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So You Think You Can Dance 4, June 25th – … and So She Would Dance.

Mary calls this a difficult dance to pull off in five and a half hours, (that’s all they get to practice each week?), but it was okay for her, which is pretty good. The entrance for Mary was really good. It’s really the substance of it where it fell short. She has to compare it to other seasons, and to others that have never done the quickstep before, like Jemiah and Nick Lazzarini, and especially Cameron last season that nailed. it. This fell short of that, and Thayne had good footwork and held his carriage, but she doesn’t think Chelsea was helping her partner at all. They could be on the train before, but this time they can’t board, just having to wave at the others from the platform. Adam calls them both great dancers, but says they don’t look comfortable or like they’re in their element. They can’t ever let the audience know it’s not their thing. For a positive, it was great trust on the end dip, as she just let let go, hoping he was there.

Chelsie Hightower thinks what we don’t know about Mark Kanemura is that he’s crooked, and he seems to feel that’s all in his face. What he knows we don’t know is that when she’s not on stage being sexy, she’s such a tomboy. Offstage, she’s picking her teeth, being a “boy.” She was surprised he got so into his tango character last week, and he admits it was a lot of fun. This week they’re taking on hip hop with Tabitha and Napoleon. Mark will play a workaholic in this, with Chelsie being the person who doesn’t want him to leave and go to work. Mark likes characters, as it motivates him to move a certain way. What they really work on is getting that timing down.

Tonight, Chelsie and Mark are dancing to Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis. Wow, they do great. You can really see the emotion they’re pulling at, and I’ve just never seen a hip hop that pulls at me like this. It’s a great routine by Tabitha and Napoleon, and Chelsie and Mark play their parts to the hilt. Nigel starts off by saying he is loving Tabitha and Napoleon, saying he is so pleased they came to the number one dance show (Is he ripping on Dancing With the Stars again?), but that is not to say he isn’t in love with Chelsie and Mark as well, because he is. Last week he didn’t think she had enough passion, but this week she does. He doesn’t know whether Mark is the boyfriend, husband, or a really lucky door-to-door salesman, but either way he was crazy leaving her. There was just so much there for the audience to grab onto.

Mary has to agree, saying she loved it. She really believed the struggle that was going on on the stage. It’s really true today in society, that we’re all working so hard, and leaving loved ones behind to put in a fifteen or sixteen hour day to make ends meet. She believed the struggle, and they brought it to her, living it on stage right now. They were hard-hitting, smooth when they needed to be, harsh when they needed to be, and synchronized when they needed to be, especially with the three pops with their chests in harmony.

Adam starts out calm, then jumps up with a few shouts that rival Mary’s screams. He thinks it was awesome, and it’s something great about this show, that they explored a totally new thing, miracle hip hop, and Tabitha and Napoleon nailed it. But the dancers did their part as well, making him feel horrible about their situation, and they both had it in their eyes for the camera, which is what you need on this show when they camera gets really close. He calls them the couple to beat.

Katee Shean knows America sees Joshua Allen as a tough guy, racing cars and dirt bikes, but he’s really a softie, being really sweet and a teddy bear all the time. What we don’t know about her is that she screams like a boy all the time. She was happy to do Broadway last week with her mom in the audience, and this week they’ll do the samba with Tony Meredith and Melanie. Joshua is a little scared, and for Katee to play a seductress now, it’s going to be awkward. He knows she doesn’t feel pretty or sexy, but he wants her to see she is. Even Tony and Meredith are a little surprised at her boy screams when she’s frustrated.

In the last dance of the night, Katee and Joshua samba to Baila Baila by Angela Via. The wardrobe budget must really have been short this week, as she’s another dancer with half a dress. To be a sexual guy seems to come natural for him, and while it wasn’t as easy for her, she very much plays this off. I’ll be the first to say I didn’t get them last week, but definitely do this week. Joshua’s dad in the audience is definitely enjoying it.

Nigel notes Tony and Melanie always do a sexy routine, but they really outdid themselves here. He is also happy to find the other half of Courtney’s dress. What is so sexy about Katee is she doesn’t over-exaggerate any of the moves. Joshua admits that seeing they were doing samba this week, he was preparing himself for the solo, but Nigel tells him he has a really natural samba rhythm, very natural. And while Katee has the dress, he has a really tight pair of trousers, making Nigel ask if the buns came from his daddy. Dad in the audience pulls up his shirt and turns around to show us. If Joshua was 15 he’d be covering his head, refusing to get out of the car. Nigel thinks they have great chemistry, and with four couples tonight that have been outstanding, this is one of them.

Mary needs to cool down, laughing from Nigel’s comments, and also noting because the number was hot. Breaking it down by merit, personality, they were animated, had spirit and energy. Technically, he walked like a man, was it all hot, yes, and the real merit, hot tamale merit, yes it was! Joshua swings his butt in the tight pants to celebrate, and Mary furthers it saying it was two first class tickets on the train. Adam calls this serious competing. He doesn’t ever want to hear Katee say she doesn’t think she’s pretty or hot again, as it was smoking.

As far as who he thinks is in danger tonight, Nigel wants it known that no one was really bad tonight, as everyone was of a very high standard, but the one that will probably be going home is Joshua’s dad. He has no comments about anyone else. Mary thinks everyone did a tremendous job, and she too, thinks Joshua’s dad is going home. Adam agrees. Tonight, the guy has the most famous butt on TV.

Looking at it more seriously, Nigel had already said he thinks there were four outstanding couples tonight, and I have to break it down here to most likely being Twitchington, Courtney and Gev, Kourtni and Matt, Chelsie and Mark, and Katee and Joshua. Whoops, that’s five. I guess that means the bottom three will probably be Comfort and Chris, Will and Jessica, and Chelsea and Thayne. It’s possible that there could be a switch between Will and Jessica and Kourtni and Matt, though, but I just think Jessica continues to struggle some, no matter how the judges wanted to paint it. As brilliant as he is, he really needs a new partner.

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