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So You Think You Can Dance 4, July 3rd – Mr. Cranky Pants Makes an Appearance

Katee Shean and Joshua Allen work on contemporary with Mia Michaels, who tells them it’s about these two people on their path, yet they’re just focused selfishly on their own lives. With a goal to make Mia proud, Katee and Joshua dance to Hometown Glory by Adele. Katee has always had good hand technqiues, and Mia finds an interesting way to work that in here. Their emotion seems strained to me, since we seem to be focusing on that so much tonight. Joshua has a serious face on afterwards, and can’t get the words out to explain how he feels.

Tabitha talks about the hip hop move where the head comes between the hands, and Katee dove through then stopped, taking it to the next level. The presence they had to have for the very beginning with the simple walk she feels commanded the stage. Napleon thinks the whole beginning told a story without ever doing anything. The part he really loved was the assisted run. He thinks they just get it, and he did pick up something Joshua was trying to explain, and that’s that it’s just so much more than dancing.

Mary still doesn’t feel they have messed up even one time. Sometimes it’s those most quiet moments, what she calls a monumental stillness, when a dancer makes you feel something like that. She thinks Katee is amazing and really brought it on tonight, instead of all the work coming from Joshua. Nigel calls it very fancy choreography and dancing, and knows it takes great faith to do what Katie did and great concentration and strength to do what Joshua did. It proves to him that they are one of the four couples that will make this season outstanding.

Courtney Galiano and Gev Manoukian’s first dance is hip hop with Cecily Bradley and Olisa Thompson. He’s feeling a little nervous about this, as the choreographers think this competition is turning him into a contemporary artist. They dance to Lights, Camera, Action! by Mr. Cheeks, and she does really good at getting into that funky groove with him. Despite the fact it’s hip hop, at times they seem like they’re floating. Napoleon think Courtney was pretty ghetto with the Eli Manning jersey, and in fact she was so good, he’s not sure Gev was keeping up with her. Tabitha thinks some of the moves were too bouncy instead of down, but she tells Courtney, “I’m feelin’ ya, Girl.”

Mary calls this one 50/50, saying she doesn’t think Gev hit it hard enough. She expected more, as the whole time she was drawn to Courtney, feeling she was killing this routine. Nigel admits he was looking at Courtney, too, but only because she’s prettier. It was fun and funky, but more funky than hip hop, as there was a little of the O’Jays in there doing Backstabbers, and at one point it felt like Cinderella getting ugly. She’s just not ghetto, she’s more Santa Claus’ grotto. Did Nigel wake up on the wrong side of the bed, or what?

Everyone gets a chance to wow the judges in the second round now, as they obviously really didn’t cut it for them in the first round. Will and Jessica are back and now have lyrical jazz with Mandy Moore. They’re using a shirt for a prop this time, and even Will knows it could be hit or miss. They dance to Alone by Heart, and he’s definitely sexy without a shirt on out there. She has his shirt on apparently, as he grabs it off her, but thankfully, she’s wearing something underneath. Wow, what a sexually charged rotuine. At the end, though, her pferoformance is a little weak. Ca asks after why boys’ shirts always smell so good, and she definitely has a point there.

Tabitha wants Will to take the shirt back off, and Mary gives her an amen, while Tabitha mentions she likes the shirt idea, as more than anything else, Will has such great lines. Naopleon mentions Will’s first leap, saying it was so high, it went over Jessica’s head, and he has it in him to fly to the top of the competition. He also mentions what we all know, that at some point, she’s holding Will down, as she wasn’t always there emotionally.

Mary says talent is flame and genius is fire, and that was fire. Whoo! Yes it was! From the leap, they were both showing passion. She thought it was outstsanding, and they had the whole package. The two of them are now on the trian. She didn’t think Jessica had it in her, and Jessica proved her wrong. Cat points out she thinks there’s a dress code of no shirts on the train, and even Nigel asks the audience who wants to dance with Will, and a round of applause goes up. He calls it fabulous, yet says it’s a duet, and wants Jessica to do what Adam Shankman asked her to, to realize she’s a good dancer. Every time she went in the air in the death defying throws, everything was pointed with everything in the air. He knows they’ve had meltdowns this week, as the choreographers have told him, but that doesn’t matter. The only thing that does is their performance.

Comfort and Thayne test that chemistry again with a smooth waltz by choreographer Edward Simon. Comfort does have a long lost love, but Thayne doesn’t, yet plans to still show the world what it’s like. They dance to New Age Armenia’s Have Arek Sarer Jan. Their leap is fantastic, and I have to say how surprised I am that she is pulling off this ballroom so well. They are very beautiful the way they move together. Tabitha admits to not being a waltz expert, yet he throroughly enjoyed it. Napoleon loved the second lift where they were spinning with her above his head. Tabitha thought Thayne seemed phony, but it’s a minor detail. I’ll say.

Mary is a waltz expert, and she loved it. It could have had more power in certain places, but Comfort is like a beautiful dancing butterfly tonight. She refers to her as a waltzing queen. Nigel agrees, saying that first time choreographer Edward Simon did a great job, and while Nigel thought it would be tough, they did well and it was tremendous. Thayne did well with his body and shape. Comfort looks so beatuiful tonight, and while Nigel isn’t a fan of piercings to begin with, he feels that her taking hers out has made her into a ballroom queen tonight.

Kourtni and Matt are doing rumba for their next dance, and work with Alex deSilva, who tells them from beginning to end, it’s no joke. Matt doesn’t hate it, but thinks the rumba hates him. Hmm. They enter big on the stage to Ban-Con-Tim by Super All-Star, I’ll give them that. These two have a sexiness together I didn’t expect. I can only saw wow watching it, and I hope the judges are just as impressed. Tabitha is hot and cold on it, though, saying Kourtni was a little rough getting out, and she just wants a little more from Matt like “raarr.” Napoleon wants him to get down and grimy more, as it was too smiley, and when they did the chest rolls, there should have been smoke coming from them.

Mary thinks Kourtni was smoking, but they weren’t smoking together, as she didn’t enjoy the chemistry. She adds, though, that it was a tough routine. It was a so tough, she was exhausted by the end of it, but it was too bouncy, where it needed to get down. Nigel agrees it was a tough routine, and says one of the best rumbas is in West Side Story, which shows you how sexy and athletic it can be. However, he points out that with Alex and his partner, they’re two smaller people choregraphing two taller people like Kourtni and Matt, plus she’s in three inch heels that are probably taller than Alex.


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