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So You Think You Can Dance 4, July 3rd – Mr. Cranky Pants Makes an Appearance

Now that we’re getting further into the season, the dancers on So You Think You Can Dance are becoming a little more defined. We’re starting to see the separation not between good and bad, but good and better, making it more exciting. In addition, we have a new couple made from the eliminations last week, with Comfort and Thayne now paired together. I’m not sure, though, if it will improve any for them.

Cat Deeley opens the show tonight with a bold black and white dress, and a hairdo that looks straight out of the 40s. In fact, she looks a little like Blondie. Not Call Me Blondie, but Blondie and Dagwood. She announces that we’re getting treated to two separate dances from each couple tonight.. That’s a little shocking. We never have it this soon, but I guess they don’t want to cut this show down to just an hour tonight. Also, in our third judge’s spot tonight are Tabitha and Napoleon.

Jessica King and Will Wingfield are up first tonight, and worked with Tony Meredith and Melanie on the jive for their first dance. Will wasn’t expecting it to be so hard, and she was expecting them to get it. Both were wrong, apparently. Dancing to Choo Choo Ch’Boogie from Five Guys Named Moe, it’s the music that should have been behind Cat’s hairdo. Her footwork sems to slip a little, but overall they present a lot of fun here, certainly more than their disco last week. He’s outstanding as usual, and they do a flip/turn/lift thing that is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

Tabitha notes Jessica and Will have had a rocky road, but she felt their fight tonight. Napoleon thinks it was hard for Jessica to get going, but after the turn through the legs, the look in her eyes knew they had nailed it. Mary agrees they nailed the trick, but she also thinks they missed a lot, although the audience was probably fooled. She wanted to see more of Will’s hips, and Jessica wasn’t quite there, meaning not quite on the train. Nigel thought Will had a great bounce with his weight in the right place, but Jessica did not have her weight in the right place and her work was a little lazy. He thinks she’ll struggle once they start to switch up partners, and frankly I’m wondering if she’ll make it that long.

The new partnership of Comfort and Thayne Jasperson are taking on Andy Blankenbuehler’s Broadway with the song Cool from West Side Story. They tell us it’s not the typical West Side Story, as there’s a little twist in the end. They think they have great chemistry together, and I would have to agree with that watching them tonight. This is definitely up Thayne’s alley, and Comfort has picked up what she could never find with Chris. I’m shocked, as I never would have thought these two would have this together.

Tabitha agrees, thinking it’s a good match. She felt the chemistry, and they had drama that was in the moment. Napoleon thought the same thing with “the B Boy meets contemporary,” and he loved Comfort’s flirtiness. Mary also agrees. She enjoyed the number, and she’s proud of Comfort tonight, as it could have been a lot more and bigger, but coming from hip hop, she brought it on, and looks beautiful in the outfit. She expected Thayne to do well, and he did.

Nigel notes that it was choreographed in the 50s, and Andy’s choreography was legitimate. The point is pent-up aggression that keeps popping out, but he didn’t see that in the routine. He can’t keep going back to excusing them for doing a different genre than either of theirs. He thinks it just wasn’t good enough. Nigel doesn’t think it was near good enough for Broadway.

Kourtni Lind and Matt Dorame are going to take on a Cecily Bradley and Olisa Thompson hip hop routine. Matt jokes he just might start working on his solo. Dancing to How Do I Breathe by Mario, the way Matt’s moving, he looks like a real hip hopper. I’m a little surprised I’m saying this, but he seems a little better at this than her. She’s not staccato enough with her moves, and it makes them not do it in time with him. You can take the girl out of contemporary, but …

Tabitha calls this a good job, and explains it isn’t the easiest form of hip hop to do. They were groovy and in the pocket. She was especially surprised at Matt’s ability to sit in the pocket. But, as Napoleon mentions, going off Nigel’s last comment, if they were in a hip hop competition, it definitely wasn’t good enough. The way Matt rotated his head wasn’t right, and neither was their synchronized clap. Mary says whether it’s slow or fast, it still has to entertain us and make us feel something, and she didn’t. She doesn’t like being like this, as she wants to jump up and down for them, but she just can’t. Nigel says he doesn’t know if it’s the choreography, the dancers, or the style, but it didn’t sit with him and didn’t grab him. It was a little like hip hop on sleeping pills.

Up next is Chelsie Hightower and Mark Kanemura with a Mandy Moore jazz routine. Even Mandy admits it’s a little fast, as Chelsie says it’s hard, and they’ll have to crack down more. They always bring out energy, and tonight is no differnet, as they dance to Kiss, Kiss by Holly Vance. Speaking of chemistry, these two have it. It’s definitley the best routine of the night so far. Tabitha blows them a kiss, then says no matter what story they’re given, they’re able to tell it together. Napoleon totally agrees, mentioning their choreography.

Mary hates to be a downer tonight, and she doesn’t want them to get upset, as … she just loved it! She doesn’t think they’ve taken a wrong turn yet. And Chelsie is on top of the world in the competition, while Mark hit every beat even though it was fast. Nigel doesn’t feel as though it was fast, as it just worked. They were the first couple tonight with a connection that used each other, and while Mark’s upper body is stronger, Chelsie’s hips are stronger, making them magic together.

Twitchington has the paso doble next, and Kherington Payne notes she’s been kicking Twitch the whole time, so he could easily do it to her in return. There is attitude galore as they start out with Malagueria by Brian Setzer. He does some great spins on his legs, and in even the closeups of his face, he’s nailing it. Twitch is told by Napoleon that the attitude in him came out. He thinks Kherington was demanding energy, and he wasn’t until there the stomp, and he knew after that he had her. Tabitha agrees, and says while Will didn’t pick up the character until halfway through, it was a risky move. Napoleon adds the flamenco girls always look like they’ll kick your butt, and Kherington had that same fire.

Mary agrees it was full of passion. She loved the very beginning and coming out of the lift. The cap bit was so-so , and it’s never done much in this competition, as it’s a really hard step and Twitch didn’t hold his position. For her, it’s just okay, but she was entertained. Nigel accuses her of copping out, and she has to agree. Nigel admits he was entertained as well, and we finally find out that it was Tony Meredith and Melanie that choreographed it. Twitch was wearing his shoulders like earrings, and they were worse with his epaulets. For the people that say Kherington smiles too much, he hopes they’re happy. It was so much, that Kherington demanded a lot of Twitch, and Nigel isn’t sure she got it.


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