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So You Think You Can Dance 4, June 25th – … and So She Would Dance.

Tonight could be an interesting night on So You Think You Can Dance, not that we’re starting to get a clearer picture of who the top dancers are in our eyes as well as the judges. With three of the contemporary guys landing in the bottom last week, it leads me to believe either they just aren’t strong this year, or maybe they’re splitting the votes. But then I look at the B boys and hip hopppers they have this year, and I know it’s not vote splitting. If they can manage the Latin and ballroom dances the way they seem to be doing, then it seems they can can truly do it all.

Adam Shankman, the chorepgraher and director of Hairspray joins us tonight on the judging panel, alongside Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy. Cat Deeley, looking very fabulous, says she knew Adam was going to be here, so she stepped it up a notch. He replies it’s no joke, he nearly wore the same thing she is, a short, tight little white number of a dress, noting she looks categorically catakismically, cattastic. He notes that he has just wrapped up a new Adam Sandler Christmas movie, Bedtime Stories, and he cast some of the former So You Think You Can Dance dancers, Lacey Schwimmer and Travis Wall. Let’s hope for something more along the lines of Reign Over Me than Zohan.

Mary thinks the season is shaping up into an unbelievable season. She recognizes at this point last year it was a little easier to tell who would be kicked off, but not this year, as they’re all bunched up in a pack and ready to let loose. She thinks it will be their best year ever. Nigel talks about Cyd Charisse dying, saying she was the epitome of style and grace and very tall. He was lucky to dance with her about forty years ago (he jokes he was just 2), and she yelled at him for the way he was lifting her. He encourages everyone to catch one of her movies. R.I.P. Cyd.

Twitchington is up first tonight, Kherington Payne and Twitch. All the pairs will be asked tonight what they have to say about each other. Didn’t we do that last week with the good and the bad of each? Kherington explains the one thing we don’t know about Twitch is that he sounds like a bear when he laughs. He wants us to know that she has a huge shopping problem, having not about 427 shoes. Which pair is missing a shoe?

Both Kherington and Twitch are surprised they did as well as they did last week with the Viennese Waltz. This time, though, they’re doing hip hop with Tabitha and Napoleon. Twitch thinks the judges will be extra hard on him since this is his forte. Napoleon explains it’s a prison break, making Twitchington the Most Wanted. Hmm. Call John Walsh. Tonight they do their convict hip hop to Don’t Touch Me (Throw Da Water On ‘Em) by Busta Rhymes. We expected Twitch to be good, but she does just as well. This gal is gangsta; she can have as many shoes as she wants, even if she wants to walk around with one shoe missing.

Nigel looks at the positives first, telling Twitchington they’re both brilliant dancers, both have a spirit and energy that goes beyond dancing making us enjoy watching them. He feels Tabitha and Napoleon created a fantastic routine for them, as there’s a story there that entertains the audience, and they danced it brilliantly. As for the negatives, he can’t think of anything. He fooled them … and me. Mary thinks for sure Twitchington will be on the ten Most Wanted list of So You Think You Can Dance. Kherington stepped up to the plate and Twitch just killed it in his own style. She recalls an ancient Murphy proverb, Whoo! After some kissy-face with Mary, Adam says it was awesome, and makes a few suggestions, as they have a long time to go on the show. If they get hip hop again, Adam wants Twitch to teach Kherington how to do things the right way. He also wants to point out they pace things really well, yet he wants Kherington to be sure to stay in character 100% of the time.

Courtney Galiano wants us to know that Gev Manoukian looked like a little girl when he was little after seeing the evidence in pictures. He wants us to know she was going to be a school teacher, previously helping young kids with behavior and emotional problems. I wonder if she feels bad watching this that he was nothing but nice in his response. She is proud that Gev did as well as he did with their contemporary routine last week, and this week they’ll be learning the rumba with Tony Meredith and Melanie. The only thing Courtney knew beforehand was she would need to make a figure 8 with her hips. She disagrees with the part of the choreography where Gev needs to grab her butt, but Gev is blushing as he does it.

Courtney and Gev are rumbaing to Wishing On a Star by Rose Royce. I think Jordin Sparks did this with the final three in American Idol last year, didn’t she? From the first ten seconds, it’s definitely a sexy number, as Courtney slides head and arms first down Gev’s back and legs. They do a fantastic job with this, and she has great expressions with her face. Nigel is very happy with the routine as well, thinking they make a fabulous couple with a good connection. Gev reminded him a little of Dominic from last season, and he brought everything together. He’s pleased the wardrobe department could only afford half a dress for Courtney.

Mary thought it was fantastic and a beautiful routine. From the beginning where Courtney went down Gev’s back to her rumba walks that were really not bad to a turn that she nailed just the way it should have been to the pot stirrer into the lift. They especially had very good chemistry. Adam thinks Mary looks like a really pretty disco ball, and back to the dancers, he says they have no idea how exciting it is to be a judge when they’re all doing well, as they sit there and grab each other. He loved this and wants Gev to know he’s a really strong dude, and he gets the Dominic comparison. His suggestions are to watch their hands on the reach a little more if they do this or contemporary, and he also notes the arabesque didn’t completely go all the way around.

Comfort tells us Chris Jarosz is a big moocher, but don’t you dare ask for his food, because you’re not going to get it. What he knows we don’t know about her is that she was in a beauty pageant when she was younger. She has a softer side we didn’t know about. It was hard for them to be in the bottom three last week after doing the krump, but it felt good to do their solos and stay. Tyce Diario works with them on jazz this week. He calls it a real earthy routine and she thinks it will be fun to do what Tyce explains is African without the jazz hands. Chris isn’t sure about the sheets they are using for props, though. He does predict they’ll get a Mary scream.

From the get go, just that Chris is dancing to Marilyn Manson’s Beautiful People cracks me up. Then I see him crawling his way out from behind a corner. It’s definitely earthy, and Chris does his best to get masculine with it, knowing it was where he was lacking last week. I’m not sure if he always makes it, but he’s trying. Nigel isn’t sure Chris and Comfort have the right to be confident, saying he was expecting more from the sheets and the choreography. He was disappointed in the power, feeling it was too soft from Chris. He wanted it to be more materialistic.


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