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So You Think You Can Dance 4, July 16th – Nobody Puts Comfort in a Corner!

Will is up for his solo dancing to Dance With My Father by Luther Vandross. It’s simply beautiful, simple as that.

Comfort and Twitch are back and this time they’re doing hip hop with Dave Scott, and if there’s anything that should be good with these two, it’s this. They’ll have to really pull it off, though, since it’s each of their styles. Dave wants it to have a futuristic feel like Studio 54 in 2085. Twitch thinks it’ll be tremendous, as he likes to play to the crowd. Comfit never would have thought she would be paired with Twitch, as two hip hoppers is just ridiculous. They take on Forever by Chris Brown, and are both great. They have no chemistry together, but I think that would almost be like having chemistry with themselves.

Lil’ C calls it kind of buck. He explains buck is when internal artistry meets physical expression. Twitch was lost like a spitting image of Dave, as he dances so precise and hits it hard. He’s tall, but dances like he’s 5’6. Lil’ C thinks this is the best Comfort has ever done hip hop. He refuses to answer which hip hopper was better though. Mary thought it was buck too, and she notes it didn’t even sound right coming out of her mouth. Dancing doesn’t build character but reveals it. She tells Comfort she’s a fighter, as the first dance didn’t go her way, but they came out here in front of one of the best hip hop dancers they have, and stepped up to the plate. For Twitch she can only bow in his presence.

Nigel says one of the best compliments you can ever give a choreographer is to say it didn’t look choreographed, it just looked like they were dancing for the fun of it. The very fact Comfort was keeping up with Twitch, she was doing steps that are hard for a guy to do. He has said before she is one the best hip hop girls ever on the show, but never felt it during the season … until tonight! Welcome back, Comfort!

Kherington comes out of her solo, dancing to Breakin’ Dishes by Rihanna. I can see some growth in her routine as well, although there are some movements she does that I’m just tired of at this point, after her using them at the beginning of every show.

Katee and Will now work with Dwight Rhoden and Desmond Richardson to take on pas de deux. Dwight tells us this dance is about two people coming together, expressing it through movement. It won’t be a traditional ballet. Katee says her legs have never stretched that far, as Will calls her Gumby. In a Fox crossover, for the music behind them tonight, we have Imagine by David Archuleta, the runner-up of this season’s American Idol. And thank you costume department, we have Will shirtless again. They struggle on one under leg spin, but it’s great work, and something we never would have seen out of Will with Jessica. They end in a cross which is really … neat, for lack of a better term.

Lil’ C is nervous critiquing this one, and says it was a great routine. Choreographers have a hard job, but for dancers it’s even tougher, as they are the mediators to communicate what the choreographers see. He felt they danced with so much commitment, passion, and vigor, that there’s no way someone would not get it. Mary calls it a beautiful song and beautiful choreography, and two of the most beautiful dancers she has ever seen, as she gets choked up. It was exquisite with artistry in motion. Katee was flawless and the trick at the end with the spin was phenomenal and got her right in the heart.

Nigel takes a time out and mentions Desmond, saying he is one of the greatest modern ballet contemporary dancers alive today. To actually have he and his partner here choreographing is incredible. He notes one of his heroes, Rudolph Nuryev, and seeing him on the Muppets dancing, as that’s when you know you share the art of dance wherever you can. Back to Katee and Will, he agrees with Mary that he hasn’t seen such wonderful dancing on the show. The missed under leg spin he notes, but says it’s good, as if they would have nailed it, they would have never surpassed it in their life. And now they know they can be better than that … but not much. He hopes America realizes just how tough it was. It all looks tough to me, Nigel.

Joshua brings us the final solo of the night, dancing his B boy style to Jam by Michael Jackson. I see growth in him as well, and I don’t know if it’s just me, but his routine seemed so much more incredibly shorter than the others.

Chelsie and Gev work on the jive with Jean-Marc Genereux for the last couples dance of the night. Chelsie thinks Jean-Marc is a really fun teacher, while Gev notes he has interesting analogies, as they cut to him explaining a leg kick as walking along and stepping into manure. They dance to The House Is Rockin’ by Brian Setzer, and they do some marvelous footwork. Especially Gev, a B Boy. Their final spin with her upside down and split legs is fantastic.

Lil’ C has to say Chelsie outstepped Gev, as her legs are like lightning. He thinks she could make a mannequin look good. There were a few times he wasn’t there, but she was about to do it without him, which he chalks up to extreme confidence. Mary thought they did a terrific job with it being a great way to end the evening. They’re a great partnership, but she agrees with Lil’ C that she stole the show, and it seemed like Dancing with the Stars, with a professional and amateur. Yet, he was there as a partner. She would have liked to have seen more fun, though, as it was too concentrated.

Nigel recognized Jean-Marc produced a crowd-pleaser, and he agrees with the other judges. Chelsie was outstanding, and Gev has the bounce on a few things, and became staccato occasionally. Other than that, as a pair they did outstanding.

The judges won’t have anything to do with who goes home Thursday night. It will all be up to us voters. It would be kind of sad to see Comfort leave yet again, after she had her best night, yet she has struggled with three different partners. While I don’t think she deserves to win the show, I think there are other girls that showed weaknesses this week as well. Kherington seems to be missing dancing with Twitch, and Chelsie seems to be a one trick pony to me lately. As for the guys, it seems like Mark exposed a weakness, too, doing Bohemia Rhapsody again and being without character work. I’m guessing it will be him and Comfort going home, but since we haven’t seen American pick the absolute bottom of the barrel yet, it could be anyone.

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