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And THIS Is Why I Love Reality TV: The Art Of Picking Up

Mystery is back on VHDumb, complete with goggles and other cranial accessories that only an idiot would wear. The difference here is that Mystery is not an idiot, not to hundreds of awkward, gangly, socially-retarded boy-men who worship his every move. You see, Mystery is the Master of Masters Pick-Up Artist. With Matador, another Master Pick-Up Artist, as his wingman and the blonde from last season as his wingwoman, Mystery is yet again working on molding the minds and lives of freaks and geeks. [b]The Pick Up Artist[/b] has begun its second season, and I’m already addicted.

I like this show because, much like Beauty and the Geek, it does not aim to exploit the squeamishly awkward and embarrassing moments of young men who simply do not understand the fundamentals of basic interaction. Instead, it genuinely seeks to help them build self-esteem and help them redefine themselves as the men they wish to be. We watch them fumble through the bar scene via hidden cameras. However, the footage isn’t to invoke laughter. Most of the time, I shake my head or hide behind a pillow, dying inside for the guys who can’t quite get it together. I also admire these contestants; they are forced into their worst nightmares on a daily basis. That’s not something everyone can do.

The guys get make-overs on the first day. Even before the make-overs, they were all decent looking men. There wasn’t one that stood out as a germy pig-pen Quasimoto type. Instead, they all needed haircuts and some nice clothes. I’m not one to stress over clothes, but really, nice clothes and a nice haircut give them a sense of self and some confidence. I would totally make out with some of them, talk to others of them in bars, if they had the confidence behind the clothes.

I like that now there’s a woman on the show for the whole season. She’s smart, sexy, and, most importantly, kind. These guys need to see that woman can be nice. They fear women. I’m not going to lie. I know some women can be downright mean to guys who approach them. Guys fear these women, and I don’t know why. All they need to do is move on to the next female they find attractive and talk to her.

Who cares if someone you don’t know and will never see again says something mean to you or doesn’t want to talk to you? You’re better off not talking to someone who doesn’t want you. This little piece of advice works for both genders: Don’t waste your time wanting someone who doesn’t want you as much or more.

Now let’s talk about the pick-up masters. Matador, I swear, gives people he meets a different first name when he’s in bars. I think he called himself Kevin and James in the first episode. At least he doesn’t introduce himself as Matador. Is that his last name? I hope it’s his last name. Otherwise, he better start sportin’ a whip and some flashy knickers, and perhaps an eye-patch. I’m sure Mystery has one he can borrow.

As for Mystery, I so do not want to like this guy simply because he wears goggles. Really. Not over his eyes, silly! He wears them on his head or around his neck. Because that’s what goggles are for! I could take the black nail polish or the black eye liner or the rings or the wrist cuffs or the long duster capes and coats or the oversized fuzzy hat, but not all of that at once. And certainly not the goggles. Thankfully, he went into the bar on the season premiere without any of that on—if he had any of that, for sure people would recognize him. Without the get up, he’s a nice looking guy who oozes sex appeal. In fact, I’d probably wind up being one of the many many girls he hooks up with and I’d enjoy it and feel all ooshy and gooshy inside and then the next day I’d be a little bit ashamed and a whole lot angry at myself for falling into the trap that is Mystery. Ah, singledom, I’ve missed you so.

My real problem with Mystery, and I suppose this show, is that it treats picking up women like a sport. The guys get sent out on tasks to talk to girls, meet girls, kiss them, touch them, ask them home. I don’t know if the guys realize that they should choose girls they actually like. Or maybe they don’t have any clue as to what they like and they choose any girls who might talk to them. What happens to the girls afterwards? Are they stuck wondering if the guy will call? I’ve yet to see any follow up. Plus these guys are out-of-state. There’s no relationship starting here. I understand that the way to build up confidence and skill is to go out and just do it, but I don’t want pick-up artist to become player.

My problem, however, is a small one, I guess. Chances are slim to none that they’ll become complete players. One guy had a break-down in a clothing store already. I’m not pointing that out to make fun of him. I know what he was feeling; I’ve walked around stores having no clue as well. My point is that they have a long way to go. What they’ll accomplish in a few short weeks on this show is something that took me years to learn. Social interaction is not a horrible thing. It’s necessary and, if done properly, it’s fun. Especially if alcohol and cute boys are involved! Or in their case, cute girls.

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