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So You Think You Can Dance 4, July 23rd – Nigel Calls It All Fantastic!

Nigel loved the routine, saying it’s a Broadway routine that you can actually see both these dancers doing on Broadway. It shocks him to a certain degree with Twitch, as he’s such a wonderful character and he’s probably the least trained dancer here, yet rises to every singe challenge they give him. He’s there for his partner and there for himself. He does enjoy his performances. For Katee, this is the best compliment. There hasn’t been one routine this year that he hasn’t enjoyed her doing. She lightens the world when she dances.

Mary says she can’t even fake Twitch and Katee out. It was terrific! They both have to really know inside that they really pulled it off. It was magnificent and well-matched in movement, energy, and entertainment. She doesn’t remember a night on the show before where they had such great fun with such great numbers. It doesn’t even look like work anymore. Toni is going to disagree with a couple of things. When Twitch dances, he brings much more reality to the choreography than Broadway dancers do, as they have a harder time bringing something organic, and coming from the street, he dances from the inside out, as opposed to a trained dancer that dances from the outside in. Katee is a beautiful dancer but had more of a personality problem, as the vocal she was portraying was such a deep, rough voice, and Toni would have rather seen that in her movement, which Nigel says he can’t disagree with.

Joshua started dancing in 3rd grade, and his teacher had to kick him out of class, as he just wouldn’t stop, getting sent to the principal’s office. He was told to bring a piece of paper home and get it signed, and if he did, he’d get a piece of candy. What it was for was an audition for Pepito’s Story. He was hooked after that. Tonight, he’s soloing it to Shawty Get Loose by Lil Mama feat. T-Pain &Chris Brown. He does some different things here, and that’s what’s nice to see. It’s not just the same ole, same ole.

It’s two solos in a row, as Courtney intros her package, saying she’s been dancing since she was 3 portraying Lil Bo Peep in her first recital. Her senior year, while it’s usually a big goodbye to dance as you move on in life, she didn’t want to be done. She knows there’s a small window of time in your life to be a dancer, and wanting to take advantage of that, it landed her here. She dances her solo to Where I Stood by Missy Higgins. She starts it from an emotional spot of the floor, and kicks it in finding the emotion I wanted to see in her last dance with Will.

Make it three in a row. Twitch always danced, but took it seriously in his senior year of high school, with tryouts for the dance team, making him the only guy on the team, as it wasn’t really accepted there in Montgomery, Alabama. While in community college, he transferred out to California to start dancing professionally. He’s been to South Korea to do some videos and choreograph some stage shows, living there for about nine months. He dances now to Go To Work by Kay L, and he has another Super Twitch shirt on tonight. It’s interesting that there are a few elements in this that remind me of Soulja Boy, but the rest is pure Twitch.

Comfort and Mark work on the fox trot with Jean-Marc Genereux, and I’m afraid for them getting out of the box. This has trouble written all over it with these two dancers so removed from their comfort zone (pardon the pun). While the fox trot is normally smooth, Jean-Marc tells us this one will be pretty jazzy, which I’m hoping will help them out a bit. Mark portrays a guy down on his luck, and he comes across Comfort who is Lady Luck. Working on the lift, Comfort calls it routine sabotage. She’s dressed in white fluff as they dance to Lady Luck by The Brian Setzer Orchestra. The technical judges here will find faults I’m sure, but Mark seems to keep his frame, and Comfort seems to glide more than I would think was possible for her. Admittedly, though, it’s probably not up to par for final 8.

Nigel tells Comfort and Mark lady luck walked in the room when they got the hip hop and walked out when they got this routine. It wasn’t good and he didn’t feel there was chemistry, even though he knows they like each other. He thinks they were just thinking too hard and it all became placed and slightly amateurish. Mary has to agree with Nigel. It was tough, and while she loved the routine, nothing was melting together with rough transitions, making it one of the worst she’s seen. The lift was the funnest thing for her to see. Toni points out it’s the second time she’s seen a bad turn tonight, comparing it to a recital, and making it take the audience away. Mark’s jazz part was really good, with the power and technique behind it is extremely difficult, making it harder than it looks.

Chelsie and Joshua get together with Doriana Sanchez for a disco routine, and she wants people to enjoy watching them here, making them feel they can get up and do it themselves. Doriana points out Joshua is really strong, so she knows it will go well. There’s a lift they’ve been trying to do of four years, and she’s giving it to them. For the last dance of the night, it’s Everlasting Love by Gloria Estefan. They do really great with this and in many ways it works to their strengths, but I see a few things that don’t seem tight enough on it. Regardless, it’s a lot of fun.

Nigel calls it an incredible program tonight, and notes they have Doriana here, as the director and choreographer of Cher; Toni, the director and choreographer for Bette Milder, and Mia who did the Celine Dion show. He thinks Doriana must have thought she was in heaven to have someone with Joshua’s strength. Nigel is honest, saying he couldn’t even do some of those when he was dancing because of his lack of strength. Joshua did he Superman lift, and it was absolutely fantastic. He doesn’t want to take anything away from Chelsie as while he has to have strength, she needs to have courage to do it, especially with the last lift where he thought she was going to hit the floor. He congratulates them with a wonderful finale to the show.

Mary agrees with Nigel again, saying the lifts were really good, and she couldn’t believe how many Doriana put in, which was probably because of her trust in Joshua. But not just that, while many times the guys get the girls up, but the landing wisn’t terrific, when Chelsie exited the lifts, she nailed it because she knew how to use her feet to cushion that landing. The one airplane changing into another position, it’s the first time she’s seen that. They were dancing their bodies’ full tilt.

Toni mentions Joshua saying he never danced disco before which she thinks is funny as he wasn’t even born then. She thinks they pulled together the spirit of disco and what it was like in those clubs. Joshua’s lines weren’t as long as they maybe should have been, but the spirit was there. Chelsie did have the lines, and between the two of them, they really pulled it off.

To go with the phrase of the season, let’s get “IV Real.” As wonderful as Comfort and Mark were with their solos and their first dance, the second dance wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t up to the level that the others are dancing at. It has to come down to that this season with the level of talent that’s on the stage. I really like Mark’s uniqueness, but he just doesn’t deserve to stay over Joshua, Will, and Twitch. Comfort was given a second chance and it bought her a few more weeks, but at this point, she just doesn’t deserve to stay over Katee, Chelsie, and Courtney. There’s just no other way to look at it at this point in the competition.

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