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The Amazing Race 13, Oct. 19 – Fidel and the Idiot

Tonight will be a good episode. Phil’s father is supposed to be the greeter when the teams get to New Zealand for a pit stop. Phil wanted the teams to go to his parents’ house at one point, but that just didn’t work out. Regardless, it’ll be good to see him with his dad. That, and I want to know how Sports Bra Gate turned out.

From La Paz, Bolivia, at a hilltop park, Kelly and Christy took the time during the mandatory rest period to confront Nick and Starr for telling Aja and Ty to U-Turn them. Christy says they aren’t going to play nice if Nick and Starr aren’t even going to attempt to fix this, and Starr admits that things are even worse between them.

Ken and Tina are the first to depart again, this time at 12:33 A.M. Their clue is sending them to Auckland, New Zealand, where they need to drive to Gulf Harbour, where they will have to successfully untie a specific knot to get the next clue. Ken thinks they’re starting to come together as a team with less bickering and more caretaking of each other. Hmm, is that an ominous bad message telling us they’re headed for trouble?

Toni and Dallas leave at 12:59 A.M., and he thinks his mom is finally starting to see him as more of an adult and a person that can make smart decisions, yet he’s also telling her he doesn’t know where New Zealand is, despite his college education. Ken and Tina know the airport will be closed except for the internet, so search the internet for their flights once they arrive.

Terence and Sarah leave at 1:04 A.M., Marisa and Brooke leave one minute later, and Aja & Ty leave two minutes after that. Nick & Starr leave at 1:07, and Andrew and Dan leave one minute after that. Sarah thinks things are getting better for them and that they’ve finally gotten in a good grove with each other. As long as she keeps sympathizing over his supposed injuries, they’ll be fine.

Marisa and Brooke feel if they push themselves they can do anything. Marisa wonders if they like blondes in New Zealand, and Brooke explains they probably have blondes there, so “we’re not rare or anything.” Are they for real? Aja says for her and Ty to be together every single minute, it’s finitely been exhausting. They’re truing to find they fine line to push each other without pushing each other’s feelings. Regardless, if he says “bit us in the butt” one more time, she’s going to jump off a cliff.

Nick and Starr don’t take anything personal on the race, and their goal is to cross the finish line first. Right, because no one else has that goal. She feels they’ve been able to grow as adults and form an adult relationship. Dan wants to take over as a leader and forgets he’s an equal opportunity partner. Andrew notes it isn’t the Dan Show. Hmm. Potential problem there.

Kelly and Christy leave at 1:20 P.M., saying they like all the teams, but Nick and Starr. The teams are all arriving at the same time to buy their airline tickets, and Andrew and Dan are lucky enough to borrow someone’s laptop. Marisa and Brooke get help from them, as Andrew says he doesn’t mind helping them as he doesn’t think they’re one of the strongest teams, and Dan points out it doesn’t hurt that they’re cute, either. Kelly and Christy just sit around watching everyone else work, waiting to get their answers.

The earliest flight Nick and Starr can find is 3:55 A.M. Aja wants to do their own thing instead of following the other teams. He starts calling her Fidel Castro, saying she gets in her moods too quickly, as she gets in an attitude when things don’t go her way. He wants to get a shirt with “I’m with Fidel” on it. Ken and Tina are frustrated as they had a half hour lead, and now everyone is all on the same flight.

Landing in Auckland, everyone rushes out to the marked cars, and Aja is reminding Ty to stay on the left hand side of the road. Terence is having Sarah play with his hair while he drives. Can he be any more needy? Nick and Starr have the wrong directions, and stop and ask along the way. Marisa and Brooke do the same, as someone at a gas station tells them they can’t get lost. That doesn’t sound like that will go well.

Aja and Ty get a flat tire, and he gets out to inspect it. She tries to flag others down to help, but the other teams aren’t going to stop, and neither are the other people on the roadway. Finally a New Zealand guy stops to help them, as it doesn’t seem Ty knows how to repair a flat, calling himself “The Idiot.”

Ken and Tina, and Andrew and Dan, and Terence and Sarah are the first to reach the knot and work on it. Andrew and Dan unwrap the thin slip of paper first, revealing a clue that tells them to drive to the Summit of Mouton Eden. There is also a Fast Forward here, one of two. In this one, a team that chooses this must go directly to the tallest structure in the Southern Hemisphere, the Auckland Sky Tower. There they will climb from the sky deck to the top and pick up a friend, aka our old buddy the Travelocity gnome.

Ken and Tina finish with the knot first and head to the Fast Forward. Andrew and Dan follow them, trying to beat them. Kelly and Christy arrive at the knots, and finish the knot while Terence and Sarah are finishing and leaving. Christy doesn’t think they should try for the Fast Forward as Toni and Dallas arrive. They figure it out quickly, and take off right away.

The first two teams are arriving at the Auckland Sky Tower, and Ken and Tina get there first, meaning Andrew and Dan now have to turn back and go the other way. Terence and Sarah have finished and are headed to the Summit and don’t see any other cars. Nick and Starr finish with their knot, as Aja and Ty arrive, looking for the knots. Tina mentions she has a massive fear of heights when she’s getting all strapped in for the climb. Aja and Ty are hoping they aren’t last, but are afraid they are. Marisa and Brook still haven’t arrived yet either.


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