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So You Think You Can Dance 4, July 30th – Joshua and Katee Steal the Night!

I just can’t even imagine watching the show tonight without Will Wingfield. That was such a shocker last week. It was comparable to me to when Chris Daughtry was voted out. I think it was probably for the same reasons. Everyone assumed he and Twitch were safe, so were putting votes out there on Joshua Allen and Mark Kanemura, trying to save them. Although in the past week, I’ve heard from quite a few people that prefer Joshua over any other male dancer. It’ll be interesting to see how it plays out from here for the final four finale next week.

On the judging panel this week, sitting next to Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy, we have Adam Shankman once again, which is good news for us viewers, as he’s always entertaining.

Courtney Galiano is paired tonight with Mark, doing the Viennese Waltz with choreographer Jason Gilkison, which should be interesting for Mark, as it does not have his name on it anywhere. He’ll have to find a character for it to make it work. Jason points out it’s a classic love story with nothing sexual in it, but Mark can’t stop touching Courtney’s boobs. He thinks they’ll have the right connection for this, and I’m sure they will if he can stop touching her boobs. They do another Nigel Lythgoe production crossover, dancing to The Time of My Life by David Cook. I know nothing about how this should look technically, but I really like it. I think Mark pulls this out with his character work, and he does some great lifts with Courtney.

Adam says he doesn’t know how America will vote because all six dancers are so strong, and this is terrifying for the judges. This was a good dance for them. He thinks Mark’s rise and fall of the waltz was the best ever of any guy this season. Courtney was just beautiful, even though they threw the last lift a little. Mary says they know how to choreograph in the land down under and points out he did a brilliant job giving them a routine that seemed to float across the floor, but they were the ones that took it there. The lifts seemed effortless, and that came from both of them putting it together. Mark seems like he’s been growing every week, reaching new levels. This one did it for Mary tonight.

The best word Nigel can come up with for it is “romantic.” It was beautifully romantic, danced well, and choreographed by Jason brilliantly. He notes the American Idol/David Cook plug and adds he hopes they’re having the time of their lives on the show, as they started out the evening well.

Chelsie Hightower does the first solo of the night, dancing her salsa to When I Grow Up by Pussycat Dolls. I still want to see more out of her than we’re getting. We know she can move the hips and do great spins, and that’s all I see in solos week after week. She needs to infuse some of the new dance styles she’s learning into it.

Twitch comes out for his solo next, dancing to Midas Touch by Midnight Star, and smiles, showing he’s got some bling going on in that mouth. He also puts a pair of his trademark lensless specs on, while he does some definitely funky moves, yet it looks much different than anything else he’s done. Here’s a guy that knows how to change it up. Cat asks to try the specs on after, and Nigel goads her into trying the teeth bling too … and she does! “Spit and all.” That’s a good clip for the wrap party.

The next couple is Joshua Allen and Katee Shean, being paired together again after spending the beginning of the season together. They’re doing contemporary with Tyce Diorio. Tyce says it will be a Romeo and Juliet/West Side Story thing, and Katee knows it’s going to challenge them both. Dancing to All By Myself by Celine Dion, as romantic as Mark and Courtney were, Katee and Joshua are that sensual. They do some fantastic leaps and lifts. This is just amazing. I got chills, and I rarely do that unless I’m watching American Idol. It’s just … hard to even put into words.

Adam looks very moved and says this is the best thing Tyce has done all season. He adds that he and Tyce danced together in 1990 at the Oscars, and a little known choreographer at the time that gave Adam his first shot in L.A., and got him and Tyce into choreography, is here in the audience as well, Paula Abdul. Wow, that is a little know fact. Back to business, Adam says Joshua and Katee are by far two of the most exciting dancers to ever grace this stage, but there’s nothing more exciting than the perfect combination of a pairing between two dancers and a choreographer, so they became the holy trinity of dance.

Mary notes this was so filled with passion and strength, with leaps that were out of this world. It was the most beautiful thing she’s seen on this show. Nigel had told her she made a bold statement about Joshua a few weeks ago saying she’d see him in the finale. She doesn’t think it’s a bold statement anymore; she thinks she’ll see both of them there.

Nigel adds one of the best parts of this show is that they spotlight the choreographers, and one of the greatest is in the audience, Gillian Lynne, that choreographed Phantom of the Opera and Cats. She comes from a school that would have adored this routine and appreciated how beautifully it was danced by them. He still has to get it in his head that Joshua has had no classical training. He was brilliant with this. They expect beautiful lines from Katee with her training, but not him. He was pleased to hear they were paired again, and they delivered.

Tony Meredith and Melanie choreograph a mambo routine for Twitch and Chelsie, and it should be easy for Chelsie, since this is her “thang.” She has a hard time getting her face out of his crotch, and he’s forced to pull up his pants, making him feel “uncool.’ He does look a little Urkel-ish. They dance to Ahora Me Toca Ami by Victor Manuelle. The music reminds me of something that was in Dirty Dancing for some reason. They do really well with it, but it’s just not as exciting as the firs two. They don’t seem to have a lot of chemistry, whether her face is stuck in his crotch or not.

Adam notes because of the colors, Twitch in black and white and Chelsie in red, his eyes had no chance to go to her, and she was on fire. She was an animal out there burning up the floor, and he has yet to see something she can’t do. He notes Twitch is out of his element here, but he sold it with his face, and could have sold it more with his body, and a little more aggression and animal to meet up with Chelsie. He was a very strong partner, though.

Mary thought it was a great routine and the first time they’ve seen the mambo done on the two beat. For Twitch, who has never done this before, she can’t imagine him doing it after just five hours with the choreographer, earning her props. Yet, Chelsie kept drawing her attention, a firecracker in hot tamale red. She brings it to life, and is so fabulous in the Latin style, no one catch touch her. She’s tremendously proud of Twitch as well.

Nigel has to say that Tony and Melanie choreographed this for someone that has never done this before, and that’s really tough for the choreographers to do this and make Twitch look good. Yet, that’s what they did. Chelsie is always going to look good, as she’s in her element, and in one of the most fantastic dresses he’s seen this season. The whole routine her feet and legs were great as usual, and while she lost one bow off her shoe while dancing, she lost another bow, aka her partner, at one point where Twitch showed him with his face that he was off, and they play it back for us, just so we can see. He felt they made good partners.


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