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So You Think You Can Dance 4, June 5th – If You Don't Have Thick Skin, You Shouldn't Be a Dancer.

Contemporary dancer Courtney Galiano explains she doesn’t have any regrets, putting her heart and soul into the last few days. Mary says they all think she is a beautiful dancer and beautiful girl, but they want her to understand they needed to look at everything. She’s so close, and in fact she’s close enough to make it. She’s in the top 20. Chelsie Hightower also makes it, as do Susie, contemporary dancer Chelsea Trail, and Kourtni. She asks if they were just joking.

Anthony Hart is amazingly still there after his brother fought for them at their original audition. Tabitha congratulates him for making it this far, and says unfortunately this season it’s a no, but they want him to please come back as he has the potential to be yes down the road. He vows to do just that, along with his brother. Many noes follow, including Janette, Evan Kasprzak, Bianca, and a few others.

Joshua Allen is up for his judgement, and wants America to see him, someone that is really true to his craft. This will change his life dramatically for where he’s come from. He’s hungry. Debbie tells Joshuam they looked at him very carefully, as a hip hopper, and he created a lot of intrigue on the panel. They are sure they saw him do a move that makes them wonder what his real dance background is. Those questions can only be answered by him, and he will ultimately give them the answer as one of the top 20. He starts crying, and Nigel lets him know he is brilliant. Debbie implores him to pull it together.

Twitch is showing why he has this nickname, as he is doing just this. It’s all too familiar to him after just losing out to Hok last year. He’s glad not to see him again, calling it a whole new energy and whole new perspective on life. It’s been emotionally exhausting, but amazing at the same time. Tabitha calls him Mr. Personality, but points out that can only take him so far. They have to measure everything, and they know it’s his second time, as this time he gets the chance to be in the top 20. He promises to work on the skill level, everything they want him to do. He gets a lot of cheers form the waiting room.

Kherrington Paine, the soccer player that won the judges over in Los Angeles is told by Napoleon she is good enough to get by each time, and she always slips by, but when she gets to the show, she can’t do that, having to be memorable, and she’ll get her chance in the top 20. She thanks them all, and also loves them all, asking permission to leave. Also getting yeses are Rayven Armejo, Matt Dormaine, Shayne Jasperson, Marquis Cunningham, Mark Kenomura, Comfort Fidokee, and Jamie Baird.

Chris Jaroes wonders if being a contemporary dancer, if there’s still room for him. He has a lot of doubts going through his head and doesn’t think he’s ever been this scared. Nigel tells him sometimes when he’s dancing he has the personality of a tree, and here personality counts just as much as dancing, putting him in trouble. But because he is in the top 20, he’s even more in trouble. Chris promises to get himself out of trouble right away. He’ll go crazy with personality he vows. Something about that makes me skeptical.

For the guy wearing the picture of his mom on his shirt, he doesn’t make it, but couldn’t live with himself unless he had tried. Derek Spears who butted heads with the choreographer of his group round is up next, and he’s afraid the judges may think he is arrogant. He’s dressed in way too much yellow. Mary says they all agree he’s talented, but they also have to have a mix with great personality to have people really shine. He was very close, though. Nigel tells him to be careful not to do too much and know when to shut up and when to talk.

The choreographer, Jessica King, is told she did a good job and she was goring on them, but she needs more time, as she’s still growing. She’ll hopefully grow on America as well, as she is part of the top 20. Nigel tells her to find herself and be there for them. She runs off manically, and Mary asks if they gave her permission, then laughs and sends her off anyway. Just let the girl go and have fun!

There are three spots remaining, and William Winfield is one of those left. He’s a protégé of Debbie’s, but that doesn’t count here. Napoleon tells him he is by far one of the most well-rounded dancers here, and he is in the top 20. Nigel tells him he doesn’t know if he is aware of the situation, but as long as he’s part of the show, Debbie can’t judge the competition, for fear people will think she is showing bias. She claims she is happy to not participate for this reason.

There is one male spot left, and it’s between contemporary dancer Brandon Bryant from Miami and Gev Manoukian, a breakdancer from Salt Lake City. Gev feels this is the first time it’s a competition as they’re happy for those making it through, all coming so close, but on the other hand, it’s tough. Mary tells Brandon he’s a shining star with one of the most dramatic solos they’ve seen. She knows Gev worked hard, and they saw something in him at his audition. Gev gets to go through, and I’m floored after being reminded of Brandon’s audition.

Now three is one spot left for a female, and very cruelly it’s left to roommates Katee Shean and Natalie Reid. They tell each other they are proud of each other and love each other. This is just flat out cruel. Nigel asks if the person that doesn’t get picked will come back, and Katee says no as it’s her second time. Nigel is shocked she would quit at 19, but Natalie doesn’t think that’s true. Katee doesn’t think she could go through the heartbreak again, and Mia says she’s turned off now. Nigel asks them both to leave.

Nigel doesn’t think it’s the right attitude at all, and says from what they’ve just seen, he wants them all to vote again. Mia wonders if she’d give up halfway through, and Debbie doesn’t think she would. Tabitha votes for Natalie and Napoleon Kate. The rest are torn, and they face a split decision. Kate is told by Nigel on her return that she asked for a revote. She was through originally and Natalie wasn’t. Anyone that says at 19 they tried a couple times it might be over, he doesn’t think they’ll last. Mia says after all of that, she’s not a big fan, and she wants someone with fire and who’s hungry. Nigel points out Natalie is standing there like a smiling beacon.

Back out, Nigel tells the girls it’s now a split vote, meaning the original vote stands. Natalie won’t be going through, but Katee will. Natalie asks to speak and says she will be back, as this was one of the hardest things she’s done. This morning she actually missed her college graduation to be here. Nigel says they learned enough about her now, that they’ll always respect her as a person. Someday she’ll appreciate that, but right now, she wants to be respected as a dancer.

Ironically, she goes against the rule spoken earlier, than if you don’t have thick skin, you shouldn’t be a dancer. Having seen enough of these competitions, I think the fans will turn on Kate now, That ‘tude was just a big turnoff.

Starting our top 20 next week will be Gev Manoukian, Kourtni Lind, Joshua Allen, Rayven Armejo, Matt Domaine, Courtney Galiano, William Winfield, Katee Shean, Stephen Twitch Boss, Kherington Paine, Jamie Baird, Chelsie Hightower, Chris Jarose, Jessica King, Mark Kenomura, Susie Garcia, Marquis Cunning-ham, Chelsea Trail, Thayne Jasperson, and Comfort Fidokee.

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