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So You Think You Can Dance 4, May 29th – Mystery Solved: Here's Claire and She's Not Alone!

Tyce calls it horrifying. The good news for Nigel is that Abigail handles criticism really well. Now there’s an upside for you. She’s still hoping to go choreography, and Nigel tells her there’s no way he’ll let the others send her through. She refers to herself as a loser, and Nigel tells her that’s not true, she’s just a
“bleep” dancer. She apologizes for taking their time. That was kind of nice that it ended well. Like a good breakup.

BJ Harris, 23, Brooklyn New York, got serious about dancing about eight or nine years ago. He has no training, but he works at a performing arts school, and they did a fundraiser to help him come out to audition. He explains everyone really believes in him. I’d say. It’s the first time he was on a plane, and he only has about $10 left. He does a really fun B boy routine, and I sure hop they send him to choreography. He’s one of those rubbery performers.

Tyce thinks what he just saw is cool, and he likes BJ’s spirit. Mary tells him he has extraordinary moves she’s never seen before. The way he crawled across the floor on his back was unbelievable, not just as a great trick, but what he did with his body. She gives him a scream when he does a foot clap for her between his hands on the floor. Nigel calls it unique and says he liked the way BJ involved them as the audience. Eferyone agrees to send him through to the choreography.

Courtney Galiano, 19, of Dix Hills, NY calls her family great with Italian parents that are loud and fun and two younger brothers. Her grandparents are with her today, and her grandmother was serving everyone breakfast. Courtney wants a Mary scream and wants to be told she’s on Mary’s hot tamale train. She does beautifully, even doing toe work without toe shoes. Nigel likes her pretty face and says she uses the camera well. Mary agrees she’s a cutie patootie and has a light in her eyes, which is what they’re looking for. Tyce agrees with the beautiful face and body. Courtney asks to please go to Vegas, and Nigel wants to make sure she wants to go. Courtney says her ass wants to go. She’s through.

This guy’s face has been haunting me since they started showing it in commercials. Jason Looney, 21, Charleston, is dressed as a girl, complete with facial hair. I think he belongs in a club pretending to be Britney Spears or something. Nigel tells him he doesn’t now why he’s there, saying he’s not only a disgrace to dancers, but a disgrace to transvestites. Jason insists his name is Betty Wallace and not Jason Looney, and NIgel tells him Looney is the only sensible part.

This is the reason many fathers don’t like their sons dancing. Tyce calls it disrespectful, and tells Jason he can tell he’s making fun of it all, and it’s not cool to the other dancers. “I got your number,” he tells Jason. Jason asks about Las Vegas, and Mary tells him her father taught her to spot BS when she sees it, and that’s exactly what she sees right now. He needs to get out of here and is a disgrace, not being what the show is about. It makes her sick. Jason walks off in a huff, feigning tears.

Claire Calloway, 20, Huntsville, Alabama, last seen in season 2, is back. She had hurt her foot right before Vegas and reinjured it there. Nigel had said she’d be able to come back the net year where she left off, but instead she had a baby. She couldn’t dance much of that time. Her balance isn’t good from the get go, then again, she has different priorities now. Tyce explains that she’s like a one-trick pony, as her leg goes up and she uses her beauty. He’s waiting for her to jump and turn and really utilize the body she has and explore her strength.

Mary remembers seeing so much more when Claire auditioned before, and wonders if it’s because the bar was raised last season and they’re now expecting more. Nigel can’t put her straight through, based on what he’s seen. Claire breaks down and admits she didn’t start dancing again until September, feeling she’s still finding herself. She is through to the choreography round. She can hardly talk after, still crying, which is pretty much like she was the last time we saw her.

In the choreography round, Claire and BJ are both working on it, trying to make it. BJ is told it’s a no, which was pretty obvious when he was somewhat giving up in the middle of it. He worked too hard, but he won’t be upset with himself, as he’s way better than that, and he should have stuck with himself. Mary tells Claire it’s so hard, as it’s been a long journey for her, but it’s going to keep on going. She’s going to Vegas again. I won’t even get into the girl doing a cheer about going to VEAGS.

We move on to Washington, D.C., and it seems it’s now rainy and cold. Joining Mary and Nigel today is Dan Karaty. I was wondering when we’d see him, as he’s conspicuously missing from the show’s website.

Up first in D.C. is Megan Campbell, 18, Muncie, Indiana. Mia would love her as she tells a beautiful story with her body and does some exciting different and strong moves. Nigel asks who is supporting her today, and Megan says it’s her aunt, her biggest fan and the person responsible for setting this audition up’s. She won Nigel heart, although he was sick of the head flips. Mary caller her pure joy, and Dan calls it leaving it all on the floor, saying he couldn’t have asked for more, but he wants her to relax a little. Megan admits to never auditioning berore in her life. Nigel asks if the others want to see choreography. Mary thinks she needs to see the pyramid, and NIgel wants her to see the Eiffel Tower. The only place she’ll see both of those is in Vegas! Auntie comes up to hug Nigel, telling him she can’t believe it’s him. Very cute!

Derrick “Dancing Derrick” Bradley, 23, Holley New York, is up next, and this can’t go well. He was in New York last year and failed to impress anyone with his dancing or stamina, nearly passing out. He’s taking some dance classes and claims everyone loves him being around as he is so fun and energetic. Nigel leads the dance with some funny narration, describing everything Derrick is doing, like cutting down a tree, hitting the ball off the tee, etc. Nigel asks where the screwed up face came from this year, and he and Mary joke about thinking Derrick was playing charades while he was dancing.

Nigel uses his new expression, saying he’s moving, not dancing, and advises him to take classes which Derrick says he’s doing. Nigel is getting bored with this, saying what he needs to do is a lot of work. Dan tells Derrick what he’s doing is Dancing 101 and really cheesy. Nigel dismisses him, which is what he should have done with the Mickey Mouse guy last night, instead of continuing to engage him. Derrick hopes he’ll be able to try out again next time, saying it’s all good.


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