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So You Think You Can Dance 4, July 9th – Theme for the Night is Apparently S-E-X

I see Fox is once again making So You Think You Can Dance two hours tonight. They haven’t had a non-results night shorter than that this whole season. In a few weeks we’ll have the couples dancing three dances a pieces just to fill out that time. It makes me wonder if this is because of the writers’ strike that they didn’t get anything else to put on the schedule on Wednesday nights.

Tonight, joining Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe is Mia Michaels. Just what we needed, Mr. and Mrs. Crabby Pants. Both Mia and Nigel are crabby lately. Not Mary, as she grows on us all more and more, and the dancers as well, as it seems they all wait to see if they’ll get a couple tickets on her train.

Chelsie Hightower and Mark Kanemura’s first dance tonight is the salsa with Alex da Silva. His goal for this is to make it very hip, and Chelsie calls the tricks insane. Mark knows if he doesn’t get it all right, Chelsie could do a big face plant. Dancing tonight to Fuego by Joe Bataan, they are definitely fiery. It works well with them, as they both have a natural sexiness to their dancing. It ends in a lift, and she does a great flip, thrown off his back to “dismount.”

Nigel calls this a great routine to open the show, and mentions he thought Alex looked like a Brazilian Bono with his dark glasses in the clip of them working. He does think that Mark could have relaxed his body a little more, but he felt they both had great footwork. Mark always manages to get into character, and he likes that. As for Chelsie, Nigel thinks she was tremendous, and where her outfit touches it’s fantastic, and where it doesn’t touch is even better. Her relaxed style shows up Mark’s tense style, yet Nigel admits he’d be tense dancing with Chelsie, too. Suddenly with a sexy woman around, he’s not so crabby.

Mary calls this routine another rocket-fast number by Alex, and this one works for her. Mark could have been a little more loose in the top, and it just needs more rhythm in his body going against his hips. She expected more of him at this point, but as far as the under arm turns, and the ending lift, he and Chelsie nailed it. Mark danced with power and strength and is there as a partner which is wonderful for Chelsie. Because she is a Latin dancer, they expected her to nail it and she did. Fred Astaire once said to Cyd Charisse that she was beautiful dynamite, and that’s exactly what Chelsie is tonight.

Mia tells Chelsie she’s so freaking gorgeous, she can’t take it. She’s like Brigitte Bardot with Cyd Charisse’s legs with that quality of old Hollywood. The routine was smoking hot and they really danced well, although there was something awkward about Mark, and she can’t put her finger on it. He’s a dancer that is more than that, he’s a star, taking every character and owning it. With this one, there was an insecurity, but overall it was a great performance.

Comfort and Thayne Jasperson are taking on hip hop with Napoleon and Tabitha, and while Comfort is glad to finally have her own genre, Thayne admits it makes him a little nervous, not waiting to look like a white boy trying to do hip hop. Napoleon just want to erase that ever-present smile of Thayne’s. They dance to Can We Chill by Ne-Yo, and again they prove to have better chemistry than they did with their original partners. Comfort, of course, does great, and I think Thayne holds his own here. Cat calls it a hip hop Days of Our Lives type of thing.

Nigel loves Tabitha and Napoleon’s choreography this year, once again seeming like a slam to past choreographers, as it allows the dancers to play parts as well. His mind goes back to the routine Mark and Chelsie did a few weeks ago, and while Comfort and Thayne had the same opportunity, Nigel doesn’t feel they took it. He doesn’t think Comfort related to Thayne other than the very beginning and the very end. They danced it okay, and all the choreography was there, but he didn’t see anything they added. Cat points out they are a brand new couple, but Nigel refuses to accept any excuses and thinks they’ll be in the bottom three. Mr. Crabby Pants is back.

Mary notes they’re talking chemistry, and she doesn’t think Comfort and Thayne had it. Tabitha and Napoleon are always so connected, even when they’re apart, and Comfort and Thayne aren’t. There were some cute little highlight moments like the ear popping that were really cool and groovy, but it’s not going to get her to stand up right now. It was just good.

Mia calls it a little bit more than good. She loved the choreography on the stairs, but when they got to the floor, it got “mm, mm, mm.” (She’s just so descriptive!) They have work on their connection. Mia’s a great fan of Comfort’s, and she’s been pushing for her, as there’s something she really, really likes. She has to back off at this point, though, as she’s not taking it where she needs to take it. She loves Thayne as well, yet it felt thin for him tonight. She wanted him to get a little more into the meat and potatoes of the piece.

Jessica King and Will Wingfield are up next with a Tyce Diario contemporary routine. Tyce explains there’s no story in the dance, but there is an essence that needs to be felt, with the connection between a man and a woman, like the Garden of Eden. Jessica calls it more than dance, being about the combination between art and their bodies and feels strong here. Since it’s something she has yet to feel, she’s excited. They dance to Silence from the Unfaithful soundtrack. The guy is once again shirtless, and only seems to be wearing a loincloth. This is so earthy. It feels like such a private moment that we’re allowed into. For once, I don’t think Jessica will be picked on.

Nigel calls this an extraordinary piece of work by Tyce, and extremely erotic, making him realize why there was so much begetting in the Old Testament. He again says it was a stunning piece, and calls Will just incredible with his lines and strength. Without question, it’s been hard for Jessica to keep up with him, but now she’s managing it. At certain points they even needed to breathe together, and we needed to feel that, leaving him realizes that unlike Comfort and Thayne, they did add something to the piece. They added a connection.

Mary admits to blushing, and says, “You Tarzan, me Jane.” More seriously, she says wow, noting it was one of the most amazing pieces she’s seen on the show. Will is the picture of strength, dynamic and a technical dancer. Jessica stepped up to the plate once again, and is right there, with a lovely handstand then rolled around. We get a Mary scream here. When Cat mentions the spellbound audience, Nigel says he was busy counting Will’s muscles.

Mia tells a story, saying Tyce played the song for this routine for her, and she fell asleep, making him think it wasn’t a good choice. She loves that Will and Jessica completely went to a new place with it, exploring newness, which is difficult to do in the amount of time they’re given on this show. She calls Tyce brilliant and feels it was like the perfect moving body art, like a continual fluid painting. Will reminds her of Desmond Richardson, while Jessica was just working on being committed for the first time. She went for it and got it.


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