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The Amazing Race 13, Oct. 12 – Do the Wrestling Women Wear Sports Bras?

I’m wondering what kind of mysterious ailments Terence will experience to whine about today. Last week, we heard about the trunk that slammed down on his head as we watched it barely graze him, then whine about the bleeding wound, as we and Sarah saw nothing. Her giving into his antics and putting a bandaid on the non-existent wound was really a little too much for me, but then to “blow it” for him? I really don’t know if I can take much more of his high-maintenance.

While the teams were on their pit stop in Brazil, Christy was drying her sports bra, and found it “mysteriously hurled off the ledge.” She accuses Starr of throwing her sports bra, and Starr laughs it off, asking how that would help to get she and Nick ahead in the game. Christy promises, though, that if Starr wants to play dirty, she’s going to get something else. Yeah, next time it’ll be the panties.

The first to leave the pit stop are Ken and Tina at 12:51 A.M. Their clue has them flying to La Paz, Bolivia, 12,000 feet above sea level. Once they land, they will travel to a statue, then “scour the classified ads” to find the next clue. Tina recognizes that they continue to have communication problems and knows they both know how to push each other’s buttons. She thinks they both need to work on that. Ya think? Leaving one minute later are Mark and Bill, as Mark feels their strategy to keep working and playing is working well, and knows when they take a little extra time to analyze the situation, it works out really well.

Terence and Sarah leave at 1:13 A.M., and somehow they catch a taxi without major injury. She is realizing over the last two legs of the Race that everybody is out for themselves, and it’s reality them against the other teams. Again, ya think? Aja and Ty leave just one minute later, as she acknowledges again they haven’t spent a lot of time together yet, but the Race has so far affirmed for her how much she loves and cares about him. Toni and Dallas leave at 1:15 A.M., and he is finding he is getting to know his mother on a different level. He’s never known her in times that were physically grueling or in a race against others, “so that’s kind of cool.”

Everyone begins arriving at the airport as Nick and Starr depart at 1:17 A.M. She knows you have to be really careful in this game how you play with the other teams, as you can really get a target on your back and piss others off. Right on cue, the sports bra accuser and Kelly leave one minute later, and Christy says they have a good method of comedy relief, to get annoyed at others and laugh about it with each other. Andrew and Dan leave at 1:22, and Andrew refers to them as not the most athletic guys, but thinks they’re doing a pretty good job so far. He also thinks he’s looking pretty sexy right now. Marisa and Brooke are last to leave, and Brooke talks about how they always leave in last place, but Marisa thinks the others are often dismayed that they’re catching up to them all the time.

With the teams still arriving at the airport, we for some reason don’t get to see the airport drama as we normally do, and Phil Keoghan just tells us that the teams are on one of two flights to La Paz. Nick talks in La Paz about it being hard to breathe with this high elevation. Bill mentions they need to breathe quickly not deeply, yet he knows it could prove to be a problem that neither he nor Mark are in the best of shape.

The teams are arriving at the statue, but Bill is figuring they’ll be arriving way ahead of when the morning newspapers show up, so he’s guessing for it to be an overnight stay. As the teams show up, they find blankets waiting for them, “a campout.” I hope Christy doesn’t dry her sports bra here.

The girls are all applying their makeup the next morning while waiting for the newspapers to hit, and Kelly is actually drawing a mole on with an eyebrow pencil. I’m sure she’ll be thrilled to see herself doing that. Nick tries to handle sports bra gate with Kelly and Christy, but they pretend like they don’t even care, as “we don’t care if people like us.” Right, they just care about their undergarments.

Sarah finds a local to help her and Terence once the newspapers arrive, but she never seems to come into play later. When the papers arrive, it’s a mad dash to pour through them. Andrew and Dan are the first to find the ad in the newspaper that starts out with “Hat Sale.” The clue tells them to head to a hat shop where they must buy a traditional hat to get the next clue. Tina gets mad at Ken for reading the paper out loud, then finds the clue herself. Terence and Sarah and Andrew and Dan skip the cabs and just walk, while the others fight traffic in the taxies.

The clue at the hat shop is a Detour – Musical March or Bumpy Ride. In Musical March, the teams will travel on foot to one two plazas several blocks apart. They’ll assemble a band, then make their way to another plaza and deliver the band to the bandleader to receive their next clue. In Bumpy Ride, the teams will choose locally crafted bicycles, then using a map, take a harrowing trip down the cobblestone streets to receive their next clue. At the end of these tasks is a U-turn. Teams that decide to use this could force another team to complete the other Detour they decided not to do. Each team can only use this once throughout the Race.

Andrew and Dan decide on Musical March, because Dan isn’t a strong bike rider. Terence and Sarah catch a cab, despite the clue saying they were to arrive on foot. Mark and Bill choose bumpy ride and also take a taxi. Ken and Tina decide on the bike ride, as do Kelly and Christy and Aja and Ty. Marisa and Brooke head on foot, knowing they can’t take a cab, just as Sarah reads the clue and realizes they should be on foot, sending them back to the beginning again.

Nick and Starr decide on the bikes, as Mark and Bill get out of their taxi and start the bike ride. Toni is having a hard time breathing in the elevation, as Mark and Bill strap on odd feathery headpieces, and Tina also experiences problems breathing. Andrew and Dan assemble their band and dance down the street leading them. Marisa and Brooke gather their band as well. Ken and Tina follow Mark and Bill down the cobblestone, as all the other teams head down this way as well. Christy wipes out along the bumpy ride.


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