money on shoes might come back to haunt them. Nick and Starr get a cabdriver that doesn’t speak English, and Ken and Tina are having similar problems. Andrew laughs as they look for the monastery, thinking only he and Dan would say something looks “churchy.” Andrew and Dan’s driver gets out to get directions as Ken and Tina’s does the same thing.

It’s Toni and Dallas and Nick and Starr that arrive at the monastery first, and the women don shrouds as the four light candles. Toni claims even though it’s not her religion, she’s going to offer it the respect it deserves. They get their clues to travel by taxi to the outskirts of Moscow to Kolosok Camp. They urge their drivers to go fast, since they know they have a lead on the other two teams.

Dan is busy lamenting that the winners get all the breaks, and Toni and Dallas are lamenting the cost of the taxis. Starr argues with the driver, calling it frustrating, as Andrew and Dan arrive at the monastery to light their candles. Ken and Tina arrive as they’re leaving. They’re all wondering where the other teams are.

Toni and Dallas arrive at the camp and find a Detour – Boots or Borscht. In both choices, they’ll need to don a military outfit, including traditional foot wraps. In Boots, they’ll learn a traditional parade march with a training squad, and when they’re ready, they’ll fall in line and march one full lap of the grounds. In Borscht, teams will find a mess tent and serve borscht to a company of seventy-five Russian soldiers. Once everyone has received the borscht, they’ll receive their next clue. If they get too sloppy, teams may have to repeat the task.


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