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The Amazing Race 13, Oct. 19 – Fidel and the Idiot

Terence and Sarah reach the Summit and find a Rockblock. The person choosing to do this must choose an image of a traditional tattoo, and walking among the warriors, must find the warrior with a tattoo that matches the one they just picked up. If they’re successful, they’ll get the next clue. Terence performs the task, as Sarah cheers him on. It’s hard, because the warriors yell and jump around while they search, and when he gets it wrong, the warrior grabs the tattoo design and runs away with it. He gets it right the second time around, as Sarah jumps up and down telling Terence to “kiss him.”

Their clue sends them to downtown Aukland to the City Life Hotel, where they need to go up to the rooftop. Ken and Tina continue their climb up the inside of the tower, and now seeing how far they have to climb on the outside, she can only say, “Oh my goodness gracious; that is scary.” Kelly and Christy are trying to find “vehicular access” to the Summit and can’t, so decide to walk.

Toni and Dallas arrive at the summit, as she decides to do the task. Dallas can only hope the warriors don’t eat his mom. She finds the right design on her first attempt. Terence and Sarah reach the top of the hotel and use binoculars to find a Travelocity gnome doing New Zealand wish-list activities. Once they find one, they must go to the gnome and retrieve it, along with their clue.

As they search, Ken and Tina are continuing to climb up as the tower begins to sway back and forth. She’s not comfortable. Marisa and Brooke finally arrive at the harbour, searching for the knots, but can’t see any, or rather the only one that is left. They final.y find it and attempt to dismantle it as Andrew and Dan, driving, come across Kelly and Christy walking. They inform the guys they decided to walk. Marisa and Brooke finish untying their knot and leave for the Summit.

Ken and Tina find the Travelocity gnome on the tower, and as she finishes the climb, he feels he’s seeing again the Tina he fell in love with. He realizes how tough she is and that he sometimes overlooks it. He wants to make her feel now that she’s the strongest competitor and the best wife. They head straight to the pit stop now, Summerhill, which they travel to in a helicopter.

Dan hands off the tattoo Roadblock to Andrew, and Christy will be doing it for her team, as they say they think they’ll be having nightmares of these warriors. Christy is the first to get it right and head to the hotel. Nick and Starr and Aja and Ty search for the summit as Andrew gets the right warrior to match his tattoo. Terence and Sarah finally find a gnome as Toni and Dallas arrive and search, finding one right away. Luckily, it’s a different one.

Terence and Sarah head to the roof of a building where they saw the gnome, as Toni and Dallas are heading to the floor of a building to do the same. Terence and Sarah get to a gnome first, and find a clue telling them to drive to a local landmark Kiwi 360 degrees. Nick and Starr arrive at the Summit, and it will be her doing the searching. She, too, gets it wrong the first time.

Andrew and Dan find a gnome on top of a bench and head to its location, passing Kelly and Christy on their way up. Starr finally gets the right tattoo as Aja and Ty land at the Summit. Nick and Starr arrive at the tower and find a gnome, leaving right away to pick it up, while Kelly and Christy continue to search. Aja is able to pick out the correct warrior for her tattoo and they’re on their way.

Ken and Tina board the helicopter, and while he knows their relationship won’t be fixed overnight, he knows they’re on their way. Marisa and Brooke finally reach the summit, and Brooke does the task. Nick and Starr find their gnome, knowing it’s frustrating Kelly and Christy just that much more since they haven’t found one yet. Brooke finds the correct tattoo, as Aja and Ty arrive on the tower searching for a gnome, finding it fairly quickly.

Ken and Tina run onto the mat and meet Phil’s dad and Phil, being told they are team number one. He takes their gnome and tells them they have won a seven night trip to Rio de Janeiro during Carnival.

Aja and Ty get their gnome, as Marisa and Brooke search for one. Terence and Sarah reach Kiwi 360 and find a Detour – Matter of Time or Matter of Skill. In Matter of Time, teams drive themselves to a kiwi orchard where using their feet, they must crush enough fruit to make 12 quarts of juice. Each of them must drink a glass of juice to get the next clue. In Matter of Skill, teams must drive themselves to Blowcart Heaven. They’ll choose two kits and assemble a pair of blowcarts. Once they each complete three laps around the track, they’ll receive their next clue.

Terence likes the idea of stepping on kiwis, but Sarah notes 12 quarts is a lot. Toni and Dallas decide to do the kiwis as well, as Terence and Sarah begin to crush their kiwis. She notes the bucket is lined with hard rocks and there are stubborn kiwis on top of that. Toni and Dallas arrive to crush the kiwis as well. He notes it’s cutting up his feet pretty bad. Marisa and Brooke think they may have found a gnome, while Andrew and Dan arrive at Kiwi 360. Dallas suspects the kiwi bin may be clogged and get out to investigate.

Marisa and Brooke get the gnome and head to the next clue. Toni thinks this looked so much more fun when Lucy and Ethel did it, which is funny, as it’s the first thing I thought of when hearing about the challenge. Terence and Sarah finish the task, drinking the juice, and get a clue to head to the pit stop. Toni and Dallas don’t know how they pulled that off, and think theirs might be clogged up. They abandon it and head to the other task, hoping everyone else chooses the same clogged kiwi bin they had.


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