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The Amazing Race 13, Nov. 2 – Everybody Loves a Comeback

Nick and Starr are the first to arrive at the Ambassador Hotel and find the doorman. Their clue is a Detour – Launder Money or Launder Clothes. In Launder Money, teams will go to a banquet hall and create a wedding necklace decorated with rupees. They must have ten individual rupee notes that add up to exactly $780. Teams have to figure out how to exchange money with others to get the exact amount. They then trade it with a groom for the next clue. In Launder Clothes, teams will choose a ironing station and use a traditional charcoal heated iron to press twenty pieces of clothing. When a laundry woman feels they’ve done this correctly, she’ll hand them their next clue.

Toni and Dallas arrive, and both teams decide to do the ironing with Toni calling Dallas a pro ironer. I’m sure Starr will appreciate that knowledge. What a catch. Andrew and Dan arrive and decide on the ironing, just as Kelly and Christy arrive and decide on the same thing. Dan thinks Kelly and Christy get the luckiest breaks being semi-attractive females, ad Andrew, with a half of a green paint mustache going on, laughs at the thought.

Terence and Sarah finally finish painting and head off to the Ambassador with her lamenting they have never been in last place. She, too, is sporting half a green paint mustache. Nick and Starr arrive at the laundry and begin ironing. Ken and Tina are lost again, and finally finding a driver that knows where the hotel is, Ken tells the other he may have just lost them one million. Terence and Sarah arrive at the hotel before them and decide on laundering money. Ken and Tina finally arrive in last place, and they also decide on laundering money.

Toni and Dallas’ driver appears to be lost, as does Dan and Andrew’s. Kelly and Christy arrive at the laundry, and Kelly wants to brag now that they’re there, just because they see Nick and Starr. Toni and Dallas finally arrive and can’t figure out how to get the iron to slide. Starr knows her and Nick’s mom will be surprised, as they didn’t iron once while they were growing up. Andrew and Dan finally arrive, knowing they’re way behind. They ask for gloves to use the hot irons, and Kelly makes fun of them just before she burns herself.

Tina explains the money on the necklace to Ken as Terence and Sarah are discussing the same thing, the need to get change to accomplish the task. Terence and Sarah get to the challenge and know they have to make change first before they begin with the necklace. They go back out and ask their driver. Ken and Tina arrive and ask for change from the drivers before they even enter.

Dan admits he has never ironed before in his life, as that was his mom’s department. There must be a better way of phrasing that. Nick and Starr finish and get a clue to go to the pit stop at the Baha’i House. Terence and Sarah get their change, as she tells the locals that help them she loves them, and they ask her for a kiss. “No kiss,” she tells them matter-of-factly.

Nick and Starr arrive at the pit stop on Phil’s mat and are told they are team number one. As the winners of this leg, they have each won an electric car. Starr is excited to go to the next leg with Nick as her teammate , and considers herself very lucky to have him, her best friend and brother, with her on the race.

Dallas laughs at Andrew and Dan and says the Frat Guys he knows never iron. Dan says their choices were making necklaces or ironing, what else were they going to do? Kelly and Christy finish the task and head to the pit stop. Terence and Sarah begin making the necklace, as Ken and Tina work on getting change. They get what they need as Kelly and Christy are pronounced team number two at the pit stop. Terence and Sarah head downstairs to find a groom to give the necklace to, as Ken and Tina get started on their necklace. Toni and Dallas finish ironing and head to the pit stop.

Ken and Tina finish the necklace, while Terence and Sarah search for a groom. Andrew and Dan continue to iron. A big wind comes up and blows around all the clothes that they were working so hard on. Terence and Sarah finally find a groom and get their clue, just before Ken and Tina do the same. Andrew and Dan have seven or eight left to iron still. Terence and Sarah catch the same cab, but Ken and Tina have to search for one. Again, I think they’re better off with a different driver anyway.

Toni and Dallas are declared team number three, and Andrew and Dan struggle with the ironing o f collars. Ken and Tina walk looking for a taxi as dogs chase them. Terence and Sarah arrive on the mat as team number four, just as Ken and Tina find a cab. Andrew and Dan finally finish ironing, as Ken and Tina are now lost again, then argue about getting into or back into a cab.

It’s Andrew and Dan that arrive in fifth place and celebrate, asking how it’s possible. Ken and Tina step on the mat and are called the last to arrive, but are also told it’s a non-elimination leg. The bad news is that sometime during the next leg they have to complete a speed bump which they must compete before they can rejoin the others on the race.

Ken knows if they don’t get through this, they’re gone. The quarterback says everyone loves a comeback, but they’re not just talking about a football game or The Amazing Race, and he starts to break down a little, and it’s clear he’s talking about their marriage. She remarks it takes getting to the bottom sometimes to get to the top.

I think of all the remaining teams on the Race, Ken and Tina are month those that can get through the Speed Bump and still survive. The teams don’t seem all that far apart time-wise, so it really is anyone’s game still. One bad mistake or cab driver will end the game for someone next week.

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