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The Amazing Race 13, Oct. 5 – Let's Drag That Bad Boy

The teams arrive in Fortaleza and now must all catch taxis to the little village. They can’t find the right place to catch cabs initially, with Terence and Sarah being the first out. Kelly and Christy get out next, folowed by Andrew and Dan who feel being at the back of the pack was actually a good thing now, as everyone else ran past domestic. Anthony and Stephanie catch yet another beater cab, and Toni tells Dallas there isn’t enough cardio avaiable to get you ready for this. Anthony is push starting the taxi, saying he used to have a car with the same problem. They end up getting out and having to catch another cab. He thinks all the cabs here look like they’ve been playing bumper cars with them. Ken and Tina, for all her finagling, are now in ninth place.

Terence and Sarah are the first to reach the clue box, and their clue tells them to choose a dune buggy to take them to the Barraca d Manoel where the vendor will give them the next clue. I have to admit, that looks like fun speeding down the beach like that. Kelly and Christy call it their kind of traveling. Anthony and Stephanie are the first to appreciate what they have in life, looking at how others here live. Yet he remarks if they figured out how to fix a car here, they’d probably make it rich.

Aja and Ty still can’t find the clue box, and neither can Andrew and Dan. Marisa and Brooke are just happy to be getting a tan while they ride on the dune buggy. Terence and Sarah arrive at the vendor first, and find a Detour – Beach It or Docket. In Beach It, teams must travel by dune buggies again, and choose a two man crew and a rigatta. They’ll maneuver the boat onto logs to push it aross the sand and into the inlet. In Docket, traveling again in the dune buggies, they’ll travel to a port where they’ll search for a container hidden in a shipyard. They’ll choose a computer and scour the database for a clue that matches the one on their clue, then use that info to find the container.

Terence and Sarah are doing Beach It, as well as Kelly and Christy. Toni and Dallas decide the same. Mark and Bill make the obvious choice for them, Docket. Nick & Starr choose Beach It, and Marisa and Brooke choose Docket, saying they aren’t strong at all. Ken and Starr chooose Beach It. As Nick and Starr head to Beach It, Marisa and Brooke tell their dune buggy driver to folow them, even though they need to go to Docket. Andrew and Dan choose Beach It, saying it’s a guy thing and they lift all the time, so it’s not like they’ll pull a muscle or anytihng. Can you see me rolling my eyes?

Marisa and Brooke see boats and realize they shouldn’t have followed Nick and Starr, but decide to do it anyway, since they’re there. Mark and Bill find the clue fairly quickly and quote Yoda, “Do or do not, there is no try.” Terence bitches at Sarah for doing pushups this morning, as now she’s worn out. Kelly hears him barking at her, and all it does is remind her of her ex-husband.

Anthony and Stephanie in last place decide on Beach It. “Let’s drag that bad boy.” Mark and Bill find the containers and see that with so many, it will still be difficult, even though they have the right code. Terence and Sarah are the first to finish moving the boat, and receive a clue that sends them by taxi to the Parque de Vaquejada, where another clue awaits them.

Nick and Starr “breeze right past” Kelly and Christie and are now in second place getting their clue. They go up a hiill and find taxi parking, even thoughTerence and Sarah are headed back down by all the boats to find a taxi. Kelly and Christie finish with the boat and receive a clue, but can’t figure out why they don’t have a container, getting the two tasks mixed up. Mark and Bill find their needle in a haystack and get their clue. Terence and Sarah know it’s either good or bad that no one is behind them looking for a cab. Mark and Bill catch a cab first and are now in the lead.

Toni and Dallas finish as Kelly and Christie are still lookng for a container. They start digging in the sand, despite not seeing anyone else do that. Terence and Sarah are wandering around looking for a taxi in the middle of town, and Tina bitches that she doesn’t want to cross a patch of water. She gets upset at him for yelling at her. Terence suggests to Sarah that they go in and get an ice cream while they search for the taxies, and she cracks, “Yeah Babe, becaue we’re sightseeing.” A cab comes up, but it’s Ken and Tina, as they have the cab go past them, but Tina tells Ken to think of sometime they might be broken down and need someone else’s help. I believe they call that karma.

Toni and Dallas are nice enough to stop and tell Terence and Sarah where to catch their cab, prompting Terence to call them a class act. Marisa and Brooke are crying that the boat is hard to push, and Ty makes fun of them saying they had red faces and everything while Aja says their own faces don’t get red. Everyone is finishing the task and catching taxies, including Kelly and Christie who have finally figured out they don’t need to find a container. Aja and Ty see Terence and Sarah running up the hill to catch a cab and let them run.

Marisa and Boroke finish, as do Anthony and Stephanie, bringing up the rear. Terence and Sarah finally get their cab just before them, putting them in ninth place. Mark and Bill reach the next clue box first and find a Roadblock. One person from each team must search for a clue hidden in plain sight. They need to find the name of their next destination, Cidade Da Crianca. They need to supply the correct name to the painter to get the next clue. Phil warns the person doing the task shouldn’t overthink it, and that seems to be a dangerous thing for Bill. He picks the destination two above the correct one and is obvioulsy wrong.


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