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The Amazing Race 13, Nov. 9th – The Rave Party With the Sausage Fest

As expected, last week was the first non-elimination episode on The Amazing Race, meaning this week Ken and Tina will have to do a Speed Bump, an extra challenge at one point during the Race. I think they’re one of the few teams that could make it through it unscathed, but if she doesn’t stop her bitching, it’s just not going to end up well for them on the Race, and probably not in their marriage either.

Leaving first from Delhi, India, are brother and sister, Nick and Starr, at 8:55 A.M. Their clue sends them to Deshbandhu Apartments, where they will search the park for another clue. Nick is nervous, feeling like more of a target being at the top of the pack again. She wants to do whatever it takes to stay in the front, while he intends to keep telling little white lies.

Kelly and Christy leave at 9:02 A.M., feel fabulous leaving in second place, feeling like they have migrated from the back to the front of the pack. They aren’t the type of people to watch the others always come in first. Toni and Dallas leave at 9:10 A.M., with her feeling different about her relationship with her son. He’ll always be her baby, but she is learning to trust him far more.

Terence and Sarah leave at 9:31 A.M., with her thinking it adds another level of complexity to their race, racing with a romantic partner. They feel they have done a better job working on their relationship, yet they still yell at each other, even if it’s crazy to do so. Kelly and Christy play a little bit of “Gun to Your Head” with the Frat Boys as the subject. They laugh that Dan would start pacing after the kissing.

Andrew and Dan don’t have making out on their minds, but the Race, as they leave at 9:44 A.M. Andrew knows they have awesome strengths individually, but thinks they’re on opposite sides of the spectrum. They hope to get tasks they’ll kiss ass with, instead of kissing face. They want to keep Ken and Tina on the bottom. The separated couple is leaving last at 9:51 A.M., as he recalls the problems from the last leg that kept resurfacing.

Nick and Starr arrive at the apartments and find a Roadblock. One person from each team must take part in a traditional Indian celebration known as the Holi Festival. They will make their way to one of three ladders, through the revelers who are pelting each other and the racers with powdered dye and water, a tradition. They’ll need to then climb the ladders to search through hundreds of envelopes marked Try Again, searching for one of six marked The Amazing Race, which will have their next clue.

Starr is doing the searching, running through the paint and water pelting, and makes it to a ladder quickly, yet starts getting pelted while she’s on the ladder. Kelly and Christi’s cab driver gets out to ask for help, while Starr finds the clue and makes it back to Nick, blinking the dye out of her eye. Their clue sends them through Old Delhi to find the Charity Birds Hospital, where they will search the cages of injured birds for their next clue. Nick laughs that he didn’t even do the Roadblock, but is still covered in dye.

Toni and Dallas arrive as Dallas volunteers for the “colorful experience.” He is pelted immediately. Kelly and Christy are making their way there, complaining that it stinks, either in the cab, or on the streets, I can’t tell. Dallas finds a clue and runs out, completed covered, as Toni tells him he did a good job, thinking she wouldn’t have been able to do it. He complains that the revelers were “chucking it as hard as possible.”

Kelly and Christy finally arrive, and Kelly agrees to do the task. She gets pelted so hard, she runs right back out of the mess, without getting the clue, searching for Kelly instead, and getting a drink of water. She calls it “dreadful.” Christy apologizes for sticking her with it, saying she knows it sucks. Kelly wraps her face in bandanas and makes her way to the ladder. She screws up, though, getting one envelope, the wrong one, as she thinks she can only grab one envelope at a time, instead of searching through them all.

This isn’t going to go well. Terence and Sarah arrive, and the hypochondriac is the one sent through this mess. How may Band-Aids will Sarah have to apply after this? Kelly continues to pull one envelope at a time, as Terence gets the right envelope and runs back. Kelly and Christy wonder what they’re doing wrong for Terence to have found it so quickly. Andrew and Dan arrive, with Dan agreeing to make the run for his life. He compares it to a wild rave party without hot blondes and with a sausage fest instead.

As Terrence complains about dye going up his nose and that he is now spitting in colors, Dan makes it back with the clue. Christy can only say it sucks. Dan says it felt great to pass the girls, and Andrew is enjoying it as well. Kelly runs back out into the mess and trips, taking a face plant. She says there is no way she can do this, as she is “seriously dying.” They read the clue again and realize where there’ going wrong, as Ken an Tina pull up.

Christy is now being chased with dye and water as Kelly makes it out with the right clue, finally. They wonder if the taxis, that had them complaining of a stench before, will take them since they’re so dirty. It’s Ken making it through the dye and water easily, but this QB should know how to get through a crowd, right? While Ken looks for a clue, Tina yells at the revelers to “stop that,” calling them morons when they pelt her. Kelly and Christy still cannot get a cab.

Ken and Tina get a cab first, then the girls get a cab just after. Nick and Starr are arriving at the bird hospital, and need to take shoes and socks off, since this is regarded as a temple. They don’t know if it’s a hospital for birds or people but Nick is worried, as he’s afraid of walking barefoot through bird droppings.

They find a Detour – Bleary-Eyed or Teary-Eyed. In Bleary-Eyed, teams will make their way to the street corner to help the Department of Power. From street level, they’ll follow the power line, keeping track of the numbered tags. They’ll give the numbers to a man with a sewing machine, and if they’re correct, he’ll send them to a shop across the street where they’ll plug in a musical statue to get the next clue. In Teary-Eyed, teams will make their way to a spice market and pick up two 40-pound bags of dried chiles and deliver them on foot, then use a mortar and pestle to make enough powder to fill a container.


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