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So You Think You Can Dance 4, May 29th – Mystery Solved: Here's Claire and She's Not Alone!

We’re set for another two hours of So You Think You Can Dance auditions tonight, and we’re in Charleston, North Carolina, where Cat Deeley reminds us they also also found Natalie Dymitri, Heidi, and Travis. They’re hoping to get that lucky again. Hopefully it’s just one of those areas with a lot of dance talent to be found. Our judges tonight are NIgel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, and Tyce Diario, the man behind the Lion King group performance previously seen on the show.

First up to audition is Sheila Kaiser, 18, of Atlanta, Georgia. She’s a freshman studying biological engineering, and is here against her parents’ wishes. Her mom supports her, but it’s hard when her father is so against her not being in school. She’s great, moving so beautifully to the music, seemingly feeling everything, reminding me a little of Sabra. Nigel tells Sheila it doesn’t feel cold, but hot, as every little thing about it was beautiful.

Mary sees her as absolutely gorgeous, and thinks she has it going on, even giving out a little Mary scream. Tyce agrees it was amazing, saying she gave the dancers an education here, with a lot of great tools. Sheila mentions the classes she’s missing and mentions her parents’ feelings. Nigel thinks her dad will change his mind sitting around with his friends seeing her on TV. He wants her to tell her dad that they’re really proud of her. She’s obviously going to Vegas.

Erin Monsour, Greenville, South Carolina, wants this really badly, because she’s 30, and this is her last year of eligibility. Plus, she thinks she has an awesome partner in John Tabakian, 23, of Charleston. I can’t believe she’s cabbage patching in the middle of it. They have many different kinds of dance mixed in here, and Nigel is shocked to learn she’s a dance teacher. She admits she’s only been doing ballroom for 8 hours. She points out he’s really good, but Mary disagrees, saying she doesn’t get why someone would do this having only done it for a few hours. Tyce agrees, saying it’s an embarrassment, and he doesn’t know what wave brought them here. Nigel tells John to be more masculine, and while it was hard to direct Erin being all over the place, he needs to direct her better. They’re going home, not surprisingly.

I have to say my daughter’s life is now complete, watching Carrie Underwood play NintenDogs on a DS in a commercial.

Jeremiah Hughes, 19, Toronto, Canada, isn’t sure what to expect here, as people tell him he’s good, but he never really knows. He’s one of those guys that is extremely lucky, saying his most negative feature is that he happens to be human. He has a human’s flaws but spiritual divinity as high as it gets. Could he think more highly of himself yet try to make us think he doesn’t? Oh yeah, he’s through. The thing is, he was 100% right about his ability, as annoying as his ‘tude may be.

Yet, right at the end, he has a bad fall, which Nigel, of course, doesn’t fail to point out. Yet, he also thinks Jeremiah is one of the most exciting he’s seen this season. Jeremiah tells Mary he’s been dancing eight years, and while she found his technique phenomenal, he didn’t always finish off. Tyce agrees, giving him some tips, saying he goes in and out of being really good, as sometimes he’s not very consistent. Nigel sends him to Vegas, as long as he promises to button up his shirt. Maybe we were enjoying it, Nigel.

Syiddah King, 25, Charleston, is referred to as Shirley Temple because of her hair, and she tires to do hip hop, but even her mismatched socks don’t get us to miss the fact she doesn’t have much technique. She tells Nigel she’s been dancing forever, if he indeed wants to call it dancing. She prefers to just call it her. He prefers to call her a mover and not a dancer, and doesn’t think she’s a good mover either. She thinks she’s her and not Nigel, Mary, or Tyce, but he argues it’s not about what she thinks, as they’re there to judge her. Mary tells her she needs training, and she tries to argue. Nigel asks her if she wants to learn, and she replies no. Before Tyce can even give his critique, she stalks off. Nigel tells the waiting dancers that if anyone else feels that way, they can leave, as they’re wasting his time. Not to mention ours.

Shamika Robinson, 28, Wingate, North Carolina, does the majority of her dance on her knees, looking like a really bad stripper. Nigel reads that she’s getting married in June, and she says if she gets through, she’ll postpone and get married in Vegas. He tells her good luck with her June wedding. She doesn’t think he understands her style of dancing, and she was trying to do something they haven’t seen. Mary explains they’ve seen enough booty shaking, and have had it up to here, and Tyce tells her it was very basic. Mary asks if she thinks the three of them are lying to her, and she replies she doesn’t think, she knows.

Identical twins, Anthony and Antwain Hart, Linden North Carolina, feel like this is their time to show people what their style is and what makes them different. Anthony is up first with a popping routine that seems a little raw. Tyce explains when he dances like that, it’s one note. Mary agrees it’s the same story over and over, although he moves well to the music. She’d like him train more. Nigel is sure he’s good at clubs, but for this they’re looking to see how they can extend him in the world of dance. It’s three noes.

Antwain is up now, and they note he’s totally different, actually good. Anthony hopes he’ll rip it up for the both of them and show what the two of them can do. Nigel asks if they dance together, and Antwain says they do. Nigel admits to being shocked at the difference here. Antwain defends his brother, saying he thinks his brother is nervous, ans Anthony is a cleaner dancer anyway and should be there instead. Nigel asks if he wants to drop out of the competition, making Antwain back up here on the praise, as he thinks his brother would want him to do it.

Nigel asks the twins to do a routine together. Together, Anthony suddenly comes alive much more and makes a dramatic improvement. Seeing this simpatico is really neat. They end it in a hug. Nigel tells Anthony to thank Antwain for getting him back in there, as it puts a whole different light on him. He wants to send them both through to choreography, and Mary and Tyce agree.

It’s Travis Wall again leading the choreography. Antwain is up first to hear the decision, and hears he is going to VeEgas, and once Anthony is is up, he hears the same. I’d love to see them both do well, after this difficult start.

It’s day two in Charleston, and we have warm sunshine for a change, and not bitter cold and snow. Up first is Abigail Thurman, 18, Acworth, Georgia , auditioning, because she wants to find out if she can dance, competing with some of the best of the best. She teaches swim lessons to kids and admits to being extremely nervous about this. Her dancing doesn’t go well, and she sees the looks on their faces, stopping and asking if she’s that bad. Nigel points out she was doing the breast stroke and fixing her hair in the middle of it.


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