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So You Think You Can Dance 4, June 25th – … and So She Would Dance.

Mary points, agreeing, and says she wanted more of that and more wild, as it fell short. The best part was the animalistic beginning, but after that it tended to fall and she became disinterested. It doesn’t get a Mary scream. Adam finds this an interesting challenge, as it’s nothing but a giant performance piece, not being all tricks. For this, they should have listened and felt the music moving through them instead of just dancing to it. He needed it more in their face, instead of just in their bodies.

What Will Wingfield has learned about Jessica King is that her nickname is Ariel, because of the long red hair she used to have. She has learned that he is an absolute gentleman, opening doors, ladies first, shaking hands, etc. They recall the judges were hard on her last week doing the hip hop, but they want to get back into it again this week. They’ll be doing disco with Doriana Sanchez (I have to tell you my spell check always wants to make her name Doreen Sanitize). She’s not happy with the amount of playing around that Jessica is doing, as she’s trying to help her fix what’s wrong. Jessica appreciates Doriana wanting to help her, but she thinks it’s going a little too far.

Jessica and Will dance to Heaven Must Have Sent You by Bonnie Pointer. Her footwork definitely isn’t the best coming out and going into turns. It just seems like Will is carrying her once again, especially with a fantastic flip going across the stage. Adam laughs at Will falling a little as he caught her at the end, putting his hand down to catch himself, and Jessica doing it as well to match with their lines. Nigel talks about disco sometimes appearing cheesy, yet Doriana is an expert in the area. If she has a go at you, then it’s wonderful to have the experience. In other words, Jessica, shut up and take the help, as you need it. While they danced well, there were two or three areas where it went well. After the death fall they lost energy, and of course the arm thing at the end. Yet, they carried it off.

Mary believes Will and Jessica carried it off throughout the mistakes, and says it was and incredibly difficult routine. The first few lifts were absolutely effortless, and it was a turning point not just for Jessica, but also Will. He got into character and believed the story Doriana was trying to say. He owned the routine, and many have worried about his personality, but it was a turning point tonight as he brought it on. Jessica stepped up to the plate and should be proud of herself. Mary thought they were a lean mean disco machine.

Adam thought the routine was really fantastic with incredibly challenging material. He finds Jessica so beautiful it’s so scary, and he wishes Jessica knew how good of a dancer she was. He feels she’s her own worst enemy, not being able to just let it go. He wants her to not get in her own way. Adam tells Will he’s great, and Nigel butts back in saying Will was in character from the very beginning with the Travolta move.

Matt Dorame says what we don’t know about Kourtni Lind is that she has a tattoo that reads “… and so she would dance” on the back of her neck. It’s from a poem from her mom, and means whatever comes up in her life, good or bad, she’ll dance through it. What she knows we don’t know about him is that he likes to wear a ninja mask around. He thinks it’s the same as the bandanas she wears. Not quite, Buddy. While he doesn’t think anyone other than his mother noticed him slipping during their routine last week, he’s probably wrong. This week they have contemporary with first time choreographer to the show, the mohawked Sonya Tayeh. Matt comes in wearing his ninja mask, and Sonya attacks him. Welcome to the show. The routine will be like two comic book characters chasing and flirting with each other. It’ll be like a comic book, frame by frame, with lots of playfulness.

Dancing to Wrestlers (Sticky Dirty Pop Mix) by Hot Chip, I have to wonder at first what the heck Sonya was smoking choreographing this. It’s just odd. It definitely allows Matt to do some character work they’ve been wanting, though. They do great on their tandem leaps, and while weird, the dancing is really quite good. Nigel thinks it’s the first time the two of them have found a style they can work in. The quirkiness puts a different flavor onto contemporary, and the public probably won’t appreciate it as much as a Mia Michaels romantic contemporary, but the dancers will love it. He’d still like to see Matt relax a little more.

Mary tells Sonya there was something weird going on her mind creating that. It was something weird for sale, but she’s buying it! It was quirky, but did a great job showcasing Matt and Koutni’s talent, especially the synchronized leaps. There’s something said about a broom and sweeping, but I’m not catching the analogy. Adam tells Matt the ninja mask thing is definitely weird and bad on a first date. Yeah, not only would it look odd, but your date would wonder why you’re sneaking up on her. To them both Adam says their bodies are so extraordinary, and when they talk about people that should be dancing, they talk about them. It makes him mad at the wardrobe department for putting Kourtni in a thing that looks like a shopping bag, as he wanted to see her body.

Chelsea Traille says what we don’t know about Thayne Jasperson is that he wants to be a fashion designer, picking out what she should wear and even makes his own shirts. What we don’t know about her is that she’s quite a little flower thief, stealing them from people’s gardens, restaurants, and hotel lobbies. They had a tough time with the jazz last week, but were saved dancing for their lives. This week they get another shot doing the quick step with Heather Smith. They do a lot of work with the proper frame, and even dance in a hula hoop to try and keep that frame. Thayne of course tries to do the traditional thing you do with a hula hoop.

You Can’t Hurry Love by Phil Collins is the song behind Chelsea and Thayne’s quickstep tonight, and it could just be me, but she seems to have a hard time stopping in her heels. Aside from that, their routine seems to be missing some elegance somewhere. Nigel thought they tried to keep the body shape, but it was a little too bouncy for him in places. The bad part for him was that they didn’t really show their personalities. He felt like someone put Band-Aids over their mouths and painted teeth on them. I get that, but why Band-Aids? When they did the Charleston, they should have had much more fun with it. It was better than he thought it would be, but if Chelsea’s personality gets swallowed up by a routine, we lose her, as that’s all she is He does warn them they should probably warm up their solos.


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