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The Amazing Race 13, Oct. 5 – Let's Drag That Bad Boy

Tina is doing this Roadblock now as well, and Bill realizes if he writes everything down he can get this figured out a lot quicker. Nick and Starr are lost in their taxi, and he tells her to calm down as getting upset isn’t going to solve anything. Toni and Dallas arrive at the Roadblock, with her doing the task. After writing everything down, Bill shows them each, line by line, to the painter, and eventually gets the right one, getting the clue. This sends them to the destination he just found, the pit stop.

Tina now goes line by line with the pianter and gets it the same way as Bill, after he helps her. But for all that, Ken and Tina now pass them up at a light. Nick and Starr arrive with Nick doing the Roadblock, and Kelly and Christie are driving along in their taxi saying in unison, “We … have … learned … to …. read … our …. clue.” Just after this, they get to the Roadblock and realize they forgot to tell the taxi to wait for them, just as their clue told them to do. You have to love that irony.

Mark and Bill make jokes about arriving at the pit stop at the same time as Ken and Tina, saying they’re so glad to be in a foot race with the ex-professional football player. Even though Ken’s bag rips, he and Tina still arrive in first place. He tells Phil he and Tina are in the Race to put their marriage back together and are making baby steps. Tina has hope being in the lead will be good for their relationship. They win an off road vehicle for each of them. Mark and Bill arrive in second place, and tell Ken and Tina if getting in first helps them put their marriage back together, then screw the ATVs.

Terence and Sarah arrive athe Roadblock, and he wants to celebrate and kiss her and talk sweet talk, but she wants to Race. Nick offers to help her, then goes and helps Andrew as well, pissing her off, as she calls him a jerk. Kelly gets the right answer, and she and Christie now try to solve their cab problem. Wouldn’t it have made sense for Christie to search for a cab while Kelly searched the wall?

Aja gets the clue right, and she and Ty take off for the pit stop. Kelly and Christie stil can’t catch a cab. Sarah figures out the clue before the guys, and she and Terence head to the pit stop. Marisa is complaining she doesn’t know Spanish, and Brooke is telling her she doesn’t need to. Anthony is calling it Pig Latin. Nick and Starr were the second out of the last challenge, and are now trying really hard to not get eliminated.

Terence and Sarah arrive at the pit stop and take off running, just as Aja and Ty, and Toni and Dallas do. They are teams three, four and five. Sarah chalks it up to Toni and Dallas being the ones to stop and help them. There’s that karma thing again. Back at the Roadblock, Nick tells Starr he doesn’t need any more shouting, but thanks. He gets the clue right, too, this time. He had just told Andrew he couldn’t figure it out, and now says he doesn’t mind playing a little dirty if it benefits him. It turns out Kelly and Christie’s taxi was sitting there waiting for them the whole time. They catch it, vowing not to make these mistakes tomorrow.

Andrew finally gets the clue right and he and Dan take off. Marisa writes it all down and finally gets the write answer. Anthony tries the same strategy and gets the answer right finally, last of everyone. Nick and Starr arrive at the pit stop as team number six, and Kelly and Christie are team number seven. Anthony and Stephanie hop out of their cab, and Marisa and Brooke follow them. the wrong way. Andrew and Dan arrive behind them, but don’t go the wrong way, and come in eighth place. Marisa and Brooke are team number nine.

This means Anthony and Stephanie arrive in last place and are eliminated. She says they gave it their best show, and it was a wonderful experience that they’ll never forget. They’ll move forward and heopfully have a future together, and financially get back on tracke. He has a lot ot be thankful fo, his helath, parents, looks, and Stephanie. I kind of think it’s a shame to see them eliminated, but at least we don’ have to listen to her going on anymore about how she wants to get married.

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