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So You Think You Can Dance 4, June 11th – Dancin' In Bra and Beads

Mary says Comfort has what it takes for sure. Shoulder and all, she’s a fighter and she was flying and kicking it. “This girl’s got legs. Holy smokes!” For the first time out, it was great personality, and they did a respectable job. Dan doesn’t feel he needs to say anything more to Comfort, and to Chris he says he did a good job keeping up with Comfort who is larger than life. Yet, he would like them to find a better chemistry together, as what was good was largely when they were dancing separately.

I’m hoping with these dancers all doing well that we’re not headed towards a fall in the bottom of the ten pairs. With pair number eight, we have Katee Shean and Joshua Allen. Katee is a positive person, and thought it was bittersweet to make it here over her best friend, Natalie. Joshua thinks the fact that a popper can make it this far is amazing. He admits finally that he did indeed have some ballet training, but it was stop and go for him as he also played sports. His single mother kept him sheltered growing up. He and Katee will be doing hip hop, choreographed by Napoleon and Tabitha. The story is that Napoleon is going off to the war, away from Katee.

Dancing to No Air by Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown, Katee and Joshua do really well, but she at times seems too stiff. They need a slightly better emotional connection as well. Nigel tells them it was really, really good, and he has to mention again what a great asset Napoleon and Tabitha are. Is he trying to keep them or burn a choreographer that has left the show? He knows he’ll be in trouble with the other choreogprahers, but this is his favorite routine so far. He, too, wasn’t sure about Katee’s hip hopping, as she seemed to be doing rib slides instead of popping, but once Joshua came in, they became a great pair, dancing as a couple and emoting. He notes, too, that Natalie is here visiting in the audience.

Mary notes when Joshua got himself to come up over his toes he made it look effortless, and she didn’t expect this. She’s used to see him hitting it hard with hip hop, but he just brought it back and hit every little nuance with hands going back and forth. She knows a lot of people, including herself, that have a loved one over in Iraq, so it got to her. Dan wants to talk about the parts in the choreography when they needed to move together, as they killed it. For Katee, he thinks she held her own, and he didn’t think she had a chance before tonight. For Joshua, he comes off unassuming and humble, but he becomes a different person onstage and owns it.

The talent here tonight is just unbelievable, and with Jessica King and William Wingfield up next, I can’t think we’ll see a breakdown in that just yet. Jessica questioned her abilities originally, but got very emotional when she made it to Las Vegas. By the way, she says she does know how to correctly spell Vegas, in case you were wondering. Will is a disciple of Debbie Allen, coming to L.A. to train with her when he was 16 , yet this is one of his biggest breaks yet. One of? They”ll be dancing Hunter Johnson’s tango. He thinks the passionate tango will be hard to pull off, seeing as they just met each other. Jessica doesn’t seem to have a problem there, though, noting how good-looking Will is.

Tangoing to Tango by Cirque de Soleil, I was nonplussed about most of this until an awesome move at the end. Well, let me say I was plussed with Will the whole time, but nonplussed with Jessica until the end. Nigel tells Jessica and Will they are a helluva couple, and he thinks Hunter really came up with some difficult choreography this week. While it’s terrible to say, he’s happy to see that Debbie isn’t on the judging panel this year if it means Will will be dancing like that. Jessica’s few wobbles are called out, yet overall he felt they were wonderful.

Mary wants to break it down, and says there’s only one way she likes her tango to be danced, and that was it, strong, passionate on fire, and masculine. Will owned it from the moment he first put his hand on Jessica. She, too, thinks Hunter could have given a little break with the choreography, and while she had a few wobbles, Mary thinks they’re the couple to beat. Dan found they both played their part, connected with each other, and connected with the audience. He thought they were hot like fire.

Bringing up the dancing rear, it’s Courtney Galiano and Gev Manoukian. Courtney is a New York Knicks dancer, yet thinks this will be an even better opportunity for her. Ya think? To be on the show, she thinks you need to have heart and determination, and she feels capable. Gev talks about having no future back in his hometown of Kazakhstan, and coming here was a dream and huge opportunity. Interestingly, he has no accent, so he must have been here a long time. They’re doing disco with Doriana Sanchez. She notes everyone thinks it should be easy, and while it is fun, it’s also difficult. Courtney wasn’t expecting it to be this crazy, but they have great chemistry and are having a lot of fun.

Dressed in yellow, Courtney and Gev disco to Boogie Wonderland by Earth, Wind, and Fire. They were right about the things they said. It’s fast … and fun. For a B boy, I think he does this extremely well, and she has energy up the wazoo. Nigel loves disco and Doriana, but doesn’t love this. There just wasn’t the right feel, that “lovely get down thing,” and it reminded him more of disco duck. As certain things are shown again, I can see his point , with the knees that aren’t tucked in and hand on the back like a D.A. He doesn’t think it made everyone want to get up and boogie.

Mary thinks the disco queen is back, both Doriana and Courtney. She was owning it a little more than Gev in the personality thing. He’s completely out of his element, and he wasn’t the best, but he brought it on. Mary notes that even in Saturday night Live, John Travolta’s butt was sticking out all over, and this was ten times tougher. Dan enjoyed it. Was it the best disco he’s ever seen, no, but he does think it was good. They had a good time and got after it, although it could have been cleaner and tighter.

For the first time I can remember with this type of show, I not only had no favorite going in, I don’t have any going out. I’m honestly just wowed. I think they all did fabulous. Watching the quick recap at the end, it’s really hard to choose, to say I don’t think some of the people deserve to stay. I can only think that perhaps it will be teams close to the beginning of the night, as they’re the hardest to remember right now. No matter what, though, it definitely seems like it will be a fun and amazing season!

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