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So You Think You Can Dance 4, August 6th – Who's It Gonna Be?

Okay, my fellow So You Think You Can Dance recapper, Matt, and I have a little bet on the finale this week. He wishes for Joshua to win, but thinks it’ll go to Katee, and I think it’ll be Joshua. Anyone else out there betting? Let’s see how it goes.

Mandy Moore is joining Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe on the panel tonight. The first couple paired up is Twitch and Courtney Galiano, learning hip hop with Tabitha and Napoleon. They explain the routine is about a crazy deranged girl who goes looking for her guy in a club, and Courtney just gets right into character. She even gets to feign a punch to his groin. They dance to Church by T-Pain feat. Teddy Verseti. I’m pulling an Adam Shankman forgetting to take notes and write about this while I watch it, mostly because it’s just so damn entertaining, completely drawing me in.

Mandy calls it awesome and a great way to start out. Tabitha and Napoleon always give such great characters to work with, and Courtney maybe even has a little bit of Jersey coming out in her. Twitch is hysterical on stage and his character is always full out. Unfortunately she even felt that crazy girlfriend thing. Mary claims to have the crazy something going on, although I can’t tell what she means, although I’m sure most of us agree. Nigel does, as he spins his chair away from her. “1, 2, punch, yeah I felt that.” She claims this routine was a knockout, as they’re always trying to do some cotton candy hip hop she really likes, but this was raw and hitting it. And of course, it makes her want to scream.

Nigel tells Twitch he should be grateful he’s dancing with Courtney and not Mary. Next week when it’s all over, he’ll miss everything except … and he screams at Mary here, a little switcheroo. Way to go, Nigel. He wants to know what it is with Twitch that the choreographers always want to give him a crazy, deranged girl, but Courtney took to it perfectly. He always wonders what inspires choreographers, and he saw Tabitha and Napoleon figured maybe they thought they’d have a row. The characters, the roles, the musicality, and everything was fantastic, although it lost it a little at the end, until the spin over the head. He thought overall it was a lot of fun and perfect.

Courtney sits down with Cat Deeley to talk about her life growing up in Long Island, saying the way she talks is normal to them. Her grandmother went to the audition with her, as Courtney was afraid she was too young. She wanted to do it, because she thought she had something to add to the show, even though she knows she’s not the best dancer. She thought she could grow as a person, just like anything else that was on the show. Courtney doesn’t think the chemistry she had with Gev has to come in between her and her boyfriend. Her favorite routine was the jazz number she did with Sonja last week, and tonight for her solo, she dances to They Weren’t There by Missy Higgins. She definitely seems inspired tonight.

Mandy tells Courtney that watching her dance she got a little teary-eyed, because she was thinking of where she started. She wants to remind her of some of the conversations they’ve had about furthering her studies, as she has solid spirit and soul when she dances. Mary agrees that she’s grown, saying from the first time she laid eyes on her, it’s been a surprise, with Courtney taking it on and living and fighting for everything along the way, making her an inspiration for a lot of young girls out there. Her personality has just lit up the stage whoever she was dancing with.

Nigel is just so delighted Courtney is in the top four, as he doesn’t think of any of them would have said she’d be in the top four, showing how inspirational she is, as America has taken her to heart. She’s such a bright spirit and so beautiful. He’d love to see her become a teacher as well, as she energizes anyone around her. Aww. Could it get any better for this girl? Even if she doesn’t win, that was wonderful!

Katee Shean and Joshua Allen are reunited once again, as they work with Wade Robson, who thinks it’s fun to work with them after not having done so since the top 20. Katee calls being in the top four ridiculously crazy, and Joshua calls it a relief and a lot of pressure. The inspiration behind this dance is “love is hard work, but the best thing you’ll ever live for in your whole life.” Joshua talks about their great chemistry together, and Katee knows it will be the perfect dance together, as he’s her “boo.” They dance to Slow Dancing In a Burning Room by John Mayer. This is just an amazing piece that goes from slow to fast to slow to fast with such great emotion. They end in a hug, and you can tell that’s not just their characters.

Mandy tells Courtney and Joshua it was beautiful, and mentions it’s nice to have Wade back. She notes there was a single shot of Katee before the music started where we could see her inhaling and exhaling, and from that point on, she was sold. It was so honest, and was like the two of them were telling a story that anyone could relate to. There was a point with their foreheads down on the floor that was wonderful. If anything, she would have liked more work on their legs and feet, but it was really what miracles should be.

Mary agrees, saying it was absolutely beautiful and wants them to know we just love them together. It’s just magical when they’re together with a great choreographer, and especially that Wade is back, as he never seems to disappoint us. It was an amazing routine with the lines, the passion, and the fire. She’s just happy that someone ended up staying together afterward. It was nice to see someone make it through the fight just like the journey they’ve been on.

Nigel recalls many remarkable things about the routine, number one being that Wade is back. He’s been missing as he’s working on a magic show in Las Vegas, with nothing being more magical than his choreography. He believes Wade is one of the greatest choreographers he’s ever worked with. This routine is especially great as everything show biz was taken out of it. Everything that got in the way of emotion was stripped. Katee normally lights up the stage when she smiles, yet she was already in tears at the beginning of the routine. Usually when you work with a dancer that is untrained, he is uncontrolled, but what Joshua has is uncontrolled control. This is not a normal dancer, but a brilliant dancer. Between the pair of them, they’re two of the best dancers ever on the show. (I think I’m going to win, Polo!)

Katee and Courtney now get a chance to work together, and they work on Broadway with Tyce Diorio. They get parasols so they get to do the whole girly girl thing, but watching Tyce leap with the frilly parasols was the the whole night to me. Courtney says it’s difficult to dance with a prop, which is soething I think they talk about every time a prop is used. For Katee, though, it gives her the opportunity to just have a blast on stage with Courtney. They’re in frilly pink and yellow, dancing to The Trolley Song by Rufus Wainwright. They’re great together, but nothing like the magic of when they dance with the guys.


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