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The Amazing Race 13, Nov. 9th – The Rave Party With the Sausage Fest

Nick and Starr decide on Bleary-Eyed, as Toni and Dallas arrive at the bird hospital, then eventually decide on Bleary-Eyed as well. They follow a group of local kids who want very badly to help them, as Toni grows more and more proud of Dallas. Meanwhile, Terence is still complaining about dye in his nose. At the hospital, he makes her go into the cages and search through the bird feed trays for the clue. He finds it without having to touch anything gross. Imagine. They decide on Teary-Eyed, saying it’s their strength, to get physical.

The Frat Boys wind through the bird hospital and decide on bleary-eyed. Kelly and Christy ride in their taxi intent on scaring people. Nice. Ken and Tina find their Speed Bump first before the hospital. They have to go to a temple and serve Holy Water to the patrons until no one else is desiring water, then go back to the bird hospital. He admits it’s not looking good, but is intent on making it better.

Kelly and Christy arrive and find their clue, deciding on Bleary-Eyed. Nick and Starr are trying to collect their numbers, as Toni and Dallas do the same. Nick and Starr get messed up, and go back to the beginning to start again. Toni and Dallas can’t even find the numbers, and Nick and Starr pretend like they haven’t found anything yet, then decide they should all do this together, since it’s such a tough task, one team taking one side, and the other team taking the other side.

Terence and Sarah start carrying their bags of chiles, as Ken and Tina arrive to hand out water, and she is being taught by them how to say “You’re welcome.” Ken doesn’t even realize it’s Holy water, and makes jokes about them getting water from the Incredible Hulk, as Tina is covered still in green dye. Kelly’s had Christy’s driver is showing them the landmarks, such as the American McDonalds. The number counters continue, as Terence and Sarah begin crushing their chiles into powder.

Andrew and Dan start counting their numbers, and Ken and Tina continue to serve water, finally being handed their clue, drinking regular bottled water back in their cab. Kelly and Christy try to count their numbers while still in their rickshaw. Ken and Tina know they’ll be way behind now as they get stuck in a traffic jam, but then get out to walk, only to clear the traffic and hop back in.

Nick and Starr hand their list of numbers in, as do Toni and Dallas, and they each get the go ahead to go plug in their musical statue. They now get a clue to go to Humayan’s Tomb, the pit stop. They try to catch taxis, but are stuck with rickshaws. Terence and Sarah are crushing chiles, only to be told it’s not good enough, and that they need to crush more. She finds the man judging them to not be very “generous” with his critique.

Andrew and Dan are still counting numbers as Kelly and Christy are doing the same, but looking at the price tags hanging, instead of the number tags. It’s not their leg of the race for doing things correctly. Ken and Tina make it back to the hospital, and find the clue, deciding on bleary-eyed. The two teams in the lead, meanwhile, are caught in a gridlock of traffic.

Andrew and Dan present their numbers getting it wrong. Kelly and Christy struggle to find the numbers, still sitting in the rickshaw. Terence and Sarah figure the other teams are breezing through Bleary-Eyed, while they suffer like fools, and are quite wrong. Andrew and Dan re-search for their numbers, and get the wrong tags, just as the girls were doing The girls present their numbers, but are told they, too, are wrong.

Nick and Starr hit the pit stop first, but must find a certain tomb,. They search as Toni and Dallas arrive. The local greeter spends his time watering while waiting for the first team to arrive. After he greets Nick and Starr, he goes right back to his watering. They have won a Travelocity trip to Hawaii. Phil tells them they look extremely colorful. Starr replies they are having the time of their lives with an awesome journey. She also claims their original goal before the Race started was just not to get eliminated first. Toni and Dallas are declared team #2. Toni is resigned to catching Nick and Starr later.

Andrew and Dan are wrong once again, and Kelly and Christy are recounting as well. Ken and Tina arrive, and seem to find the numbers much more easily. Andrew and Dan watch as Kelly and Christy are wrong again, and offer to work together, but the grils say no, afraid it’s down to the wire between them. Terence and Sarah finally finish, and she says if someone would tell her cow manure would make her feel better, she would gladly lather herself up with it, as that’s how much pain she’s in.

Ken and Tina see the other two teams still searching and know they’re still in it. The girls bring their numbers in again, as Christy works to cover up their answer, being sent back again as it’s wrong, this time walking. Andrew makes a stunning statement that whoever is the last to leave will lose. Ken and Tina get their numbers right on the first try, but the man with the sewing machine pushes her away as she’s breathing down his neck reading the numbers to him. He then smiles broadly, sending them on their way to light up the musical statue.

Kelly and Christy find a tag they have missed, and realize they should be looking for the small ones instead. Andrew and Dan run into Ken and Tina who tell them they’re looking at the wrong numbers. She isn’t sure whether it was a strategically good decision to help them, and Andrew thinks it’s because they’re sweet dudes.

Terence and Sarah are declared team #3 on Phil’s mat, while the numbered tag counters continue. Andrew and Dan think they have it and run back to the guy who covers his head with a newspaper in apparent disbelief that they’re back, or maybe just trying to keep the sun off his head. They’re finally right and get sent to light up the musical statue. The girls arrive and are also finally right. They make it seem like they are doing it at the same exact time, but you never know on The Amazing Race how close they are.

Ken and Tina arrive on the mat, being told they are team number four, with Phil saying they must be feeling extremely proud of each other. Ken says it wasn’t easy today, but they’re here and that’s what they wanted. He believes he and Tina are starting to gel, him being strong when she’s weak, and vice versa, making a true partnership.

The remaining two teams fight through the bad traffic, as Kelly declares someone is going home, and it’s not them. It’s Andrew and Dan that arrive on the mat first, though, as the watering guy runs over to take his spot. Kelly and Christy then arrive on the mat, along with the waterer again, and are told they are the last team to arrive and are eliminated Kelly says they both wanted it really badly, but they enjoyed traveling around, seeing places they never thought they’d see. For Christy, it solidified their friendship, as she says they’ll be best friends forever.

We have to talk about the ex-husbands once again, as Christy says they’ve been through everything together, and it makes her so proud of all she has done since she has left her husband. She never would have done this if she were still ironing sheets for her husband. You can’t miss the irony here of how well they did on the ironing challenge last week. For Kelly, it reiterated that she and Kelly will do amazing things in life, always being each other’s support system.

What ended up ousting Kelly and Christy was that they made continual mistakes tonight, one each in the Roadblock and the Detour, and refused to work together with the team that beat them in the end. It was too much, as even Ken and Tina, who not only left the pit stop 49 minutes later, but also had an extra task to do, were able to pass them up. They passed up the Frat Boys as well, meaning once again, they’re starting from the back of the pack next week. Somehow they always just barely eek it out, but it sounds like next week that might change, as their animosity towards each other becomes even more apparent.

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