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The Amazing Race 13, Nov. 16th – Don't Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch

I have to admit I was happy to see Ken and Tina saved last week. I’m not sure why, but I’m rooting for them. I’m rooting for the Frat Boys, too, which I also wonder about, as they have the strangest relationship that seems like it might really break down tonight, going by the previews. It could be interesting.

Leaving first from New Delhi, India are once again Nick and Starr, leaving at 10:14 P.M. They will fly to Almaty, Kazakhstan, then catch taxies to a chicken factory. Nick complains every time they start another leg on the Race he feels it gets bleaker and bleaker for them as he’s waiting for another team to blow them out of the water. They head to the hotel to do some research before they go back to the airport.

Toni and Dallas leave at 10:24 P.M., with him saying the only thing he knows about Kazakhstan is Borat, and that’s funny, as I was just thinking the same thing. They, too, head to the hotel to do some research, as Dallas and Starr sit in the background flirting. Toni finds a flight landing at 11:50 P.M. in Kazakhstan and secures flights for all of them. Dallas talks about wanting to help Nick and Starr, but help himself more, so that he can win the million dollars and buy her dinner. That’s some dinner.

Terence and Sarah leave at 10:43 P.M., with her being thrilled to go to Kazakhstan. They skip the research at the hotel and go straight to the airport, as he claims to be in a great mood. Yippee. Ken and Tina leave five minutes later. She thinks they are doing a great job communicating and believes if it all comes togehter, there is no team that can beat them. Nick, Starr, Toni, and Dallas arrive at the airport and attempt to book the flight. Andrew and Dan leave last at midnight, and they, too, are looking forward to going to Kazakhstan, referencing Borat. Andrew talks about the teams they are dealing with now really, really meaning business. While it sucks, it’s reality, and they’re still there.

Terence and Sarah arrive at the airport and find a flight landing in Almaty at 1:20 “at night.” Meaning they’ll get there in the early morning, I believe, and after the other four. They let those go as they attempt to get the Lufthansa flight the first four are on. Ken and Tina arrive as Tina asks to get the same tickets Toni and her group did at Lufthansa. Terence and Sarah get to the Lufthansa counter also trying to get the tickets, but miss out and check other options. Andrew and Dan arrive at the airport as Terence, and Sarah are booking the 1:20 A.M. tickets. They find that flight full and book an even later flight.

Landing in Kazakhstan, the three teams that were on the first flight head to the chicken factory as Ken and Tina agree they shouldn’t count their chickens before they hatch. It’s really nice to see them laughing together. The three teams find a closed gate and see that it won’t open until 7:30 A.M. It’s a good thing they didn’t count their chickens just yet. Terence and Sarah’s flight lands while she thinks they’ll be plucking chickens or eating them or something. They, too, get there too early.

Andrew and Dan arrive in Kazakhstan in the morning before the other teams have gotten in and believe they have “the one clueless driver” as he doesn’t seem as if he knows where the chicken factory is. He does find it though, as they catch up to all the other teams. It’s a mad dash when the gates open, and Dan gets there first, but Nick rips the clue right from his hand. They find a Roadblock where one person from each team will search the hens and eggs for one of only seven golden eggs.

The teams also find a Fast Forward. They need to travel by taxi to a restaruant and eat a local delicacy, the fat from the rear end of a sheep. When both team members finish eating, they get the Fast Forwrad reward. Terence and Sarah, as well as Nick and Starr, race off to the restuarant. Andrew and Dan know they should just start egg searching, as do Toni and Dallas, and Ken and Tina. Andrew, Toni, and Tina do this task, as Toni makes her way through the crowd of chickens saying, “Excuse me.”

Toni is the first to find her egg and gets a clue telling them to search the ground for a crank truck, then travel to the Koktobe Arch at the foothills of a mountain and follow a footpath that will lead them to a Mongol Warrior where they will wait for their clue to arrive. Toni reads the clue and realizes there are only two Mongol Warriors, so it’s first come first served, and it will help for them to be first. Andrew and Tina find their eggs around the same time and take off for the crane truck.

The other two couples arrive at the restarurant to eat the delicacy, and Starr chooses not to read what it is on the menu first. Terence doesn’t know what to do, as he is a vegetarian, having not eaten meat for fifteen or sisteen years. He says he can’t to Sarah, but knows to win the million, he has to. I think I may have caught him holding his nose at one point. Starr is gagging while she eats, and Sarah was smart enough to realize they were eating “sheep’s butt.”

Toni and Dallas arrive at the Koktobe Arch and find their Mongol warriors. They find out how they must wait for the clue, as a hawk flies over and delivers it. It’s definitely up there with one of the best clue deliveries ever. They find a Detour – Play Like Mad or Act Like Fools. In Play Like Mad, teams travel by taxi to the museum of folk musical instruments where they will learn to play a tune on two instruments. When they have learned the song, they will play the song for tips. When they have enough money, they can buy the next clue. In Act Like Fools, the teams will travel to a children’s puppet theater and put on a two-person cow costume, where they will walk the streets, find a sign with milk on it, and drink a aglass of milk. Finishing the milk, they’ll find the mame of the next destnation on the bottom of the glass which has them arriving at a butcher shop to get the next clue. Could it be more involved?

Toni and Dallas decide to Act Like Fools and make fun of themselves. Ken and Tina arrive at Koktobe Arch as Andrew and Dan’s driver is lost. The four are still eating at the restaurarnt, as the patrons encourage them to “chew, chew, chew.” At least they’re not making airplanes arms and sounds. Sarah tries to encourage Terence, but she seems him struggling to eat it, as he sits with a full plate in front of him. Nick and Starr high five each other as the other two leave and go back to find a golden egg.


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