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So You Think You Can Dance 4, June 5th – If You Don't Have Thick Skin, You Shouldn't Be a Dancer.

Five dancers were given the chance to save themselves, dancing in their own styles. Jeremiah Hughes, 19, Toronto, Canada, the over-confident guy doing pushups from the auditions, blows away Mary along with the rest of the judges, and gets a chance to stay. Another guy is told no, as all he did was take his shirt off. Will Adams gets his chance, and he does a marvelous hip hop, showing lots of creativity and energy. Nigel tells him it was good enough to get here to Vegas, and he should be proud that he made it to the third round here. However, all the judges tell him no, yet wish for him to keep plugging away.

Just when everyone that made it through round three thinks it’s safe to leave and breathe and relax, Cat Deeley surprises them, telling them day two is not over. They will be put into groups, and each one will take a CD at random from a box. By first thing tomorrow morning, they will need a choreographed routine to that CD. They are allowed to rehearse in the theater all night, if they wish. I kind of dig this. This is what was missing from American Idol this year. I love the thrown together groups that fight all night. Is that wrong?

First thing the next morning, Cat looks nice and sunshiny, but the dancers don’t, after working all night. The first group includes Twitch, contemporary dancer Jason Glover, and tap dancer Bianca Revels, who we met last night. After just an hour together, they realized they had no ideas. At 4 AM, they were still at work. While they felt doomed, now they are hopeful.Dancing to Every Breath You Take, they do not look together at all. The music stops, and the tapper comes in doing her thing as everyone moves around slowly. They all then tap and finish it together.I have to admit it was cute, even if it wasn’t together, as Nigel agrees the tap was the best, and the rest a mess. Mary thought it was selfish at the end that Bianca got to have the bit to her own at the end. Mia agrees it was horrible, but they are great dancers. Ditto for Tabitha.

The judges each tell the dancers they don’t like to take a step back, one by one. If a dancer is asked twice to step back, they’ll be asked to dance for their lives later. Nigel moves one back, Mary moves another two back, Debbie and Mia keep it the same, and Napoleon tells the remaining two to join the others in the back. Tabitha sends one dancer back for his second step, Jason. Twitch feels responsible for him, as he is supposed to be the veteran, knowing how to handle it.

The other groups don’t appear to do much better, so maybe it was a good thing American Idol dumped this. “Angels and Demons” takes the stage, but contemporary dancer Derek Spears doesn’t like the choreography. He gives up and goes to bed while the others continue to work. They also get Every Breath You Take to dance to. I’d agree that the choreography sucks, but Nigel likes the way they used the stage. Mary thought it was interesting showcasing all of them very well. Nigel votes to keep them all, as do the rest of the judges. Oddly, the one person corralling them together saying yea team, is Derek.

Jason Glover comes back to dance for his life at the end of the morning and does a contemporary routine that receives many cheers from the audience. Mary tells him he is capable and she sees great potential. Napoleon thought he had great lines, but it didn’t quite go there, perhaps because of the choreography. He does think if Jason had a chance to do Mia choreography, he’d be unstoppable. He needs four yeses to stay. Mary, Debbie, and Mia, agreeing she’d also like to see him do her work, say yes. He needs another. Napoleon votes no, but Tabitha says yes. Jason stays.

Only four people were cut, with one of them being Korrtney Pearson, one of the two friends. Perhaps this is a good thing, as next is a Mia Michaels routine that looks to be challenging every one of the remaining 68 dancers. Lizz Plott, the other tapper from last night, called the best female tapper on the show, is feeling the stress. She explains that she would rather go out working her ass off than doing nothing. She dances and is told by Mia that she did a great job for being exhausted and a tapper. Nigel says he watched her stress herself out from the beginning, and unless she controls her nerves, she’ll be in trouble.

Lizz explains this is the first time she hasn’t been stressed, as her stress was her legs. She knows her body, and it wanted to quit, but her mind didn’t. Mary warns it won’t get easier in the top 20, as if her legs are stressed now, it will only get worse. Debbie felt disappointed by her, and says her talking only made it worse. Debbie tells her her mind wasn’t working then. Mia agrees she talked too much, and because of that, she needs to take a step back. Mary and Debbie ask her to step back as well, and Nigel cuts her. She vows the net time to keep her mouth shut, yet says it’s the first time it’s ever gotten her in trouble.

A group with Jeremiah Hughes is next. He started out strong in Vegas, but he’s been showing more weaknesses. This is supposedly in his own style, yet he’s having troubles learning it. He messes up several times and just walks off the stage. Wrong move, Buddy. They may have kept you had you not done that, based on other strengths. He comes back out, stomping his feet, and Ddbbie points out the temper tantrum. Mia calls it not cool, and Tabitha tells him as choreographers, they need to trust he’s always going to do his best on their routines. Mary agrees he let them down. Debbie, Mia, and Napoleon ask him to take a step back, meaning he’s going home. He’s much more humbled and doesn’t feel he deserves to be here, apologizing for his behavior. Despite the self-loathing, he calls it a great honor. Huh. The leopard can change his spots.

Jason is sent home as well after Mia’s choreography, as well as 21 other dancers. 47 dancers are left, with nine of those dancing for their lives. First up is Dominic Pearson doing a contemporary routine. This doesn’t look strong enough, and he falls on the floor, with it looking like part of the routine, but it’s not. His leg is hurting really badly, as Debbie Allen and Mia Michaels massage his leg. The medics say he pulled a muscle and is done.

One guy, Mark Kenomura, does the funniest routine to Bohemian Rhapsody. It’s not even explainable. Twitch is out dancing for his life as well, doing beautifully, as always. The judges talk to each other, then give out the results. Charlotte stays, as do Mark, Twitch, and Leo. The others are all told they didn’t make the cut and go home. Sheila Kaiser, vows to go back to the classroom, acknowledging she has a tough major with biological engineering..

The remaining dancers are told to each do a solo, and they won’t be critiqued, but it will be the deciding factor on if they make it through to the final 20. Comfort is still there, as is sexy Susie, Kortni Lind from last night. Also from last night is one of the salsa dancers, Janette Manrara. With these solos completed, as they walk down to find out their judgment, they will see a video of their first audition, and the one they just completed.

Up first is Kelli Baker, the daughter of Emmy winner Bonnie Story. She thinks she has what it takes to be on the show, and it’s it’s been nice to prove to everyone she has the talent to be there. It’s not about who she knows. Nigel tells her they have had long talks about her and discussed her for a long time. He thinks they’d like to see a little more personality emerge from her, and she needs to figure out how to do it, as she’s beautiful when she dances, but goes into her own shell when she’s not. It’s a no for today, but they love her and want her to come back. She thanks them for the opportunity. Wow, I thought she was a given. Everyone else waiting is shocked as well.


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