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The Biggest Loser: Families, Oct. 21 – Videos of My Kids Don't Mean That Much.

Amy P. and Brady need to lose more than 17 pounds. She’s hoping for 8 pounds, and while last week she weighed 193, this week she weighs 191, only a 2 pound loss. She calls it not good, and is most upset to see Bob’s face. She feels like she let him down. He’s flabbergasted, not understanding, saying that is not representative of her effort, running every day and always being optimistic. The girls on her team come out to hug her, as well as Brady, which is interesting, as they’re all about to send her home. I’m sure the hug that came from her husband on the other team meant much more.

Brady needs to have lost more than 15 pounds, and he approaches it with as much confidence as he can. He jokes he wants to move the scale from 286 to 269 to beat what he needs for his team. Instead, he makes it down to 283, and he’s shocked, as Bob says you could pick his face up off the floor. He wants to know if they’re playing some game, and he doesn’t know about it. I guess that’s what happens when you feel safe and like you can’t lose, yet Vicky is the Biggest Loser and safe. Amy P. cries, knowing she’s headed home, and oddly, Phil doesn’t get a chance to hug Amy P. for possibly the last time, like they afforded the family members on the losing team last week..

Amy P. pleads her case to Heba and Amy C., saying she knows she’s a target because of her low numbers, but Heba says if she’s a target, it’s because of her husband and him being after Heba. Amy is confused, so Heba tells her she knows Phil doesn’t like her. Heba finally tells Amy about Phil not shutting his mouth, and Amy pleads that she is not him. Asked what she would do, Amy P. says she would look towards Brady who hasn’t pulled his weight every week, as he’s lost 3, 6, and 9 the past few weeks. She doesn’t feel her work in the gym means anything, and the alliance between Heba/Ed and Vicky/Brady comes to light. Heba says privately she’s trying to figure it out, because Amy P. has been a threat every week, but then Brady hasn’t been pulling his weight. She needs to remember she put this all in motion by arranging the teams this way last week.

When they get to the elimination room, Vicky votes first, saying she’s looking out for her team, and the driving force behind a player on the other team is Amy P., so she’s voting for her. Brady chose a person from a strategic point, knowing this will hamper one strong individual on the black team. He, too, votes for Amy P. Who are they kidding? It had nothing to do with that. They just want to hurt him. Amy C. starts crying right away, saying she’s the new guy, and it’s devastating to know that just when she’s getting to know everyone, someone has to go home. She based it strictly on numbers, saying the person she voted for is Brandy

Amy P. is up and knows there’s an alliance between a husband and wife, and one on the other team of a mother and daughter. They had said last week the smartest thing for that team would have been to separate mother and daughter, so that would hold here, too, as she votes for Brady. Heba made a decision to send her husband home a few weeks ago, but this is different as she’s looking at people who have become family, and this is harder than she thought it would be. She has to look ahead to the individual game, and protecting herself. She is voting for Amy P.

Amy says she’s sad, and disagrees with what Vicky and Brandy said, as she thinks it will fuel Phil along. She leaves with nary a hug from anyone. When she came here, she couldn’t even walk on a treadmill for five minutes, but now she’s been walking and running for hours a day. She’s been able to be positive and is a pretty strong woman. It’s a good thing to know about herself. She just happens to be one of those glass if half full people on a half empty team, but she’s still in the game and is going to play hard. While Heba thinks Ed is going to win the $100,000 prize for the people sent home, Amy says this little South Carolina girl is going to give him a run for his money.

When she came to the ran she was wearing a size 20, and is now wearing an 8. She thought she had lost this life forever, and feels she’s a much better mom. She enjoys horseback riding, something she never would have done before, but s he knows this has a calming effect on autistic kids. Her son jokes he loves his new skinny mom. She gave up a lot of her dreams when her son was diagnosed, but now she feels like a lot of those dreams are coming back. She hopes to wear a size 6 dress at the finale.

I’m sad Amy P. left, and I really hope something happens to break up the Heba/Vicky/Brady alliance. The blue team needs to lose, and Amy C. needs to be the Biggest Loser to stay safe. We hear that one person loses more than the whole other team next week, and see Bob saying “just shattered us.” What a payback it would be for Phil to lose all that weight, and get to see someone go home that sent home his wife.

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