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So You Think You Can Dance 4, August 6th – Who's It Gonna Be?

Mandy calls it so cute, saying Katee and Courtney look adorable with beautiful costumes. It reminded her a little of Old Hollywood, moving well, as they had great chemistry. Mary asks who wouldn’t like to see the two of them dancing together? Dancing with an umbrella a a prop can be very dangerous, because when you’re not synchronized it can stand out, but they pulled it off. They looked so effortless leaping off the stage, but they know how much energy and power it takes to make that happen. And she wants Katee to know she’s definitely not clumsy. Nigel brings up Gene Kelly in Singing in the Rain and agrees with Mandy that it was great seeing the girls dancing with the girls. There’s a lesson to be learned there, though, as Katee finishes every move just a little further than Courtney, although he doesn’t think anyone would notice.

Twitch got his chance to sit down with Cat, and he tells her that his name came from him dancing at the most inappropriate times, feeling the twitch. He grew up in Montgomery, Alabama, living with his grandparents. There wasn’t a lot to do, so he had to use his imagination. He got picked on a little in junior high for wearing glasses. He was interested in joining the Navy at one point, as he didn’t want to do the 9 to 5. He was glad to be paired with Kherington Payne as he liked her energy. He had thought she’d be there awhile, so it caught him off guard when she left. Twitch’s favorite routine was the Viennese Waltz inspired by Jean Marc Genereux’ daughter. The reason why he dances all the time is it’s the least he can give back to the art form, as it’s done so much for him already. He does his solo to It Ws All In Your Mind by … Wade Robson. It’s just … Twitch!

Mandy compares Twitch to The Little Engine That Could. When she saw him in the first show, she thought there was something really cool about him, as there’s something in the sparkle in his eyes and the fun he has. It has continued the whole season, and even though it can get a little bit dim, he’s kept up with it the whole time. Mary notes when Twitch did Broadway, they said he did better than the Broadway dancers. When he danced the Viennese Waltz he brought tears to her eyes. When he krumped he krumped like no other. As for his freestyle, she’s speechlee. And Mary speechless?

Nigel tells Twitch he has left his mark on the competition, and he was happy the week he was in the bottom three, as it meant he got to see one of his solos. There’s something that separates animals on the planet, and that’s humor. That’s what Twitch has in spades. He’s just so wonderful and a great entertainer, which is even bigger than a great dancer. He’s a joy to watch.

After a quick costume change, Twitch now comes back with Joshua for a dance together. They talk about a rivalry that started way back when in Hollywood. How fitting is it they’re here together now in the final four? They’ll be dong a Russian dance with Yuri Nelzine. The dance will be somewhat of a danceoff, or as Joshua explains, who’s trying to gain the crown of So You Think You Can Dance. Twitch says the battle is on, and he’s already taken it. They battle it out to Trepak from The Nutcracker Suite. Wow, this is really interesting, as it completely allows these guys to battle it out and show their best moves … and to The Nutcracker Suite yet. You have to love the ‘tude on it.

Twitch and Joshua admit it was really tough and can hardly even breathe, let alone talk. Mandy says no offense to the girls, but there’s nothing more spectacular than watching two guys do something this spectacular on stage. It was insane! The amount of physical and technical ability, as well as stamina … it was really well done. She’s not sure how Twitch got stuck with all the floor work, and Joshua explains he may be shorter, but he can jump higher.

Mary calls Twitch and Joshua two fabulous entertainers and two fabulous fighters She’s so happy that we have two hip hop dancers in this finale. It is just smoking, and is one of the most fabulous numbers she’s ever seen on So You Think You Can Dance with so much energy and power. She doesn’t know how they did it at the end of the season, but hello. Wooh!

Nigel tells the guys he was expecting them to be good at it, as it’s like Russian street dancing. He likes that it’s bringing the world here, as they did Bellwood and now Russia. He wants to know how tough it is on their thighs, and they say very. Joshua’s elevation is superb, and it always was from his first audition. He’s so delighted they did this on the finale, as it will be spoken about for years to come.

Katee talked to Cat, telling her she just wanted to get to Vegas in the beginning, but she gave it everything she had as she wanted it so bad. Cat notes when Katee told Nigel she wouldn’t come back again if she didn’t make it, Cat thought she was just being honest. Katee explains she’s never been in a competition with her friend, and she just didn’t want thatbetween them. Her favorite routine was the first one she did with Joshua. She talks about being teased for her stupid dances, and she thinks it’s just something she does before she goes onstage to get in character. Katee just wants to go have fun. She dances her solo to Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap. She is so much more now than the girl that does interesting things with her hands.

Mandy gives Katee the advice to keep dancing and stay in ballet class, working on her knees and feet. Mary tells her she is going to cherish so many of the numbers she has done on the show this season as she has been tremendous and very athletic. Mary even blows Katee a little kiss. Nigel thinks Mary has said it as Katee has been so many characters this season with all of them brilliant. He loves the way she finishes her moves and completes the task the choreographer gives her.

Twitch is paired up with Katee for a fox trot, but before he could start working with her, he had to literally kick Joshua out. Getting down to business, they work with Tony Meredith and Melanie, mostly with Twitch and his frame. Even breathing is hard for them at this point. Katee doesn’t think they can even take each other’s romantic faces because they’re just such great friends on the show. They dance to Feeling Good by Michael Buble, and it’s really good when they’re hitting it hard, as they do in the beginning.

Mandy found it very romantic, and she thinks Twitch looks very handsome, snappy even, while Katee looks gorgeous. She loved the romantic faces at the ending, and the lift with the dead press was so amazing. Cat asks Mary if Twitch looks like James Bond, and Nigel makes him audition, saying, “Bond … James Bond,” which makes Cat feign a fainting spell.

Mary tells TWitch the fox trot is a gentleman’s dance, and he’s one cool gentlemen. He was nice and controlled, and the beginning was absolutely beautiful, and then he jazzed it right up there. But the way he has grown, he is just blowing her away one more time. She knows she’s probably said it a million times, but he keeps doing it to her. For Katee, Bravo.


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