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So You Think You Can Dance 4, June 11th – Dancin' In Bra and Beads

We need some excitement here at this point, and hopefully we’ll get it from Chelsea Traille and Thayne Jasperson. She’s first generation American, with both of her parents originally from Jamaica. This is something on her agenda,and she wants her parents to be psyched for her. Thayne quit dance when he was younger, as he didn’t have the self-esteem to be made fun of by everyone else. He picked it up again five or six years ago. He and Chelsea will be doing the the cha cha, choreographed by Tony Meredith and Melanie. Both being contemporary dancers, Chelsea and Thayne aren’t as used to the whole Latin thing. I like that they’re already dressing alike in matching colors during rehearsals.

Not in matching colors tonight, Chelsea and Thayne are dancing the cha cha to Oye Como Va (Latin/Trance Mix) by Celia Cruz. If I’d just seen the name of this song, I wouldn’t know it, but hearing it, I’m saying, “Oh yea!” These two are the epitome of sexy, and everything we have been missing so far tonight as far as excitement. I don’t think those guys would make fun of him now. I think I’m smelling some hot tamales cooking on Mary’s grill.

Nigel says he loves the southern attitude, and he thinks Thayne has a problem in how he’ll contain that creature next to him, but somehow he did. The hips were fantastic, but he’d like stronger footwork. However, it was a sexy routine. Her body collapsed a little, but if they’re not both on Mary’s hot tamale train, they’re certainly standing on the platform. Mary acknowledges that yes, they have two tickets on the train. She can’t believe this is Chelsea, as she was on fire, and Thayne was really doing a good job partnering her. She’s digging that about him. Dan Karaty, just says, “Damn girl. Sexy.” He also states Chelsea made eye contact with Nigel, and he doesn’t think Nigel new what to do with himself. Perhaps he’ll figure that out later, after the show.

Chelsie Hightower and Mark Kanemura are out on the floor next. She notes there were a lot of issues in her family, but she doesn’t think others will understand. Every day she feels like she’s getting closer to that person she wanted to be. Mark thinks he had to find his own little voice growing up on an island in Hawaii. His Bohemian Rhapsody solo for the judges was the best he has done in his entire life. They’ll be dancing a contemporary piece, choreographed by Mia Michaels. It’s supposed to be “What Would Tim Burton’s Wedding Be Like?” She thought Mark would be better at this than he is, but Chelsie isn’t worried.

As Chelsie and Mark dance tonight to Beautiful by me’Shell Ndegeocello, it’s definitely Mia Michaels. The guy sitting directly behind them in the audience doesn’t seem to know what to think. It is indeed “beautiful”, but does need some more emotion thrown in. It’s really interesting, and I think they can only get better together after this. Nigel notes it’s an interesting wedding reception and thinks Mia has some weird relationships. He thinks it’s the mark of a good choreographer when they can take what you do and put their work on you, and this is what Mia did with Mark’s quirkiness. Chelsie shouldn’t even be able to do this as a ballroom dancer. Mia gives two thumbs up in the audience.

Mary tells Mark he is one wild, crazy, and unique dude in the competition, which they need. She thinks it will help him along the way. She thinks Chelsie is like and innocent angel up on the stage, and their life together there looked effortless. She can’t believe they did it and if she had a hat, she’d take it off them. Dan thinks it would be quite an experience to take a trip in Mia’s head. She asks people to go somewhere in her head, and he thinks these two just went there. He’s just made my mind up. Next vacation, I’m going to Mia’s Head Island.

Kherington Payne and Steven “Twitch” Boss will need to do something really interesting to top the last two couples. The judges were happy Twitch tried out again after narrowly missing the final 20 last year. He wants to show the unique element of humor this year. As a senior in high school, Kherington finds this an amazing experience. She even missed her graduation to be here this week. They’ll do a Tyce Diorio Broadway routine. She keeps kicking Twitch in the face as they practice, yet Tyce still feels it’s a good partnership, “Twitchington” as Twitch decides they should be.

Dancing to Too Darn Hot from Kiss Me Kate, Kherington’s youth plays well into Twitch’s smoothness. They are the ultimate in fun. It can’t be said enough that there is some good dancing this year. Nigel agrees it was very hot, telling Kherington she looks absolutely stunning. He found that whole spirit thing of hers coming out in her beautiful face as she danced fabulously with every one of her piggies pointed. Twitch is supposed to be a hip hop dancer, and if someone would have said before he was dancing Broadway, Nigel would have thought it was the street, but here, he looked like a Broadway dancer. Nigel thinks Tyce Diorio is just fabulous with this style of dance.

Mary wants everyone to look up to the ceiling, as she thinks the sprinkler system is going to go on, as it was damn hot. She calls Kherington beautiful just hitting it up there. It’s been a long journey for Twitch, and she’s been a big fan since day one, making her proud of him tonight on the stage. It makes her heart sing. Dan says more of the same, that Kherigtngton is hitting on all cylinders and lights up the stage. To Twitch, Dan says he’s not a traditional Broadway dancer, but who cares, as he’s never been one for tradition. He wants Twitch to go and take Broadway by storm, as he’d love to see him breathe new life into that place. Amen, Brother.

Believe it or not, we’re barely past half way tonight, with four more couples still to dance. Comfort and Chris take the stage. Comfort calls herself a real hip hop dancer, wanting to let the world know that girls can get down like a guy. She’s only partner-danced with her brother in hop hop before, so it was nothing sexual. Her partner Chris is happy to be here, but does question if he’s really here and if he can do it. He was shocked to hear Nigel tell him he has the personality of a tree. They’ll be doing jazz, choreographed by Tony Meredith and Melanie. She calls it a kick-ass jive, and Comfort says if she screws up, she’ll just keep smiling. Chris doesn’t care about that, only able to think about Comfort’s butt in her cute little skirt.

Well, Chris is no tree, as he and Comfort come out dancing to Boom Boom by Big Heat Todd & The Monsters. It’s definitely intense and showing much personality. I’m not too sure she’s used to dancing in heels, but for a hip hopper, she does pretty well. Nigel points out that she came up to him this morning, saying, “Nigel, Nigel, I am dancing in bra and beads!” He thinks they need to get Mary’s sprinklers going, as she set that on fire. For Chris, he went down into the floor better, and his personality indeed came out with no more tree. Nigel wants her to be careful when she works in heels, as it was a bit too upright. Style and technique-wise, it wasn’t where he thinks Mary would like it, but personality-wise, it was 100%. He also brings up that Comfort dislocated her shoulder yesterday, but she insisted on carrying on.


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