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So You Think You Can Dance 4, July 30th – Joshua and Katee Steal the Night!

Katee comes right back in her solo with a real quick change, dancing to Can’t Stop by Maroon 5. While I was slow to catch onto her in the beginning, she’s definitely growing on me. This is inspired, and shows that while she was great in the beginning, she’s used this experience to grow even more. That’s what I don’t see out of Chelsie.

Her reunited partner, Joshua, comes out for his solo as well, dancing to Like That by Memphis Bleek. And again, we can see the growth in his routine, as he infuses some things that aren’t just B boy that he probably picked up during the season. That’s always what I look for at this point.

Courtney and Mark worked with Sonya Tayeh on jazz for their second routine, and she explains it’s about old French burlesque, a battle of the sexes. Mark talks about the movement that the audience reads, and the parts where it stops as well, as it gives them time to absorb it, comparing it to a sculpture. Courtney calls it one of her favorite pieces. They dance tonight to The Garden by Mirah. It’s very unique, and the character work here allows Mark the opportunity to absolutely come alive. It’s funny that in this one he doesn’t have the urge to touch her boobs.

Adam is so glad they have nothing to do with voting, as “that was sick, it was so good!” He tells Sonya she is such an exiting new presence in the So You Think You Can Dance landscape with all her energy. He tells Courtney and Mark he loves them separately, but together they’re unbelievable.

Mary calls it crazy, raw, interesting, and the weirdest fight scene she has ever seen in her life. It was a weird love story, and she loved it! Nigel tends to agree with that and says if they would line up the twelve choreographers they have on the show and ask who choreographed the routine, he predicts they’d pick Sonya out, as it personifies her. To Mark he says anyone that has seen his Bohemian Rhapsody knows what kind of a unique style he has, and as soon as he saw him come forward with his hands on his hips, he thought, “Oh here we go.” It suited him. Courtney carried it off beautifully and handles everything they throw at her with great charisma. This is definitely one of the highlights of the night, no question about it.

Katee and Joshua pick the paso doble, choreographed by Jason Gilikson, for their second dance. Jason calls it an angry dance, and Katee feels like she’s getting information overload trying to learn it. Joshua messes with the bull in Katee, then calls her evil. They dance their paso doable to Filet by Le Reve. It was hard for me to even form constructive thoughts watching this, as it was just that entertaining. He was completely “The Man” during this, and drags her to the front of the stage.

Adam tells Joshua he feels like he’s making him believe in the impossible. He says given his background, he just shouldn’t be able to do what he’s doing tonight. For Katee, he can’t wait for her to see this on TV, and she’s going to be so proud of herself. He loved it! Mary thinks about it for a second, then says when Katee and Joshua are together, true magic happens on the stage, and that’s definitely what it’s all about. She calls it phenomenal and gives them perhaps the most prolonged scream of the year, two even.

Nigel recognizes that Jason is also involved in So You Th ink You Can Dance in Australia, and notes that it’s the number one show there and will continue if he keeps doing dances like that. He loved the high step from Joshua as he took Katee across the stage. He notes, and hates to say it, that he has to agree with Mary. If he keeps dancing like that, he’ll steal this show, no question about it. We also get another Mary scream.

Courtney comes out for her solo, dancing to Rock Your Soul by Elisa. I see growth in her dancing, but maybe not as much as I see from Katee.

The last solo of the night goes to Mark, dancing to Bum Like You by Robyn. He puts his unique moves out there, and he, too, shows some growth. This isn’t just Bohemian Rhapsody anymore. He shows great musicality.

Our last couples dance of the night goes to Twitch and Chelsie, learning hip hop from Tabitha and Napoleon. They do another control stick dance. They had a similar one last year. Whoever controls the stick, controls the dance. Chelsie thinks she’ll have control of it it he end, even if it’s not in the choreography They come out as two conductors, dancing to Control by The Vitamin String Quartet. She tries to pull off a character, but she slightly overplays it. It’s a good dance and they do it well, but like their first one, it just doesn’t compare up to the other ones we’ve seen tonight.

Adam tells Tabitha and Napoleon that what he loves about them is that they bring so much wi, intelligence, humor, and thought to their hip hop stuff. They are proof of the experience that has happened to Adam, that good choreographers make really good directors. To Chelsie he’s still saying wow, as he wants to find something she can’t do. He thanks them for making him happy and giving America a good ride.

Mary tells Twitch that when he’s in his element, and actually most of the numbers he’s done this season, he’s been absolutely stellar and outstanding. He’s a freestyler, and no matter which hip hop he’s done, smooth, hard, comedic, it’s unbelievable. All the facets he was giving to Chelsie through the arms just clicked and were on the money. We’re not supposed to believe her in this style, but she’s keeping up with Twitch.

Nigel notes you can watch this show even if you don’t give a damn about dancing. It’s about entertaining, and when you watch choreographers like this, it doesn’t matter what style they’re doing; they’re going to be inventive and give us entertainment. Any one of these six dancers can be in the top four, and whoever isn’t , don’t feel bad as it could easily go the other way.

After last week, it’s really hard to predict how this one will go tomorrow night. I’d like to say I wouldn’t expect an upset after, but I’m not so sure anyone leaving would be an upset like last week, as they really are all very good. I really think Chelsie, while very good, doesn’t quite measure up to the other two girls. As for the guys, they each have their extreme strengths. But who I’m most impressed with is Katee and Joshua. They have definitely changed my mind throughout the season. One of them should really win this thing and watching Joshua, I’m kind of hanging towards him, just like Mary is. Yes, she is!

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