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So You Think You Can Dance 4, Top 10 Results – Can’t Gev Anymore

The top ten dancers open the show with a Bollywood routine to the soundtrack of Jhoom Barabar Jhoom. Outfitted in every color of the rainbow, they are well synchronized, but you can tell which dancers “get it” and which ones don’t.

Cat Deeley thanks Naikul for choreographing the “amazing” routine and then congratulates Shane Sparks, Wade Robson, and Mandy Moore for receiving Emmy nominations for their works on the show. I had to look up specifically which works were award-nominated: Shane’s “Transformers” (by Pasha and Lauren), Wade’s “Hummingbird and Flower” (by Hok and Jamie), and Mandy’s “Table” (by Neil and Sabra). The make-up team was also nominated. Unfortunately, poor Cat was NOT nominated for an Emmy… but Seacrest was? And Tom Bergeron? Are you kidding me?

This week, we go from ten dancers down to eight, and for the first time this season, who stays and who goes depends entirely on how the audience has voted. From now on, the judges can’t save anyone. The guy and the girl with the least votes will be cut.

There’s a quick recap of the performance night, and then it’s time for a Mia Michaels contemporary routine featuring the women. Sitting on the edge of the stage and dressed in white, the girls look EXACTLY like the famous “dancing fountains” in front of the Bellagio hotel and casino in Las Vegas. And I can’t help but make that comparison because those fountains often play Celine Dion songs over the loudspeakers, just like the one being played now (Ave Maria). However, given that they are wearing feathers and look as though they are in strife, I assume that they’re supposed to be struggling Angels and not fountains on the Sinful Strip. Afterward, Mia is shown crying in the audience.

Cat lines up the five female dancers on stage, preparing to reveal the two girls with the least votes. Chelsie danced two successful routines with Gev, one contemporary and one jive, so she’s safe. Comfort was brought back into the competition because of Jessica’s injury and was paired up with Twitch. They clumsily made their way through a smooth waltz but rocked a hip-hop number. Despite the success of the latter, she is one of the Bottom Two. Katee was paired up with Will for a Broadway number and Pas de Deux, both of which the judges loved. Obviously, she’s safe.

That leaves Courtney and Kherington. Courtney danced with Joshua, starting with a Frankenstein hip-hop routine and later taking on a rumba. Kherington was partnered with Mark, and they performed the show’s first two-step number (dreadful) and took on a jazz routine (yawn). Which one is in the Bottom Two? Kherington.

The guys are all dancing together in a routine created by a “mystery choreographer” to Five Guys Named Moe by Joe Jackson. They’re dressed in white tank tops and track pants. The dance is fun and silly, but the more I watch, the more I can see that there is a LOT involved in this routine, from jumps to claps to synchronization to handslaps to shuffling feet… This definitely would have been a tough choreography to grasp. I feel like it’s an updated Vaudeville; I’m reminded of the classic musicals of the early ‘50s. Given the genre, perhaps it’s not SO surprising that the “mystery choreographer” is Nigel Lythgoe.

But unfortunately, it is now time to reveal the men’s Bottom Two. The five gents line up on stage. Joshua, who had “stroked the floor like a paintbrush” according to Mary, is safe. We all know Will deserves to be safe forever. Mark is a bit more actor than dancer, and he was lost without a character to play. He’s in the Bottom Two.

That leaves us with Gev and Twitch. The judges had commended Gev’s contemporary-style leaps across stage, but his jive needed a bit more pep. Twitch’s waltz was clumsy, but his hip-hop piece with Comfort was phenomenal. Tough call on this one, but it’s Gev who ends up in the Bottom Two.

Now, before we find out the ultimate results of the vote, each of the dancers will be given one last chance to show off their skills in a solo. I don’t understand the purpose of this, since we JUST SAW all their solos the very night before! Not to mention, this solo won’t change anything. The vote has already been cast. Grr…

Comfort comes out and does her hip-hop thing to Egypt, Egypt by The Egyptian Lover. Afterward, Nigel tells Cat there is nothing “tough” about coming back into the competition, rather “it’s another opportunity.” Mary tells Comfort that if she dances every number like her hip-hop number, “you’ll be staying here week after week.” Um… correct me if I’m wrong, but she DID do that very hip-hop number last night, and now here she is in the Bottom Two! So I don’t understand your logic, Murphy. Not that I ever do.

Mark dances to Ram Jam’s Black Betty and does an awesome job for a dance that counts toward absolutely nothing. Mary tells us all that we have NO idea how hard the dancers work on this show, despite the fact that we have watched several dancers suffer dislocated joints, broken ribs, broken toes, knocks to the head, bruises, etc. Nope, I’m sure being judged by millions of people is easy as pie. Lil’ C describes Mark as a focused worker bee of a dancer and tells him to just keep what he’s doing. Well, except with more votes next time.

Kherington’s barely wearing much of anything at all, dancing to Myphilosophy by Inner. As usual, there are a lot of extensions and lines, though I’m not feeling ANYthing at all from the solo. Lil’ C, regarding Kherington’s whine backstage about how the judges hate her, tells her, “We don’t hate you… we love you.” However, she can’t start whining just because “we turned the heat up in the kitchen.” Nigel points out that Kherington has “film-star looks” along with her dancing abilities, so she will be going far in her career.

Finally, Gev dances to Michael Buble’s Feeling Good. It’s interesting to see his hip-hop moves done to the big-band genre. Lil’ C can’t help but root for “the little guy” with big heart, while Mary talks about how tremendous he has been in the ballroom routines despite his background. Considering the competition at this point however, he is certainly an underdog.

After the final break, Cat reveals the results. The girl who polled the fewest votes and is leaving us tonight… is… Kherington. The audience screams in shock, while Comfort leaves the stage in absolute shock. To be honest, I’m not that surprised. She was a great technical dancer, but I didn’t feel like she had any personality at all. Her shining moments were probably the paso doble “matador” and the contemporary “mattress.” However, for the majority of the season, she simply played sidekick to her partner Twitch. Once they were split up, she was lost.

On to Mark and Gev. The guy who is leaving us tonight… is… Gev. Aww… cute little Russian b-boy. Unlike Kherington, he has an adorable personality to go along with his skill, but let’s face it, he is a bit inexperienced when it comes to skill. However, the top five guys this year are insanely awesome, and he should feel more than honored to be in their company.

I think Mark and Comfort will be in trouble again next week. That is, of course, assuming someone else isn’t assigned the cursed quickstep.

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