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The Biggest Loser: Families, Oct. 21 – Videos of My Kids Don't Mean That Much.

The black team moves around slowly, but keeps racking up points, getting up to 15 points before Michelle falls in. They need to get up to 25 points before it’s a win, and if they all fall off, that affords the blue team to make a comeback and get back on. Phil starts to lose his balance and starts to run around the beam to hopefully not fall off, but it doesn’t work. This leaves Renee as the lone person left of either team. Renee finishes it all on her own, getting to 25, winning the challenge for her team. They’re probably thinking it’s a good thing they didn’t vote her out last week. Vicky says the prize was kind of lame, and she didn’t feel it was even worth it. “Videos of my kids really didn’t mean that much.” I’m stunned she’d say such a thing.

Back at the ranch, Brady isn’t happy about facing Bob with the news the blue team lost again. They explain it to him, but he has a hard time with the score of 25-0. He hears about the prize and Vicky’s feelings about it, and says who cares, you go in and do the best you can do. He tells her it’s not about the prize, but doing things you never thought you could do before. Again, her goal is just for either her or Brady to win the big prize at the end. Amy P. is kind of disappointed in the rest of the team.

Michelle is happy to have won the challenge and happy with the prize. She sees “the video,” but it’s not a video. It’s live as her family is talking to her all together on camera. They are all proud of her, especially her dad, but he encourages her to finish this thing and express who she is. Colleen sees her family which includes her dad back at home, and they tell her she looks amazing. She tells Jerry he looks so good and he breaks down saying it’s helping him so much, being off almost all his medicine. Her boyfriend is in shock and can hardly speak. Renee sees her husband and dog, and she is so excited. Being able to talk to him and see him is worth more than any money prize. Phil sees two of his sons, as wells as his in-laws. One of his boys has lost a tooth. Imagine, this wasn’t good enough for Vicky.

It’s last chance workout time, and Amy P. knows the others have alliances that she doesn’t have, so she has to be the biggest Loser of her team. Vicky thinks she’s more determined than most people, but I wonder how not understanding goals and only wanting certain prizes fits in with that. Jillian really wants to see someone puking, saying if you’re not, it just isn’t good enough. Bob has decided it’s time to push Brady on the leg press with 670 pounds. He does it, and Bob acknowledges he doesn’t even think he himself could do that. Brady knows every ounce of his sweat breaks down to pounds lost on the scale.

Jillian literally rides Phil like a horse, and enjoys it when he struggles, as the others on the team think there’s something seriously wrong with her. Phil walks out to puke. She focuses her attention on Coleen who compares herself to that older sister you want to punch, but can’t. I know that feeling. Bob calls his biggest inspiration his wife, seeing her pushing 450 pounds, making sounds he hasn’t heard since she gave birth to their children. Heba hopes everything they’re doing this week is enough.

Vicky and Brandy go to see Heba, and he tells her he saw Phil who told him he didn’t know what was going to happen at the weigh-in, but his wife really needed to stay. He encouraged them to send Heba packing, since she was always up to something. She’s appalled. After ostracizing him the way she did, she’s surprised he’s now striking out against her apparently. She wants him to worry more about himself than her and focus on just losing weight. And while she wants him to focus on that, the three of them spend a whole lot of time gossiping about Phil and Amy P.

Colleen is feeling like they did everything they possible could. Vicky feels good about her situation, saying it doesn’t matter to her, once again, to win, as she’s not going home because of her alliance. Wouldn’t it surprise her to lose and have Amy P. be Biggest Loser and safe? At least she has Amy C. to kick out then. Phil talks about how great the prize was, of talking to his kids, and says he made copious notes to share with Amy later, since she was on the losing team and didn’t get to see them.

The black team is up first, and since Renee did so well in the challenge, she’s up. She has felt nauseous all day long. Last week she weighed 232, and this week 225, a weight she says she hasn’t seen in a long time. Daughter Michelle is next, saying if her mom got 7 pounds, there’s no way she could match or beat it, since she’s never come close to her mom’s numbers. Last week she was 209, and tonight she weighs 202, matching her mom. Renee is proud of her, and knows she looks smaller, but worried that she just thought that being her mom.

Colleen is up next and feels like she wants to faint. She starts out having weighed 187 last week, but makes it down to 179. Even Jillian is stunned, saying she’s small, and that’s a lot of weight, and impressive. Colleen calls this whole week amazing, and says without the support of her team, she doesn’t know what would have happened. Phil knows he’ll go home if he doesn’t hit it out of the park and the other team wins, since the ladies all did so well. He moves the scale from 279 to 272, the same as the girls, really. He just hopes it’s enough and is still nervous, although he has lost 59 pounds so far on the show. Their total percentage as a team is 3.2% for a total of 29 pounds. The blue team needs to lose more than 36 pounds.

Amy C. is up first, and I notice she has lost her glasses lately. Her weight last week was 199, and this week she gets down to 193, which she feels really good about. Heba had put her team over the top last first, and Bob thinks if Colleen lost 8, Heba can lose in double digits, because she’s a big girl. She weighed 258 and makes it down to 253, prompting Bob to not feel good about it. Heba was hoping or a 7, calling it a letdown. Vicky is up next, and we’ll see if this matters to her at all. Last week she was at 211, and this week she comes in at 203. She calls it respectable and a big accomplishment.


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