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So You Think You Can Dance 4, August 6th – Who's It Gonna Be?

Nigel tells Katee she is splendid, and three’s nothing they have thrown at her that she can’t do. The honesty of her performance is beautiful to watch. They’ve asked her to be all these different things, and now too with fox trot, she’s done it beautifully. For Twitch, he kept it a bit too straight and British, but once he relaxed it started happening. He totally spoiled his choreographers after that, as Tony and Meredith will never have another that can do that dead press like that. The guys this season have spoiled the choreographers this season. They’re so macho and so wonderful.

Cat got her chat with Joshua, and he talks about having a lot of struggles growing up. They didn’t have a lot of money to take a lot of classes, and he would do chores around studios to be able to take classes. He could either have gone down the road with football or singing and dancing. He’s been the biggest crier on the show, but he says he’s really not a crier usually. His favorite routine was the samba that he and Katee did. He’d rather be here and be dead tired than be at home, as everything here has been such a blessing. He dances to (Not Just) Knee Deep by Funkadelic. His freestyle tonight is very Twitch-like.

Mandy tells Josh he is smoother and has so much charisma when he dances. He knows how to hit and she loves that he had the confidence to come up and dance two inches form Nigel. She thought it was an excellent job. Mary put Joshua on the hot tamale train on the very first week, and he’s been riding first class all the way to this finale. She said he’d be in this finale and he’s standing right there, deservedly so. He brought it on with his fire, his heart, his soul. He’s got it all. Nigel gives Joshua a piece of advice first, to not take his shoe off again. More seriously, he notes that Joshua’s set the standard for untrained dancers this season. If another untrained dancer comes on the show now, they will always say Joshua didn’t get training, and look how brilliant he was.

Joshua and Courtney are the final couple to take the stage, getting together with Jason Gilikson on the jive. He tells them it relies on a lot of stamina, so they have to give 100% right from the beginning. Courtney thinks it kind of blends with their personalities, and Joshua thinks the bar has been raised 1 billion percent now. Jason feels it’s one of the more intense things he’s choreographed, yet the thinks they can pull it off. They dance to The Dirty Boogie by The Brian Setzer Orchestra, and he’s definitely right that it’s intense. Joshua must be about ready to die after doing the Russian thing and now this. The both have so much fire in them, it makes this routine fun.

Mandy notes how Joshua and Courtney moved their feet rather quickly. One of the things she liked the most was where Joshua pulled her up from between his legs, and she had no idea how he did that. The fact that the two of them were able to mask that and make it a magical moment was great, and she knew that took effort on both their parts. Mary says the jive is one of the hardest and fastest dances in the international Latin division. If you want to know how an Aussie knows how to do it, it’s because the English kind of wrote the book on it, and we do it the same all over the world. It’s fast kicking fast footwork, and fast connection. Jason also had to put all these unbelievable tricks in it, and the trick at the end was so difficult, she has to bow down again for bringing it on.

Nigel calls the end lift round the world, as he notes it was from Australia, and while he could say it was fabulous and so energetic, he wants it noted that the dancers have to learn where to breathe in a dance routine, and they haven’t had the chance to learn where to do it right. There were a lot of things he was disappointed with as it didn’t have the great feel a jive should have. He’s only saying this because he wants them to learn and get better. It didn’t have the full bounce it should have had. It was tough on them, and it should have been. It’s a dancer’s life.

The entire final four got together with Mia Michaels to work one last routine together. Mia tells them it’s about celebrating their win and enjoying it together. Twitch explains they’re making it a unit together, instead of four dancers. They dance to Hallelujah by The Vitamin String Quartet. They’re all decked out in tartan, so they’re either headed for a Bay City Rollers reunion or are paying tribute to some Scottish dancing.

Mandy is at a little loss for words as it was magic and a celebration. They were all dancing from a place that wasn’t physical anymore, as they’re so exhausted, but that’s what they have to get to as an artist. It was amazing and thanks them for it. As a choreographer, she would never put these four in the same space together, and that’s the magic of this show. They’re forced to do this, and they’re given the opportunity to work with choreographers that are demanding it of them. They looked like part of a company dancing together as a unit.

Mary says one thing for sure is that Mia didn’t hold back. She could have, but that’s not the type of choreographer she is, whether it’s at the beginning or end of the season. When you go in you have to have your A game on and they pulled it off. Twitch was a standout for her and she kept going back to him. He was right on and still just pumping it. For Courtney it was dropping a little, and she wasn’t sure whether it was her or Joshua in the lift. Katee, flawless again for her. She thinks the four of them did bond as a unit, and while they had some weak spots together, she’s so proud of all of them.

Nigel goes through the dancers, saying the two guys in the final four are two untrained dancers. They are so wonderful to be here now. More than that, it’s often said “How could so and so leave,” such as Will. He thinks America got it right. These two deserve to be here. Will was a tremendous dancer, Mark was a tremendous dancer, but these two bring something different and thy’re inspirational to others that don’t have the training.

But to talk about the girls, Nigel mentions that Katee was going to quit and they were determined to teach her a lesson, and Courtney was lost in the beginning, but the two of them were beacons. He didn’t fully understand the routine, as it was like the Scottish Olympic team. But for the final competitive routine when they’re all tired, no one cares if they’re tired, they paid money to see the show. They want to see them perform, and no one would complain at that performance.

I still think I’m going to win this one, Polomex, altough there were a few times where I wavered and thought it might go Katee’s way. Yet I’m let thinking it’ll be a close one, with Joshua pulling it out in the end.

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