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So You Think You Can Dance 4, July 16th – Nobody Puts Comfort in a Corner!

Lil’ C wants us all to applaud the versatility of Tyce. He also points out that usually when you add theatrics, the majority of dancers let that converse for them instead of the choreography. However, with Katee and Will, they were explosive in character and even more so in their choreography. They rocked his boat, and he calls it buck. Mary is hopping on the love boat with this number. Yes, she is! They went right into character full tilt. Katee was so cute and so much fun with so much talent that’s out of this world. What she loves tonight about Will, one of the most serious and focused dancers, is he threw it all overboard, and wasn’t afraid to just go way out there. She also doesn’t care if he keeps ripping that shirt off (Who does?)

Nigel mentions the amazing thing here is that they were contained in a small area in the boat, yet everything was as big as Tyce imagined it. They are the best dancers technically, and to find them together, he was expecting good things and got it. It also showed that Will isn’t just a technician, as his character work is starting to come out. He can’t believe they came so close to not having Katee in the final 20, and here she is, doing this well in the final 10.

Mark Kanemura takes the floor for his solo, once again doing Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen after doing it in Las Vegas. The great thing here is that I feel he has improved with it. That’s the best part of him repeating this at this point in the competition. He seems truly manic with it, yet also shows some good technique. However, he needs to get a totally different solo for next week, and I’m wondering if he’s not prepared to do that.

This leaves us with the last two dancers to pair up, Chelsie and Gev, and they’re getting contemporary with Sonya Tayeh. The routine is supposed to be a couple in love, experiencing that yearning, craving for each other, complete with a part where she lays on top of him in the end, prompting her to think he’s enjoying it a little too much. They dance to These Arms of Mine by Otis Redding, of all great songs to have this type of a routine, and it also brings me back to Dirty Dancing yet again.. They have some chemistry here. I like him better with her, in fact, than Courtney.

Lil’ C loves how certain routines make him feel something, and the good thing about contemporary is it lets them explore emotion. In doing so, it causes the dancers to commit, and he feels they really committed. He felt that yearning out of Chelsie and Gev, and has to give it up to him as he looked very prepared for contemporary. Mary likes that Sonya finds an interesting way of doing things, and she brought out something that gave them amazing chemistry together that was believable. Mary congratulates Gev for the leaps across the stage, and Chelsie is beautiful as always.

Nigel without question felt Sonya’s routine, as it was like sleazy café late at night with a jukebox playing, and a guy trying to seduce the waitress that’s left. He did feel that Gev wasn’t completely into the passion there, meaning he may have had Courtney on his mind. (Is there something we don’t know about those two?) Chelsie was into it though, and she was going to make him her man and at the end, she did. Nigel noticed at that point, it was Chelsea’s leg that went over Gev as she really got into that character.

Comfort takes the stage for her solo, not that we need more solos from her after seeing her in the bottom three so often, but she dances her hip hop to Need a Boss by Shareefa feat. Ludacris. She does seem extra inspired, though, tonight. Maybe she eventually got it that she has to indeed dance for her life at every moment.

Twitch takes the stage for his solo, dancing to I Question Mark by Wade Robson. He uses the stage in a great way, and does a unique hop hop where you can tell he’s employing things he’s learned so far. The most interesting thing is his shirt has a big T on it in the style of the Superman logo. Someone in the audience has a giant banner with the same logo, and I can only assume it’s his dad.

Courtney and Joshua get ready for their second dance, this time with Jean-Marc Genereux for the rumba. They’re a little in shock, not thinking they’re going to look like that. It’s supposed to be sexy and passionate and Joshua knows they’ll need to show a connection. Tonight, they dance to Hero by Enrique Iglesias. What was somewhat fun to see is I even caught Joshua singing along at one point. He probably shouldn’t be, but to me it added to that connection. I’m definitely feeling it for these two. He gets her in some great lifts as well.

Lil’ C thinks he might need his asthma puff after watching the routine, as they definitely took his breath away. He loved their hands, and how they aren’t afraid to touch each other, despite being new partners. He notes Joshua’s confidence, and Courtney points out “he’s a man!” Lil’ C feels this especially, as Joshua is so different offstage. Courtney had beautiful extension and lines, yet when the lift was coming, he saw it in her face. Mary tells them the rumba is so difficult and even professionals have a hard time, as they’re worried about falling off balance. Joshua was stroking the floor, though, like a paintbrush. The nuances they were getting with the little hip rolls, went a little beyond, and the subtle sexiness played off each other really well.

Nigel feels Jean-Marc created a routine that fits them perfectly, as Courtney said Joshua is a man, but he still use his hips. Although Nigel would have wanted to see him break a little and show up a little more butch. The lift was fantastic, and not many guys can do a lift like that. He appreciates him keeping some part of his shirt on, but Joshua says he’s getting ready, as Will and Twitch are always taking their shirts off. I think we’ll all be waiting.

Katee takes the stage of her solo dancing contemporary to This Woman’s Work by Maxwell. I can see some growth in her as well. While we always noticed her unique finger work she put in her routines, it’s now an afterthought. I think she’s the female that has grown the most on the show.

Mark and Kherington are back and this time with Tyce for a jazz routine. Tyce wants to showcase the style this time, not a story. Kherington notes they travel and glide all over the place in this routine. Tyce gets on their case telling them not to mess with him … or Nigel. As Canned Heat by Jamiroqui starts, both dancers come out with great spins. It’s almost more disco to me than jazz though, with a mirrored ball reflecting all over. It doesn’t light me on fire, though.

Lil’ C calls this a good routine that allowed them to show off the dance, and he thought they maintained a nice balance on the floor. Kherington nailed the turns with a great center. He wants them to be careful on the lifts as they were too choreographed. Mary isn’t jumping out of her seat, saying nothing was really wrong with it, but it didn’t make her feel something. She wanted to get fired up as well, and yes, Kherington nailed the spins. While it all made her happy, she wants to be fired up. She thinks Mark is lost without a character to portray. Nigel calls it like a driving test, like they were just checking off the moves as they went along to pass it. There was no heart and no passion, with nothing that will make people want to pick up the phone. They should have found something to add in on top of what Tyce asked them to do.


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