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So You Think You Can Dance 4, June 18th – Binoodles!

Since the announcement of the final twenty, there have been no defined leaders here on So You Think You Can Dance, but after the bottom three couples were shown, what was clear as mud became a little less murky. I’m guessing after tonight’s show, it will improve just that much more.

After watching last week, this week’s rotating judge thinks the season will be “Binoodles.” I’m glad Cat Deeley asked for an explanation. Mia defines this as insane, as there are so many different dimensions of talent and personality. There are a few that she won’t be sad to leave, as she isn’t attached yet, but the majority are fantastic. I’d say then that I agree, this is Binoodles!

Each couple is asked for the best and worst of their partner this week, and Thayne Jasperson explains that his partner Chelsea Traille’s best quality is that she is always so positive, telling him he should snap out of it. She thinks his best feature is that he’s always similing, as she can be somewhat sassy. Her worst feature is that she sleeps when it’s time to leave, and his is that he’s so superstitious about their performances. He wants to stay on Mary’s hot tamale train, and they just might, doing jazz with Mandy Moore. Mandy explains the dance will be about a king and his forbidden love. Thayne loves doing the king character, and they show him knocking on the wooden floor.

Tonight, Thayne and Chelsea dance to Untouched by The Veronicas. The jazz aspect is somewhat recognizable here, and if I didn’t know better, I’d think it was a Wade Robson thing, with the outlandish costumes and robotic, deep stares. Mia calls this a great concept that wasn’t executed at all, as Mandy nodds in the audience. Chelsea wasn’t powerful and hot enough, and Thayne was a little dumpy and not regal enough. He needed to have the carriage and power, and she’s now afraid he’s been kicked off Mary’s hot tamale train.

Mary doesn’t want to put a damper on the first number, but she has to. It didn’t work for her either, as she didn’t believe the chemistry like the cha cha last week. She didn’t believe the forbidden love, not feeling as if it has enough passion. Chelsea looked uncomfortable in the heels, whereas last week she didn’t. She isn’t taking them off the train, but is moving them to the caboose. Nigel agrees with Mia that it was a great concept, as it should have been like the table routine Mandy did last year. He knows it’s New York pop, but he doesn’t like what they’re wearing, as Thayne should be regal and rich, but the bows on Thayne’s shoes and the ruffle around Chelsea look clownish. Yeah, the talent level is starting to get more defined this week.

Hopefully Mark Kanemura and Chelsie Hightower will bring the train back around for us. He thinks her best feature is the scent of her hair, and she thinks his is his quirkiness, as most peole would probably agree. She finds it difficult to partner with him as she’s loud and he’s reserved, and he agrees that sometimes he just wants to tell her to leave him alone. While they missed a lift last week, they don’t think anyone noticed. This week they’ll be doing Argentine Tango with Alex de Silva, who calls this very sexy. It’s closer than what Chelsie is used to, yet she only sees Mark like a big brother, missing out on the romance of this dance. He likes feeling the intensity, though, feeling like a carnivore.

They hit the dance floor tonight with Mi Confesion by Gotan Project. He does much better on this than I would have expected, and partially through I begin to find the sultriness and their chemistry. She is great here, as you would expect from the ballroom dancer. Cat helps Chelsie at the end, as her shoe comes unbuckled. Mia loved Cat on her knees in a dress and heels helping someone else. She also is very in love with Mark and Chelsie, saying they are like the most perfect and odd couple ever, representing beauty and quirkiness. She thought this was fantastic.

Mary loved everything about Mark and Chelsie’s Argentine Tango. Chelsie was senseual with pehemonenal leg action, and where she went down it was unbelievable. It was hot. Mark looked like a movie star and has emerged outside of the quirky type of dancing that he does, taking on the whole characterization of the tango. He got it. Nigel pretends like he hated it, then says with this dance you have to feel a real sexual tension, and he thinks Mark handled it brilliantly, but he would have liked a little more out of Chelsie, a little more sleaziness, like the old people doing it with a cirgarette in their mouth and a glass of Jack Daniels. Well that wold make it more fun, wouldn’t it?

Straight out of last week’s bottom three, it’s Jessica King and Will Wingfield. The thing about her, he thinks, is her personality and joy, and his best thing is his professionalism, being so focused, but occasionally, it’s a negative as well. He feels her worst factor is her lack of self-confidence. Well, it’s a bit easier for a guy with his talent to be confident, no? He felt they proved themselves with their tango last week, but to end up in the bottom three, they obviously didn’t. They’re doing hip hop this week with Cecily Bradley and Olisa Thompson. Jessica thinks it will be better this week, as America can relate better to hip hop, and Will is just excited for everone to finally see him relax and have F-U-N. Oddly, Jessica needs to help herself move the right way by actually pushing on her boobs.

Hip hopping tonight to Whatever U Like by Nicole Scherzinger, I see the boob pushing again, and it’s just something she’s not doing right with it, as it doesn’t look like boob-pushing when Will does it. Will is freaking fantastic, but he’ll be pulled back every week until he gets a change in partner, as she’s just too limiting. Mia calls the choreography ridicululous, loving the way New York is brought in here, so raw and dirty. But, to Jessica she says if she has a parnter like Will, she needs to set herself on fire, as it was too cheerleaderish. Will is so powerful, having everything, and she needs to match that. She tells him he’s a genius, which he calls unbelievable.

Mary agrees with Mia, telling Jessica she wasn’t quite there. It was synchronized, but something was powder puffy about it, while Will was kicking it. He’s a dancing machine that is going to be a force, a force to be reckoned with. Nigel agrees with the others, but tells Jesssica he doesn’t agree with what they said about her. He thinks to only have a few days to change her style, it ws pretty good. Will, he still believes, will be in the final four, but he still thinks she was good. Notice, though, how he doesn’t say she’ll be in the final four. In other woirds, we’ll be saying goodbye to her shortly, and he’ll deservedly get a new partner. After last week, I’d love to see him with Kourtni Lind.


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