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The Amazing Race 13, Nov. 16th – Don't Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch

Ken and Tina get their clue from the hawk and also decide to Act Like Fools, as Terence and Sarah get back into their cab and head back to the chicken factory. Terence feels he is to blame, since he was the one that wanted to go to the Fast Forward, but couldn’t even do it. Andrew and Dan are still lost and asking the people on the streets for help. Starr is finished with her butt while she waits for Nick to fnish his. Once they’re done, they go directly to the next pit stop, Old Square. She says she knew they had it as soon as they found out it was a meat-eating thing.

Terence and Sarah go back to the chicken factory as she walks among the chickens looking for the egg. He sits and yells at her to do it a certain way despite the fact he is the reason they are back there again. He doesn’t understand why she’s talking to the chickens. Andrew and DAn are still lost, calling the people on the street zombies when they don’t answer their pleas. Finally a woman on a park bench gives direcdtions to their driver, as Terence and Sarah are enterting their crane truck.

Nick and Starr are first on Phil’s mat once again, and Phil tells them they have each won a Waverunner. She feels her great realtioship with Nick is really helping them, and he agrres a positive attitude is what’s helping them along the way.

Toni and Starr reach the theater and put on the cow costume, with Dallas making his mom be the ass. They see Ken and Tina as they’re on their way out. Tina feels she’s a good navigator, so says being in the back isn’t what she wants to do. Toni walks along mooing at all the passersby on the street, saying he might as well have fun with it. They even stop for directions in their costume. Andrew and Dan finally get to the Koktobe Arch, and Andrew is having a hard time climbing, causing him and Andrew to argue about the value of teamwork.

Terence and Sarah stop and find someone that knows how to get to the Koktobe arch and pay him to let their crane truck follow. Toni and Dallas go past the milk stand, but Ken and Tina find it as Tina drinks the milk, caling it warm and strong. Mmm. Tasty. Toni and Dalls decide to turn around and go back the other way, as Tina finishes her milk and doesn’t understand that the clue is on the bottom of the glass. They see Toni and Dallas coming back. Dallas drinks the milk, and he finds the clue to travel to “Meat Station.” Ken and Tina are still walking around looking for the right milk stand, thinking they went to the wrong one, then figure out the clue is on the bottom of the glass and go back to get it. They screw up again as they decide to go back and take off the costume before they hit the butcher.

Andrew and Dan, of course, decide to Act Like Fools and argue over who stands where as Dan brings up physics. Tina tells Ken to give the costume back, but he isn’t positive, saying it doesn’t say to do that. She insists they should do it anyway. Toni and Dallas are making their way to the butcher, while he continues to moo. The find it, and get a clue telling them to head to the pit stop. It also says to bring the cow head to the pit stop, meaning Ken and TIna are headed for trouble. The two teams run in to each other, and Toni and Dallas tell them they need to go back and get their costume. She realizes after the fact she shouldn’t have helped them.

Terence and Sarah get the clue from the hawk and head to Act Like Fools as Ken and Tina are putting their costume back on. Andrew and Dan arrive and leave their shoes behind as they put on the costumes. Toni and Dallas arrive at the pit stop as team #2. Ken and Tina finally get to the butcher, and proceed to the pit stop. Andrew and Dan want to look for directons as Terence and Sarah are getting their costume on. Terence and Sarah get directions first, then head out. Ken and Tina are named team #3 by Phil.

Andrew and Dan offer to give a person $1000 to take them to the milk stand, as they drink the milk, followed by Terence and Sarah. Andrew and Dan get to the meat counter and get the clue. They realize they left their shoes at the theater and agree to get them later. Andrew and Dan are told they are the fourth team to arrive, however they have not read their clue correctly, as they didn’t arrive on foot. They have to go back to the end of the Detour and make their way back on foot, as they pronounce themselves screwed.

Terence and Sarah are still making their way through the streets looking for the butcher, as he tells people to “mooove,” as he’s “one angry cow.” Andrew and Dan cab back to the end of the Detour, then walk the rest of the way. Terence and Sarah are delivering their clue at this point. As they make their way back to Old Square, they get conflicting directions, as do Terence and Sarah. The Frat Boys are arguing the whole way about who is being more patient than the other. They argue if they’re going back the right way or not as Terence and Sarah get closer.

It’s Andrew and Dan that arrive back on the mat first, though their second time really. They’re declared team #4, and told they’re still in the Race. Terence and Sarah run up and are informed they are the last to arrive. Phil eliminates them while they get visibly upset. They explain the Fast Forward snafu with meat, as Terence says he can run marathons, but couldn’t swallow that food to save his life or for a million dollars.

Sarah calls it his decision and knows he will continue to beat himself up for it. She hopes with some time he’ll realize they got some great things out of this for their relationship and even saw the world together. She hopes in time it will mean more than winning. He says he loves her immensely and is honored and blessed to have done this with her. He never knew where their lives or this Race would take him, but he hopes whereever he goes, Sarah is a part of it.

I’ll say this much. I floated Terence a lot of crap during th Race, but I’ll give him credit for being a very gracious loser. Coming up to the mat, knowing they were behind and possibly in last place, he told the greeter he had a beautiful country, then said so many wonderful things about Sarah after. Maybe he did learn a lot on the Race.

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