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So You Think You Can Dance 4, July 23rd – Nigel Calls It All Fantastic!

Mary says Comfort and Mark did a great job with the piece and she loved the use of the desk with all the synchronization. Comfort was hitting it tonight, and she keeps hitting hip hop because she does it so well, and she’s a great dancer. Mark did a great job that was unexpected and nailed it tonight. Toni loved this routine and knows how difficult Tabitha and Napoleon can be, as she takes an occasional class from them. Unlike the other judges talking about the tricks, it’s not the underpinnings of the street, which to Toni is the ear. She thought the opening piece was so fabulous, getting them rooted.

Katee started dancing at 4 years old after walking around the house all the time on tip toes. I did the same thing, and still do when tired, but I wasn’t headed for a dance career, and at 44 probably won’t be. She started with tap, but wasn’t good. She worked hard with that, but doesn’t do that type of dance much anymore. Her teachers have always pushed her, making her grateful that they saw something in her to do that. For her solo, she dances to Taking Chances by Celine Dion. It’s good, but I miss the growth in this one tonight.

Chelsie and Joshua Allen are the remaining couple, and their dances for the night will be Argentine tango and disco, prompting Chelsie to joke the good part is they’re really good at both of them … not. Helping them with the Argentine tango is Dmitry Chaplin, former finalist from season 2. He tells them the story will be back in time to the 1920s when tango was a big dance. They have to both sit on a chair together and both accuse the other of having a big butt. Dmitry says if they can get more serious about it, they’ll do well. They dance to A Los Amigos from Forever Tango. It’s the perfect dance for Chelsie, as it allows her to get those fast hips in that she does from her Latin dancing. The two seem to have a great energy together.

Nigel thinks Chelsie and Joshua picked the most technical of all the routines so far, and he commends her for her legs, telling Joshua it means how she uses them, not just the shape. Nigel also tells him he does have the biggest butt in the competition He told Mary at one point Joshua needed to tuck it under, and she noted he was. The routine used the best of their strengths, using Chelsie’s legs and Joshua’s strength. The chemistry worked, and he found it very enjoyable.

Mary couldn’t understand what Dmitry was saying, but it all translated in just the right way. Joshua set the mood in the beginning when he came out, and sometimes people try this style with the leg flicks and they don’t know the style, making it come off silly, but because he committed so much to it, he made it believable. She felt this was so much more sexy than the last time Chelsie did this. Her legs are beautiful as well as her swivel hips, but tonight there was another development with it because of their chemistry, meaning they’re still on the hot tamale train.

Toni thinks the Argentine tango is the most street of all the ballroom partner dances. You need to do it really organically and need to feel it’s spontaneous and torrid, and the ending was just that. Turns are not exactly Joshua’s forte, but he did really well, although there was one that looked like Jazz 101. Yet that was just for a moment, and after the whole thing came together. Chelsie’s just gorgeous, so how could he not relate to her in that way.

Mark grew up in Hawaii and got into into dance after seeing Phantom of the Opera. His parents put him in a performing arts school where he was the only male dancer. He was such a weird little kid and was always a little different. He dances his solo to Creator by Santogold feat. Switch and Freq Nasty. It’s yet another of his extremely creative dances. It’s just so different.

Courtney and Will worked on a slow hip hop with Tabitha and Napoleon, and Will knows they have to be clean as a whistle, as when they go slow, we’ll see every little thing. Courtney has never done slow hip hop before, and what she always loves about Napoleon and Tabitha’s routines is there is always a story, and this time the theme is turning back time and spending one more moment with someone you love. Will is a ghost, but not a scary one, a gentle one. They dance to Like You’ll Never See Me Again by Alicia Keyes, and they’re good with it, but because of their size difference, it’s hard for them to do this in complete unison. Somehow to me they don’t completely pull off the emotion in it.

Nigel talks about Napoleon and Tabitha doing some incredible stuff this season and says this is the first time he’s been affected emotionally by hip hop. It reminded him of Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore in Ghost. He almost didn’t want Courtney and Will to perform for us, and wanted to be the voyeur. He particularly enjoyed the close dancing when it seemed Courtney didn’t want to let Will go, also feeling they were emotionally together in that.

Mary calls Courtney and Will tremendous dancers, so she really had expectations with them. If they meet them, it’s good, but if they don’t, it can be really bad sometimes. Unfortunately tonight, they didn’t meet her expectations … they blew them away! You’d have to cart her away and take her to the funny farm if she didn’t think that was great. A few seasons ago we wanted to do just that, but now we’re kind of digging Mary. Like Nigel said, it made them feel something and just peaked when it got down to the partner dancing. The emotion and passion was exploding.

For Toni, when she started out as a locker, street was considered kid stuff and not an art form. It’s taken a long time for America to realize how great all the street styles are. Great art makes you feel something, and it isn’t just kid stuff. She’s glad to see it happen, especially on this show, and she doesn’t feel America will ever feel the same about dance again after this show. Notice how she never actually puts out a comment to Courtney and Will?

Chelsie started dancing at 9, doing it for the social thing, being somewhat shy. She got serious about it when she was 14 and started getting coaching from the best of the best in ballroom. Over the shyness, she found some new confidence. Tonight, she’s as confident as ever dancing to Damaged by Damity Kane. There’s those famous hips going again. The hips are always really good, but at some point she needs to become more than that. She admits to Cat after that it’s her birthday today turning 19.

Katee and Twitch work with Tyce Diorio for their Broadway routine. The music is Sweet Georgia Brown from Bubbling Brown Sugar, and Katee is Georgia who wants a man, but Twitch doesn’t want her. Twitch explains there’s a part where it speeds up, like in triple time, almost a chase scene. Tyce likes to incorporate a lot of the things they do, and Will gets to do some of his hip hop, while Katee gets to do that “stupid thing” that all her partners have complained about. They great together once again, and when it kicks into the triple time, they’re absolutely amazing. They completely throw themselves into these characters.


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