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So You Think You Can Dance 4, June 18th – Binoodles!

It’s Kourtni up next, with her partner, the personality-challenged Matt Dorame. He thinks his favorite feature about her is her big, beautiful eyes, and she thinks his best thing is that he’s always complimenting her. Could you be a little more caught up in yourself? She feels his worst quality is he isn’t a good singer, and he feels her worst is that she doesn’t know how to appreciate good singing. He admits to being shocked that he stayed last week, and hopefully Jean Marc Denereux will help them this week, showing them the fox trot. Kourtni has a lot of confidence in Matt, yet Jean Marc is worried with their height and their lifts, calling it a bumpy ride.

They come out tonight with music that is definitely reiminiscent of Astaire and Rogers, A Foggy Day (In London Town) by Michael Buble. Matt is showing some great personality, and Kourtni for some reason had a sourpuss look on her face to start that looked like she’d been crying, but she picks it up. Beleive it or not, I feel he has the bigger personality here and has pretty good technique to match. Mia feels this was great, old Hollywood elegance, and she thinks Matt is fantastic, even though Nigel talks about him not having personality. She finds him refined and elegant. Mia feels the only time Kourtni shows strength is when her leg is near, as she’s strong and comfortable with the leg lifts, and she’s not necessarily owning her size and length yet.

Mary just loves the choreography, but the rest of it is a mixed bag for her, as it started out strong, very charismatic, and while they expect a lot out of them, the turns and kicks are absoltuely brilliant, but the footwork isn’t close at all. There were some issues there that she didn’t expect from the two of them, leaving her disappointed. Nigel is not disappointed, telling Matt he is very strong to be able to lift Kourtni, a tall girl, yet he’s very soft in his arms at other points. There was somewhat of a fake performance from the two of them, with the faces. They need to learn to control it all the way through the dance. Having said all of that, he thoroughly enjoyed it. Kind of like a backwards compliment at this point, I’d say.

We need to light this baby on fire again, and we’re looking to Courtney Galiano and Gev Manoukian. The best thing about him, she thinks, is that he’s really strong, and he feels her best quality is that she’s really pretty, but the worst thing is that she has a boyfriend. Doesn’t go hand in hand. His worst thing is that he’s the shortest guy there, and when she puts on heels, they’re the same size. Last week was interesting for him, as he had to wear a dance belt, which is like a guy’s thong that is designed to keep everything in place. I didn’t know they had to wear that, but I guess it makes sense. They’ll be dancing contemporary choreographed by Manday Moore. She’s excited about this, seeing Gev as an underdog. The piece isn’t too deep, and is just a love story. She thinks they have a very sweet connection, recognizing that he likes her so much.

They get a chance to show us that dancing tonight to Lost by Anouk. It has some very intersting chreograophy that is amazing and very beautiful, definitely telling a love story. With one lift, I can’t tell whether it was supposed to be like this or whether he wasn’t strong enough to pick her up. Emotionally, they have it wrapped up, and I think Mia will love it. First Mia throws kudos to Mandy, saying she loved the choreography. Mia thinks Courtney did a good job, but she feels she jazzified it, and she wanted to see more purity and to see her melt. She was leading too much and was like the man in the routine. She’s very proud of Gev, being there for her as a partner, and believed him with his movement. Not quite the reaction that I was expecting from her.

Mary screams and yells she loved it. That’s what I was expecting from Mia. From the first thing Courtney did, she loved it. She thinks the breaker boy in Gev is going to break some hearts out there. They have a killer chemistry, and she loved the foot thing they did together. Nigel agrees they are a well-balanced couple and fitting to each other; yet, he didn’t believe the emotion in the routine, although they danced it well. Mary disagrees. So do I. Nigel believes Gev has more emotion for her outside the dance than inside the dance, but the choreography pulled them to the emotions.

Katee Shean and Joshua Allen are up next. Her favorite thing about him is that he’s such a caring partner, and his favorite thing about her is her smile, as it makes him smile. Her worst thing about him is that he’s always nitpicking her. His worst thing about her is this stupid dance she does when they have an awkward silence. This week they’ll be doing Broadway with Tyce Diorio, and Katee has her jazz hands ready. Yet, there’s more running around than anything else for them. They also have pantomines of mixing in a bowl, playing a trombone, feeling a ray of sunshine, etc. Interesting.

They dance their Broadway to All for the Best from Godspell. You’d expect this to be more up her alley, but Joshua totally knocks this one out of the park. There’s just something about her that isn’t beleivable, but maybe it’s residual feelings left over from when she made the final 20 over her best friend. Her weakness might put them in the bottom three. Nigel doesn’t agree, I don’t think, as he’s running around the stage, literally. Nigel calls this entertainment, that they’re dong this as a contemporary dancer and a popper, and he compares Joshua to Joel Gray. He thinks she is a beautiful spirit, caling it entertainment at its best.

Mary tells them they should come with a warranty. Satisfaction guaranteed! She tells Katee she has really stepped up tonight, coming out of her shell. I didn’t see it. And Joshua, he was right in there, just like any Broadway dancer. He made her believe it, going right in there to the “tra la la phase of her heart.” Mia jokes that she thought it sucked, then says it was amazing. There isn’t much more to add, but she feels they have a connection that is unreal. Katee is taking this to an all new level, and Joshua is a force. She won’t be surprised to see him in the final four next to Will. Nigel agrees, that for a popper to do this, he’s a force.

Can Susie Garcia and Marquis Cunningham keep the judges’ excitement going? His best thing about Susie is that she has so much energy, to the point of always walking around with an energy drink in her hand. Her best thing about him is he’s a goofball, and her worst thing about him is he’s an eater, always having chips in his hand, then being in her face with his breath. What drives him crazy about her is the fierce hair that is always in his face smacking him. She’s deifnitely happy this week to be doing salsa with Alex da Silva, and it’s a Cuban routine, which should really make her shine. Marquis didn’t understand a word out of Alex’s assistant except “No.” Susie thought she looked like she was from Cirque de Soleil, and doesn’t think she’ll ever be able to do those moves. She has a breakdown, and Alex tries to console her.


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