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The Biggest Loser: Families, Oct. 21 – Videos of My Kids Don't Mean That Much.

Last week on The Biggest Loser: Families, the families as teams were abolished and everyone was reorganized into two teams. I have to ask, though, how long will it be until we lose teams altogether and it becomes an individual game? It obviously won’t be this week, but I’m betting on it either being next week or the following week. This switch needed to happen, as we kept losing all the men, but now that we’re losing a few ladies, I bet we still won’t keep it this way too much longer.

Once the black team comes walking back in after elimination, Amy C. knew right away her mom had left, leaving her with the feeling that a little piece of her had left. It was Shellay who had wanted to come on the show and had constantly pushed her daughter. Amy is just happy now to have had that time together. She’s determined to make it to the end for herself, not just for her mother.

Jillian is the next to inspect the black team, and seeing that Shelley has left, she claims “it must have sucked.” Colleen agrees it was tough for them, but says it will give them a better shot at the elimination this week, as they won’t have four girls that are all close to the same weight. Jillian doesn’t want to make it all about winning, but wants to make it a little more competitive. Renee vows to stick through it to the very end, and Colleen talks about her goals and that she’s going for them for the first time. Phil is asked if he’s willing to be the pound that sends his wife, Amy P. home, and he thinks he is, wanting to focus on himself, knowing it won’t be easy.

The blue team goes shopping with Bob, and walking into the store, they see him hanging from a trapeze-looking thing. Amy P. calls this a Cirque de Soleil thing, and circus-like or not, Bob calls it the fight of their lives. Heba talks about how much strength it takes. Michele is doing moves on a trapeze bar, somersaulting over, and Brady calls it amazing to feel the muscle strength they’ve gained. A man in a padded suit comes out, and they have to defend themselves against him. Not surprisingly, Amy P. is doing it very gently, and Amy C. is being a little boisterous with it, and Heba totally beats the shit out of him, then spits on him at the end.

The black team goes with Jillian to a ropes course, and she thinks this will help keep them focuse on the things that matters. As Phil climbs up, he has to do a “leap of faith” type thing, where he has to leap off a platform and grab onto a rope as he jumps. He’s shaky and nervous atop the platform, and jumps, but just misses the grab, yet is still proud of himself, feeling it’s amazing how far they’ve all come. Renee and Michelle have to walk across a high log and meet halfway, something Jillian considers symbolic of their relationship. Michelle is being pushed, and does it, and Renee feels good while they hold hands there. Michelle sees they’re rebuilding their trust.

Colleen is freaked out because of her fear of heights, yet climbs up anyway, as Jillian makes her repeat “I control my body.” She stands on the platform and jumps. She doesn’t make it where she needs to go, but she made it as far as overcoming that fear, showing her she really can face anything in her life and handle it. Jillian sys it’s not just about hours in the gym and losing weight. It’s about getting out there and facing their fears.

The Losers go to see Dr. Husingea again to compare how far they and their bodies have come since the beginning of the show. While Michelle’s 26 year old body seemed like it was 41 at the beginning of the show, now she’s down to about 34 years old. She talks about being mortified before and feels like she turned back the clock. Renee was like a 66 year old before and is now down to a 44 year old, feeling better and younger than she’s ever felt before. He’s hoping for her to be essentially the same as her daughter by he time they’re done.

Brady was like a 72 year old man cardiac-wise before, and now he’s closer to a 43 year old man. Vicky has lost 38 pounds of hydrated fat which is something to be proud of. She also gained 2 pounds of muscle. She can feel she’s doing much better. Amy C. was a 26 year old that seemed 47, and now she’s like a 34 year old. Phil had chest pain and dizziness when he exercised, but in the last six weeks he’s lost more fat than weight. He’s knocking on the door from morbid obesity to obesity, and can now touch his toes or (introduce himself to the lower half of his body.)

Amy P. has lost about 20% of her abdominal volume, calling the opportunity wonderful, as they can concentrate on this without thinking about bills and kids. Colleen is 24 and could only do on a treadmill what a 55 year old could do, but now her body is more like what a 30 year old would be. Heba had 52% of fat, but has now lost 38 pounds of fat, close to a pound of fat a day. The number one reason she stayed here at the one elimination over her husband was because she would be the one carrying their future child, and isn’t in shape to do that, but is now going in the right direction. The doctor is happy that she did this and is showing others it is possible.

The teams walk into their next challenge, seeing rings and water, and Colleen isn’t feeling good about it most likely being a balancing challenge. Alison Sweeney meets them, telling them the only way to maintain balance is to maintain focus, one step at a time. Each time has the circle balance beam, and every time a person passes the laser that’s blinking, the team gets a point. If someone falls off, they’re out. They can only get back in if everyone falls in from both teams. The winning team gets videos from home, and Renee needs this, to see her husband. Heba wants to see her dad, Ed, and the dog. Someone has to sit out of the blue team, and Amy C. sits out, since she has an injured knee.

Amy P. is in the water right away for the blue team, as well as Vicky, but Phil is taking it nice and steady. He hears the others fall, but can’t look in order to keep himself focused. Heba falls off after some successful steps. Colleen finally starts, with Phil halfway around the circle while Brandy starts out. Colleen falls off, and Phil tells Michelle and Renee they need to start moving as he’s going to lap them in a minute. He reaches the laser and gets a point. Brady is the only one left on his team and falls off just before getting their first point. His blue team needs to now sit and wait for the black team members to all fall in. The blue team does what they can to heckle the black team, irritating Colleen, who points out the black team wouldn’t have done that, as they have class.


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