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The Amazing Race 13, Nov. 2 – Everybody Loves a Comeback

Due to doing my own traveling last week, I missed the recap here for The Amazing Race, but rest assured, I have since watched last week’s episode, thanks to the wonders of DVR, and I’m ready to see what happens tonight, although I was said to see Aja and Ty go. I’m thinking we’re due for a non-elimination.

The first team to leave Cambodia is Nick and Starr at 11:22 P.M. Their clue has them flying to Delhi, India where they need to travel by taxi to Moon Light Motors to get their next clue. They are given instructions to buy their airline tickets at a specific travel agent. He still can’t believe he is doing the Race with his little sister, as there was a time when they were at each other’s throats a lot, although they are much closer now. She’s expecting India to be like Cambodia, whatever that means.

Toni and Dallas are the next to leave at 11:34 P.M., and Dallas talks about it being hard for him to flirt with Starr with her brother and his mom around, despite the fact Toni does like Starr. Yeah, that Toni, she’s a real ballbuster. Nick and Starr arrange for a flight arriving at 4:15 P.M., and as Toni and Dallas do the same, they borrow the agent’s computer to do internet research of India.

Leaving at 11:53 P.M. are Ken and Tina, as he says their relationship has been a struggle and they both need to be committed to making it work. They need to set aside their baggage and focus on the task at hand and each other. Kelly and Christy leave one minute before midnight with Christy saying she has more fun with Kelly than her ex, and even if she was still married, she would still be in this Race with Kelly. They know they have a lot to learn about India, and plan to be “sponges.”

Ken and Starr arrive at the travel agent, and Terence and Sarah leave at 12:05 A.M., a half hour after they should have, as they were punished with a thirty minute penalty due to their speeding ticket. She says they learned after that that they are very vulnerable to little mistakes, and they need to run this more smoothly. She asks their driver if he knows where he’s going, and he tells her he knows everything. Funny, that’s what I tell my kids. Mother knows all.

Kelly and Christy arrive at the travel agency asking if everyone was waiting for them. Right. These people on a Race for a million dollars are sitting around waiting for you, because they like you. Just after, Terence and Sarah arrive. Andrew and Dan are the last to leave at 12:29 A.M., with Dan saying they need to not be so casual during the whole leg. Their backs are against the wall, and if they don’t get it figured out, they’ll be gone soon.

Dallas works on his flirting with Starr, complaining again that it’s hard to do with Toni around, saying she’s the worst wing man there is. Apparently Anthony Edwards isn’t available. Starr say she and Toni have a great friendship she hopes continues after the race, and she acknowledges the mutual attraction. Ken is feeling useless while Tina works on gathering information. Andrew and Dan arrive at the travel agency and secure the same flight as everyone else, otherwise known as the great equalizer.

As the teams arrive at the airport in Delhi, Kelly and Christy can’t figure out how to get out of the building, banging on the clear walls. Nick and Starr are the first to figure out the glass entrapment, followed by Ken and Tina, and Toni and Dallas. Andrew and Dan are the fourth to leave, as Nick and Starr complain about Kelly and Christy, complaining about what they’re wearing, as they’re in shorts here in Delhi.

There are ox and cows walking through the middle of the street, and Christy remarks cows are like the holy animal in India, and she guesses that’s why they’re not worried about getting hit. None of the teams are confident that their drivers know where they’re going, and Ken and Tina have their driver stop so they can confer about where it is. Ken is a little upset that Tina always thinks she knows everything.

The first to arrive at Moon Light Motors are Nick and Starr, finding a Roadblock. One person from each team must help the taxi industry go green … literally. They need to mask the yellow exterior and interior of a rickshaw with newspapers, then paint it green. Starr will be doing this, and Andrew will as well, as he and Dan arrive in second place. Dan feels great to hang with Nick and Starr, and isn’t intimidated.

Kelly and Christy’s driver stops for directions, and Terence and Starr find them, staying at least they’re caught up to each other. But if they’re all lost, then … Starr and Andrew are masking, as Toni and Dallas arrive, with Toni doing the task. Nick is admiring the budding romance between his sister and Toni. Kelly and Christy arrive at the Roadblock with Christy telling Kelly she needs to do this task.

Ken and Tina are still driving around lost, as are Terence and Sarah, as they apparently lost Kelly and Christy. Terence and Sarah find Moon Light Motors, as Sarah decides to do the Roadblock, with Ken and Tina still driving around lost. Ken and Tina finally find the motor shop and it will be Ken painting the rickshaw. Starr is the first to finish taping and begins painting with Andrew right on her heels. Dallas thinks his mom is in third place, as Terence and Sarah argue. Dan mentions Terence is too controlling. You think? Then there’s Tina who stands over Ken telling him not to tear the tape so slow as he’s wasting too much time. He admits it’s not going well for them right now, but if things are going to change, it has to be now.

Dan is calling Andrew Michelangelo without the paint, as Terence continues to berate Sarah about the way she is taping the newspaper. She admits she’s feeling very fragile. Tina yells at Ken to get his goggles on and his mask. Starr runs out of paint and needs to have her sprayer refilled, as Andrew and Dan finish in first place. Their clue sends them to the Ambassador Hotel where they’ll need to search the garden for an Indian doorman. They can’t find a taxi and walk down a different road, and something tells me this could lose their lead.

Starr finishes painting, and they too struggle to find a cab. Sarah begins painting, and Terence is still instructing her on how to do this. Nick and Starr find a cab, and Andrew and Dan are nowhere to be found. Toni finishes painting, and she and Toni head off in a cab. Ken finishes next, and he and Tina find their own cab. You have to wonder why they take the same one when the guy clearly had his head up his ass before. Andrew and Dan finally find a cab. With two teams left to finish painting. Sarah needs more paint as Kelly finishes.


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