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The Amazing Race 13, Oct. 5 – Let's Drag That Bad Boy

It’s a week later, and I’m still sad that Arthur and Anita, “the beekeepers”, were the first eliminated from The Amazing Race. They were just fun and really interesting characters. Hopefully we won’t follow the same trend of this past season of Big Brother and eliminate all the more interesting players early on.

Before we even get to the actual Race tonight, we check in with Terence and Sarah who fight about her talking to the other teams. He’s still bitching about this. He makes her feel like she is betraying him to talk to the other teams, making her cry. I love my husband a lot, but after being with him on a leg of the Race 24/7, I’d be wanting to talk to a few other people. I’m just saying …

The first team to leave from Salvador, Brazil are Nick and Starr, leaving at 4:07 A.M. Their clue has them flying to Fortaleza, Brazil. Once they land, they’ll travel by taxi to a tiny village that is holding their next clue. She gets a little nervous about their driver on the way to the airport going a little too fast. He’s trying to keep her calm about it.

Next to leave are Ken and Tina, leaving minutes later at 4:13 A.M. Instead of worrying how fast the driver is going, she asks if he has a cell phone they can use to check for flights. It would have been great if he had one. Ken explains they made a decision before they came on the show that they would be deciding either yes or no regarding their relationship. They want life partners, not a life sentence. Great line!

Terence and Sarah leave at 4:18 A.M., and Terence gets upset when their driver hits him on the head with the hatch. He’s upset that she doesn’t see any blood, and she asks what he wants from her. He insists she blot his non-bleeding wound and “blow it.” She does so, as she wants to reduce the drama. I have a great way to reduce the drama. Ditch the whiner.

Next to leave are Mark and Bill at 4:24 A.M., as Mark says he doesn’t think they’re saddled with the relationships the others are. You can’t snap at the woman you’re dating, he thinks, but obviously watching Terence, he’s wrong.

Nick, Starr, Ken, and Tina arrive at the airport, and Tina is quite upset to flind the first flight isn’t until 11:30. Next to leave the pit stop are Kelly and Christy at 4:44 A.M. Once again they are talking about their rocky realtionships and how that will help them get what they want. The four at the airport find a flight leaving at 6:45, but there is only one seat available. Just as Nick says that thankfully there is no sign of Terence and Sarah, they arrive, and stand in line behind the others as Tina is asking to be put on standby.

Toni and Dallas leave at 4:57 A.M. She claims the first leg went really well, as she isn’t any more or less sore than anyone else. Dallas is proud of his mom, and notes it makes him happy to be there with her. She can only sit there in awe and tell him she loves him. Back at the airport, they switched to a larger plane to fit the teams on, and Tina is holding herself accountable for this. This means Terence and Sarah will also get on. She’s upset that no one talked to them when they arrived, continuing her beef against Nick and Starr.

Mark and Bill arrive in line behind Terence and Sarah, and are filled in quickly by them about the larger plane. Andrew and Dan leave at 5:03 PM, and Aja and Ty at 5:05. Dan says they have a small lead on the bottom of the pack, and he thinks it’s kind of a loser mentality to just not want to be last, as minimalists never get anywhere in life. Aja just talks about her long distance relationship with Ty, saying she now has an opporutnity to see things about him first hand.

Kelly and Christy arrive at the airport while the others have their tickets and decide to exchange their money while they have the time. Terence and Sarah want to camp out at the front of the airplane. Anthony and Stephanie leave at 5:11 P.M., and Marisa and Brooke leave two minutes later. Anthony complains about the cab being a beater, and Stephanie is still talking about getting married. He says he just wants to be a good provider, and knows if they can win the Race, it will solve that problem. He then complains the car is burning a little exhaust, and the driver gives him a very interesting look.

Marisa and Brooke are finding the Race harder than they thought it would be … already. They know they need to be a little more aggresssive and sneakier and work a little harder. Kelly and Christy arrive at the airport, and Tina runs up to let them know she is responsible for getting a larger airplane to fit them all. Kelly’s pissed at her for touching her on the shoulder. All the other teams seem to be arriving at the same time, and Tina makes sure everyone knows she is responsible for the plane switch, so they all owe her. All it’s doing is irritating evyerone else.

Marisa has a better way to make friends than Tina. She thinks everyone in Brazil will be impressed with her American candy, and gives the ticketing agent some. He just laughs at her. With everyone getting on the same flight now, Tina is procuring her place in line to get on the plane, moving in front of Terence and Sarah, saying she should check in first since they switched the plane just for her. No one believes her, saying the airline wouldn’t change just for her. Terence takes her to task, and Ken sticks up for his alliance, putting Terence in his place. Tina thinks the reason Terence is a little angry is because of the bump on his head. Ken and Terence literally kiss and makeup. Literally, making Terence blush.


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