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So You Think You Can Dance 4, July 3rd – Mr. Cranky Pants Makes an Appearance

However, Kourtni and Matt still have to dance it at the same time as the chreographers. The leg needs to go more to the side, and Matt needs to be stronger and more butch. When the crowd boos him here, Nigel gets upset, saying don’t bother coming anymore if they don’t like it. He doesn’t mind being booed, but they shouldn’t boo a good comment. He’s so feisty tonight! I think it would serve him right to have an empty audience next week. Nigel continues, andtalks to Matt about his neck releases, but says other than all that, it was a good routine.

Chelsie and Mark are up next with the fox trot with Edward Simon, and it’s suggested to Matt that it’s like there’s a second Chelsie there with him, which really freaks him out. Dancing to It’s My Life with Paul Anka, they seem to do as well as any other thing they tackle. Yet, I think he’s too soft with it at times, but what do I know. They do a great lift where she goes over his back. With the feathery dress that she was wearing, Cat notes she danced her little feathers off, and even Tabitha notes she had a feather in her mouth at one point, but it didn’t phase her. Napoleon adds that’s when they’re a pleasure to watch, as they look like they just love to dance. He and Tabitha are dancers for the same reason.

Mary recognizes some hard stuff in the choreography, and believes they pulled it off. Yes, they did! It was elegant and classsy, and she never realized any costume problems going on. Mark was suave with his hair back and his technique was great as well. Nigel adds without quesiton, Mary is the expert on this, yet he felt as though Mark was a little uncomfortable. He agrees Chelsie was fabulous, and Mark should have used his feet more, not being so much on toes. He thinks Mary ignored technique a little in preference for being entertained. She screams back at him, and he says he respects that, but he wishes she’d be about three decibels lower. Yeah, but at least she’s not a cranky pants.

Twitchington is back, and they’re doing contemporary with Mia Michaels. I don’t know why, but while they work on this, the three of them, along with Mia’s assistant, are laying on a bed. Onstage tonight, Will works once again without a shirt, and is on the bed on the stage. He literally rolls out of bed, and she starts from behind, suddenly joining him. They don’t ever seem to be on the bed togehter, and suddenly rose petals appear falling down on them. She seems to be throwing them from behind. They have great emotions they’re pouring out. This is my favorite Mia routine this season. I think it meausres up to the infamous park bench one.

Tabitha has one thing to say, “Awesome, awesome, awesome.” She was hard on Twitch before, but thank God they did this one, as he redeemed himself and his commitment. Napoleon found a lot of amazing moments with Twitch starting strong, yet vulnerable, and Kherington then coming in from behind with messy hair and all. The great moments here told the story, and he wants to know how you can go wrong with a good looking guy, a beautiful girl, a bed, and flowers. Well, I can think of several ways, but whatever.

Mary notes Mia outdid herself this time, and issues a Whoo! Passion is a fever, and she thinks hers just went up. It was powerful, dynamic, and the story was absolutley believable between them. She loved it. Mr. Crabby Pants knows that Mia was inspired to create this because of his relationship with her. He doesn’t know why everyone’s laughing, as years ago he used to be able to jump about on a bed like that. He’s also not sure what body shop the costume department went to, but he wants a body like the ripped one Twitch is sporting. Suddenly a lot less crabby, he’s more serious and notes it’s hard to critique a routine like that, but they were very committed, and he believed it, as he couldn’t stop watching. He’s already picked out one of the top couples tonight, and he thinks they’re another. He also notes anyone to work with Mia is very lucky … well I’ll add usually. She’s had her crabby moments this season as well.

Katee and Joshua get the chance to do West Coast Swing with Benji Schwimmer, sis Lacey, and his assistant “Patti,” a daschaund, who peed on the floor. They swing to Shake It by Brother Yusef, and it’s definitely a Benji routine. Katee even gets in a little butt slap on Joshua. I find Katee a little weak on this in parts, but the judges always seem to love her, so it will be interesting to see what they say. She just seems a tad bit slow. Tabitha tells Joshua that his butt stole the just last week, but this time Katee butted him off the stage, as she was on fire. There were a lot of stops in the choreography that Napoleon really liked, but he thinks he looks like a giant peppermint patty in black and pink. He also discuses how they almost didn’t keep Katee in Vegas, but notes it would have been unfortunate.

Mary enjoyed it, and gives a whoo-hoo! She enjoyed it, and it was a great Benji routine, which Katee and Joshua executed, especially on the lifts. Nigel wants us to remember that this was Benji’s piece de la resistance when he was on the show, where you just had to sit back and say wow. This isn’s Katee and Joshua’s style, but they do well on adapting to others’ styles. They have to believe in what they’re doing, and they do, but the cartwheel/flip wasn’t nearly as good as Benji’s, yet the hip butt that had Joshua flying off the stage should get Katee on the next James Bond movie.

The leaves us with Courtney and Gev to do Broadway with Andy Blankenbuehler for the last number of the night. It’s really fast, with them being tourists from New York, and even though Courtney hails from the Big Apple, she notes it’s pretty difficult. They jump onto the stage to New York, New York by Bernstein, Comden, and Green. They do very well with the acting on this, and there’s a point towards the end, which is just so big, it’s hard not to watch them. It’s typical Broadway, I’ll give them that.

Tabitha believed they were in New York’s rush hour, but she wished that when the music got softer, that their personalities would have matched to make the explosion really good. She thought Gev’s chracter was really good. Napleon found it believable, and while he gave Gev a hard time with the hip hop number, he thinks he found his niche here, B boys on Broadway. Mary thought it was dynamic and enough for her. It was strong, it was matching when it needed to be, and completely believable. She loves the two of them toegehter, and noting they haven’t fallen into the bottom three yet, she thinks they’re headed for the finals.

Mr. Crabby Pants think Courtney and Gev are the underdogs, slipping under the radar, maybe because of their height. This style is perfect for them, because of their style, and it leads to the whole Gene Kelly thing, reminding him of On the Town with that feeling of looking around. He would like Gev to open up a litte more, though, and Courtney’s round kicks weren’t strong enough. What he particualry liked was Andy using the stage, and it gave us the excitiement of New York in the choreography. Was it really brilliant, no it wasn’t, but they gave it everything they could.

Cat closes the show, saying she hates Thursdays and doesn’t want to have them. However, we know we’ll have one anyway, along with a results show. If I were to hazard a guess, I’d put Kourtni and Matt there for sure, and possibly Will and Jessica, along with Thayne and Comfort. I think Jessica needs to land in the bottom so they can get Will re-paired, and maybe he’s the answer to Kourtni’s problems. Maybe they’d have some better chemistry like what happened with Thayne and Comfort, who I think deserve at least another week to continue working on what I see as so much better than their original pairings.

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