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The Amazing Race 13, Oct. 12 – Do the Wrestling Women Wear Sports Bras?

Toni and Dallas are just arriving at the bike rides, and he waits for his mom as she’s still experiencing trouble breathing. Mark and Bill arrive in first place at the clue box and choose not to U-Turn anyone. But are they really in first place since they took a cab? The two teams leading the bands continue to the plaza, and Marisa thinks it helped their band pick up the pace that they were having such fun with them. Andrew and Dan can’t figure out how the blondes caught up to the them.

Marisa and Brooke decide not to U-turn anyone, as do Terence and Sarah and Ken and Tina and Andrew and Dan. Aja keeps repeating “I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul’ while on these oddly wooden bikes that are hard to steer. Christy wipes out yet again. Nick and Starr ask the others to U-turn Kelly and Christy, not knowing they’re currently wiped out with an injury. Nick and Starr, upon reaching the U-turn, choose not to use it on anyone after all, as do Aja and Ty. They figure to have been asked to use it by Nick and Starr, yet not use it when they have a chance, they must have tried to get them to use it to knock them out from using it later.

Kelly and Christy reach the U-turn eventually and decide not to use it on anyone, thinking they’re in last place, but this spot belongs to Toni and Dallas. Trying to catch cabs, they swap positions. Ken and Tina are the first to arrive at the next clue and find a Roadblock. One person from each team will have to compete with the Fighting Cholitas, wrestling women. They’ll learn the tricks of the trade, don a costume, and returning to the ring, if they complete all six moves they are intended to, they’ll get the next clue. If not, they’ll have to return for more training.

It’s Ken performing this Roadblock, thinking it’s kickboxing or something, not realizing he’ll have to fight women. Marisa and Brooke arrive next, and Marisa chooses to do this. Mark will be doing it for his team, as he learns how to do a flip over the sides of the ring. Ken is the first to enter the real ring, and Tina is in hysterics looking at him in this outfit that looks like The Greatest American Hero. He performs the moves, and Tina is really proud of him to learn all that and make it fun. They get a clue that sends them to Mirador el Monticulo, the pit stop for this leg of the Race.

Terence and Sarah see a flag and stop their cab, but it ends up being a flag that is just up by coincidence and not for The Amazing Race. Toni and Dallas make up a lot of time, arriving at the wrestling ring in 4th place. Sarah and Nick both decide to do the Roadblock for their respective teams. Marisa is having a hard time learning the moves, but Mark jumps into the ring for his shot, screwing up the move where he flips into the ring, forcing him back in to train all over again.

Ty will be taking on the wrestling women, as will Nick, and Marisa is finally ready for her shot at wrestling. She, too, screws up and has to start over, calling herself frustrated. While Christy is waiting for Kelly to train, Aja tells her that Starr was trying to get them to U-turn Kelly and Christy, and she appreciates her honesty. Dallas takes on the wrestling women, and gets the clue, placing them now in second place, to which Toni wants a kiss.

Sarah gets disqualified and retreats back to her training. Mark struggles as he relearns his six stunts, blaming it on the high altitude and has to take some oxygen. Dan completes his moves, and he and Andrew are off for the pit stop. Nick wrestles the women, as does Ty, and they both succeed, getting their next clue. Mark makes another try at it, and he says his head is getting kind of heavy. He screws up the moves yetagain and Bill is starting to worry. Again, ya think?

Ken and Tina find Phil and his mat, along with a woman that looks like she’s wearing a witch’s hat. Phil tells them they have won a trip for two to Cabo San Lucas. So who do they take on the trip if they decide not to stay together after this? For Ken, though, he thinks their relationship is becoming much more enjoyable. If he’s lucky, Tina feels the same way.

Mark and Marisa are still relearning, and they come in to take their third and second shots at wrestling the women. Marisa gets it right this time, as does Mark. They’re both on their way to the pit stop. Sarah gets it right this time, and they’re now in eighth place. Christy knows they’re in last place and hopes for someone’s taxi to get really lost. Little does she know she only had to hope for someone to take a taxi when they shouldn’t. Kelly completes it, and they’re on their way.

Terence and Sarah pass up Mark and Bill as Toni and Dallas arrive in second place with Phil. The blondes pass up Andrew and Dan, and Nick and Starr’s driver is taking a different route, calling it better. Christy shares the info from Aja with Kelly, and they decide to confront her, and want to be sure not to be eliminated so they can do that. Somehow, Terence and Sarah wind up coming into the pit stop in third place, and Marisa and Brooke come in fourth.

Mark reads the clues over and finds they made a mistake taking the taxi, and they know they’ll now have a time delay when they get to the pit stop. It’s Aja and Ty that run onto the mat next, just before Nick and Starr as they end up in fifth and sixth, Andrew and Dan place 7th, while Mark and Bill are 8th, but are penalized thirty minutes. Kelly is promising if they’re going home, she’ll scream obscenities. Bill calls it heartbreaking to think that one little misread clue could end their game. Just think how he’d feel if his undergarments were being thrown from the ledge.

Kelly and Christy run in and are told they’re the last team to arrive, but are told about Mark and Bill’s penalty, meaning they have been saved in eighth place. They live on to wash more sports bras in this high elevation.

Mark and Bill are now eliminated. Mark says if it had been a foot race, he’d understand that, but for it to be a misread clue, it kills them, and he would have thought they would have done that part better. Weren’t they the ones at the beginning of this leg saying that when they take the time to analyze clues it works out for them? I bet they’re wishing they had followed their own advice. Bill calls the Race by far the hardest game he’s ever played. Running it with Mark has been a wonderful experience, and Mark calls him the most dependable guy he knows, saying he couldn’t have picked a better person to run this Race with.

I have to say I feel for them. How horrible would it be to be eliminated over a mental error like that, especially when you know you’re not a physical team and will have to run this race mentally? They’ll have plenty of time at the Elimination Station to go over this.

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