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Interview with Anita and Arthur of The Amazing Race, Season 13

Recently I had a chance to do an email interview with Anita and Arthur, who were eliminated first from this season’s The Amazing Race. I think we were all cheated out on getting to know “the beekeeping couple,” so I didn’t want to miss the chance at getting to know them a little better. 

LauraBelle: I was very sad to see the two of you go out first. I knew the two of you would be a lot of fun, and you had such great spirit. Entering into the competition how far were you expecting to get, or did you have no expectations at all?
Anita and Arthur: With the right breaks, we felt that we could have won. With our outdoor lifestyle and working out to prep for the Race, we were well prepared for any tasks required. We didn’t count on the heat. As I’ve said, you can’t train in 55° weather, and compete successfully in 95°, 95% humidity weather. Watching the show, we always said, “Oh, would I like to do that!” We expected to have a lot of FUN, and we certainly did, all the way from making the application video, the selection process, our 1 leg of the Race, and then to sequesterville, better known as Elimination Station.
LauraBelle: Have you been longtime fans of The Amazing Race? What made you want to compete?
Anita and Arthur: Anita has been a long time fan of the Race and Arthur watched TAR when Anita would say “Arthur, you’ve got to see this”. As we mentioned in Q #1, having a lot of fun was the motivator.

LauraBelle: Who took care of things on your farm while you were away?
Anita and Arthur: Our kids took care of the blueberry farm while we were away. The bees took care of themselves, as they usually do.
LauraBelle: Anita, you said after deciding to climb down the cargo net that you’d try anything once. Is there any task you’ve ever seen on The Amazing Race or think they might have on the show that you absolutely would refuse to do?
Anita and Arthur: I might not be able to finish an extreme eating task, but I’m willing to start it. I went into the race hoping to bungey jump in New Zealand.

LauraBelle: What’s funny about that is that’s always been the one thing that scared me away.
One thing that’s refreshing about seeing older couples on the show is that they know where they are in their relationships. It seems like the younger couples are either testing their relationship, are dating long distance, or are apart and trying to get back together again. Obviously your relationship is on solid ground, but how would you say the Race changed it?

Anita and Arthur: We wouldn’t say that the Race changed our relationship, but we did learn new things. During the application process we learned some new things about each other, so we would say that TAR enhanced out relationship. We are both surprised about how comfortable and excited we are the all the publicity surrounding TAR. All of this is very far outside of our box.
LauraBelle: Since you were eliminated in the first episode, you only got to see Brazil. What other countries or cities do you wish you would have had a chance to have visited?
Anita and Arthur: All of them. India and New Zealand are high on our list. Cambodia would have been awesome. So much of the world to see, and so little time.

LauraBelle: In that timeframe between being eliminated and having the game over and able to return home, how did the two of you spend your time? 
Anita and Arthur: Watch the fun at Elimination Station.

LauraBelle: If The Amazing Race has another All Stars season, would you do it again?
Anita and Arthur: Definitely! At the drop of a tie dye hat. 

LauraBelle: Anita, if Arthur wasn’t your partner, who else from season 13 would you have liked to be your partner? And Arthur, same question. Who from this season would you have liked to be your partner, if not Anita?
Anita and Arthur: These last two questions are good ones, but unanswerable since we haven’t seen the full Race. We spent time with some of the couples at Elimination Station, but that wasn’t everybody. The question really is, “Who would race with us?” We’d drive them all crazy stopping to hug everyone.

LauraBelle: Speaking for everyone else, I don’t think they’d be driven crazy at all. Thanks for answering my questions, Anita and Arthur. It was a shame we didn’t get to see more of you!
Anita and Arthur: We really appreciate that you want to do this with us. But hey, you never know, perhaps there will be The Amazing Race, Seniors Edition, Bert will run with us and you’ll see The Revenge of the Killer Bees. HA! HA! Thank you!

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