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So You Think You Can Dance 4, June 4th – Go Big or Go Home!

Evan Kasprzak, 20, West Bloomfield Michigan, does a very expressive jazzy number, having the technique and personality that James was missing. Nigel tells him he has encapsulated the 40s and 50s style with Gene Kelly and Donald O’Connor. Evan can’t even tell Nigel how much it means to hear that. Nigel just appreciates that being kept alive. Mary calls this effortless and felt Evan was completely in charge with it looking simple. Napoleon felt he really modeled it after Gene Kelly and he and Tabitha are old musical geeks at heart. Tabitha mentions it being fun and refreshing. Nigel doesn’t mess around and gives him the ticket straight out.

Victor Campos, 29, Champaign, Illinois, basically just moves around the stage back and forth. Nigel asks what it was all about and is told “conflict between individuality and society’s pressures.” With a hat and Zorro mask on, Nigel asks to see his face, and he replies “No, because you didn’t ask nice enough.” Nigel explains when you come to audition, you need some humility as you’re never as good as the people the judges have seen before, so he can say no, without being rude. Mary reads that he classifies this as silly pop, saying it wasn’t even entertaining, it was “crap style.” That’s not mean, just honest from where I see it. Napoleon would have hoped for comedic, but only got bouncing around like on a horse, as Tabitha notes it was just step step step, back and forth. Nigel thinks he’s wearing a mask because he wouldn’t want to be recognized after doing such a silly dance.

Travis France, 25, Tampa, FL, just dances oddly, leaping over and over then can’t seem to figure out what to do so does more of it before crawling on the ground. Napoleon tells him his pants were on fire, and Tabitha asks if Travis thinks the performance deserves to go on, and his reply is maybe he should try the choreography, but they all laugh and disagree. He’s going home.

Kortni Lind, 18, Sherman Oaks, California brings along her mom, best friend, and dance instructor, and all three of those are the same person. Kortni moved out to L.A. when she was 16, having graduated from school early. Her mom felt it was difficult to lose her, but knows she’s incredibly driven, making you see her passion when she’s onstage. She does a handstand on her forearms that combines the splits at the same time. Her movements go along great to the spoken story being played out behind her.

Nigel calls Kortni very interesting and says when she’s dancing, she looks a little like Uma Thurman and that’s a good thing. What he found most interesting was that it choreographed every part of her body along with every emotion, including the little things like her feet pointing at certain times. Mary adds, “talk about dramatic;” she saw power and a little anger, even fearing that Kortni broke her hand at one point. Tabitha couldn’t et enough and didn’t want it to end, really being engaged. Nigel thinks Quentin Tarantino will be on the phone after this wanting to do Kill Bill the Musical. She’s going straight through, without a need to see more choreography.

Tom Kozal, 24, Fremont, Michigan, has some great personality and humor thrown into his routine, but I just don’t know if it’s strong enough for the hip hop thing he’s going for. Nigel asks what he does for a hobby, and Tom says he raises earless goats, and as he shows how the goats come when they can’t hear him, Nigel thinks they saw part of that in his routine. Mary calls it not enough dancing, but she agrees he was a lot of fun, which was what he was looking for. The judges crack up when he says he normally only dances while waiting for the goats to fill up.

Ashley Henry is desperate to be on Mary’s hot tamale train, and her clothing alone should warrant something. Being that the auditions took place Easter weekend, I’m wondering if she fell into someone’s egg dying. After lots of butt moves, which Nigel had to have his face covered up for, Tabitha doesn’t know where to begin saying what they like, but there was her charisma, as Ashley lights up the room, even though Napoleon feels that’s more the case of the glowing outfit. Tabitha would like Ashley to take dance classes, as she knows she has something in there waiting to come out. She promises “Miss Mary” that she’ll bring everything if they put her through. Nigel doesn’t think she’s good enough to go through, but wants to send her to the choreography just so she can have the experience of it. “Miss Mary” begrudgingly agrees, saying she must be crazy. Well, many out there would agree to that. Ashley tells her she’s not crazy and she’s just feeling the vibe.

Susie Gracie 24, of Miami, Florida, is a high school teacher. Her look does not say teacher, but says slightly older Britney Spears, but the Britney that didn’t wear panties. With a Latin flavor, she dances very sexy, but also has some elements of Charro in it. Nigel tells her it was one of the sexiest dances he’s seen, with some parts of Shakira even, but only parts. What he didn’t like was the setup and preparation, as it didn’t flow. The flat boots didn’t help either, and without leaps, heels would have made it much sexier. Mary is on the fence as well, saying Susie’s a sexy fiery dancer, but some of the choreography just wasn’t good. More sexier moves, showing no weaknesses would have won them over. (Duh!) Napoleon agrees and so does Tabitha. Nigel thinks it’s cold enough in Milwaukee for him to find something hot, so she is sent to choreography to see how she does there.

Rebecca Hart, originally auditioned in L.A., but after being told she looked too much like a competition dancer, she’s back, wanting them to see her effort. I don’t believe we saw her originally, but this is beautiful. Perhaps she didn’t show us her emotions as well last time. Nigel feels she calmed it down this time and calls it the best of the day. He’s glad she stopped being so “sparkly.” Tabitha agrees with the “competiton” comment, still seeing a little of that. Mary remembers her and mentions how much she’s changed in such a short time is amazing. Rebecca nailed everything, and it’s great to see a dancer having a moment in her life, and this was one of those. Mary then shoves a ticket at Nigel, telling him “This girl needs to go to Las Vegas!”

Brice Casimir, 18, Phoenix, AZ is originally from Cameroon in Central Africa, moving here to the States two years ago, and watching this show on TV from the time he first got here. He’s a dance student and has a part tiem job at a retirement home, dancing and being “family” to the patients there. Brice loves all the patients in the home and is excited to dance today, knowing the judges will love it. He does some popping that is good, but is missing something. Nigel stops him and asks who he is dancing for. When Brice says he’s dancing for himself, Nigel replies it should be for the judges, as then he’s wasting his time, if Brice is going to sit and ignore the judges. He needs to learn to perform, as some of the moves were really interesting, but Nigel needs him to look at him for that verification. Mary calls the look a hollow look. Napoleon wants to see Brice stay around for choreography, and as Brice begins to chant Vegas, he is told he can do the choreography, but to go through, it has to be better than what they just saw.


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