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The Amazing Race 13, Oct. 19 – Fidel and the Idiot

Andrew and Dan arrive and begin crushing, as Terence and Sarah arrive at Summerhill and arrive on the mat to meet Phil’s dad. They’re quite obviously team number two. Toni and Dallas arrive at the other task and begin building the blowcarts. Nick and Starr begin crushing kiwi, as Dan curses wearing pants this day. Nick and Starr are next to abandon the task, as do Andrew and Dan. Kelly and Christy arrive and Nick tells them where to go for the kiwis, so they can get their feet all cut up.

Toni and Dallas build their blowcarts and drive around the track, as Andrew and Dan work on their blowcarts, Dan calling himself mechanically challenged. Starr can’t believe Kelly and Christy didn’t give up on the kiwis, and while this is being said, they finish their quarts, drink the juice, and receive their clue. Toni and Dallas finish their laps and head to the pit stop.

Aja and Ty arrive at the kiwis and begin stomping. Andrew and Dan continue to try and assemble the blowcrts, which Nick and Starr head around the track, only for her to crash and burn. Marisa and Brooke arrive and decide to do the juice, thinking it will be the quickest, as Kelly and Christy arrive on the mat to be team number three. Starr crashes and burns yet again, and says she thinks she broke her arm. She’s determined to continue the race anyway.

Andrew and Dan still work at assembling their blowcarts, and Toni and Dallas are called team number four on the mat. Nick and Starr finish and head to the pit stop, and for some odd reason she drives, even though she can barely move her left arm. Andrew and Dan finally finish assembling and race around the track. Ty and Aja are still working on the kiwis, and Marisa and Brooke are hoping they’re on the right way to the kiwis. Nick finally offers to take over the driving. Maybe he’s not sure of her map reading skills, but that was ridiculous to let her try and drive.

Andrew and Dan finish and head to the pit stop, while Andrew feels they found a turning point in their relationship, as Dan realized how much he needed Andrew, since he was inept at the building, so he doesn’t think Dan will be running his mouth as much. Nick and Starr show up on the mat in fifth place, and she tells Phil about her arm. Ty and Aja begin assembling the blowcharts, and Andrew and Dan are team number six on the mat, while they thought they were much further back in the pack. Dan hugs Phil’s dad, saying he loves him, and he’s his dad too.

Marisa and Brooke start the kiwis as Ty and Aja finish their boats, but are told they aren’t built correctly. They finally begin going around the laps as Marisa and Brooke work on their juice, finally getting enough to drink it, just as Ty and Aja finish their three laps. Aja doesn’t want to think about possibly being the last team, while Marisa and Brooke hurry. It’s Ty and Aja that get onto the mat in seventh place and she utters a “Praise God!”

Phil’s dad welcomes Marisa and Brooke to New Zealand, and Phil declares them the last team to arrive, eliminating them. Marisa says they are just two girls from South Carolina trying to get around the world, and they did it together, glad they made it this far. Phil’s dad thinks the two beautiful girls need a hug, and gives them one. Marisa thinks the Race is more about taking chances and finding out more about your teammate. They did that and know they’ll be best friends forever.

Marisa and Brooke fell into the back of the pack early on here and didn’t really have the resources as a team to pull themselves out of it. They weren’t always the brightest bulbs out there, but I think they had the right attitude with it. They weren’t worried about thinking people were sabotaging their sports bras or anything. Next week it’ll be interesting to see what happens with Starr’s arm. From the previews we can’t tell what happens, but I’m sure Terence and Sarah would like them taken out for Sports Bra Gate.

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